SWEETIES PICK! Snickers Super Bowl Satisfaction Instant Win Game 2/28/14 1PPD13+

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Okat the SNICKERS Super Bowl Satisfaction instant win game for a chance to win one of over 1,000,000 prizes

Sweeps Rating: Sweeties Pick/Winnable

Eligibility: US, DC, 13 or older on or before December 29, 2013.

Entry Dates: December 29, 2013 and ends at 11:50 am ET on February 28, 2014

Facebook Entry | Official Rules

Text: SNICKERS to 78787

Entry Limit: one game play per email address per calendar day regardless of entry method.

1,001,500 Game Prizes:

  • (500) First Prizes: a $100 Visa Gift Card
  • (1,000) Second Prizes: a $25 Visa Gift Card
  • (10,000) Third Prizes: a SNICKERS® Branded Candy Bowl ARV: $15
  • (990,000) Fourth Prizes: a coupon redeemable for a SNICKERS Bar (1.76-1.84 oz.) ARV: $1.29

Prize Limit: Five (5) Prizes per Email Address.

Whole Mom $500 Whole Foods Giveaway

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  1. hellina2000 says:

    Just won the Snickers coupon!

  2. Won a free Snickers

  3. Won a snickers.

  4. won snickers bar! thanks sweeties!!!

  5. Won a free snickers wooohoooo!!!!!!

  6. NYCMartini says:

    Just won a Snickers bar.

  7. Christy Nather says:

    won candy bar too

  8. Stephanie B says:

    I won also, via text, but it didn’t tell me what I won, just said, “Please allow 6-8 weeks for verification and shipment of your prize to the address that you provided at registration.” Any one else get this message…so I know if its just a coupon for a free candy bar?? Any feedback would be appreciated.

  9. won a snickers

  10. Jamie Herda says:

    Limit: Five (5) Prizes per Email Address

  11. Won snickers

  12. Won a snickers through text message!

  13. First win of 2014… snickers bar

  14. Won the snickers, must be sending a coupon in the mail. 4 more chances to win….

  15. Debbie Mahder says:

    Won a Snickers bar!

  16. Just won a snickers bar!!

  17. Won a Snickers bar!

  18. I won the candy bowl on my first try!

  19. Won a Snickers candy bar.

  20. Thanks Sweetie! I won a Snickers bar! Yay! :)

  21. Charles T. says:

    I just won a Snickers bar too.

  22. Rebeckah S says:

    Just won the snickers bar coupon.

  23. Michelle B says:

    Won a Snickers bar…YUMMMM!!!

  24. kara hall says:

    I won a free candy bar too

  25. SWEET! won a Snickers bar, thank you!

  26. melissa kelley says:

    I won the candy bowl on my first try!

  27. I sign in to fb, liked them, entered my date of birth, clicked ‘enter’ and nothing happens, the screen just stays the same. Not able to enter, and doesn’t look like it’s because the site’s too busy either. Any computer help?

  28. Won the Snickers bar YES!!!

  29. NotLiterallyButMetaphorically says:

    I wish Snickers would make a vegan organic candy bar.

    • Lol. Then it would cost five bucks.

    • Have you heard of Jokerz bars? If you have a Whole Foods near you, you can find them there. Or maybe at your local natural food store. If not you could always order from online. They are delicious! Better than any major brand name candy bar, and they’re vegan!

      • NotLiterallyButMetaphorically says:

        Thanks Jessica. I’ll look for them next time I visit Whole Foods. :) Guess I’ll pass my 5 snickers on to a food bank (I was trying to win the money, of course!)

  30. Dorothy Sannes says:


  31. I’ve played twice and won a Snickers bar each time :) Fun, but not good for my weight loss goals, lol ;)

  32. Charles T. says:

    Snickers bar win…number 2!

  33. Kay Heath says:

    I won but it didn’t say what I had won. Thanks for posting

  34. won a snickers too

  35. Cool, first text to the number and I won a snicker bar!!! Thanks for post ;-)

  36. I’ve played for 5 days and still no win.

  37. hungry grab a snickers i won one

  38. Won a free snickers today! Yay, first prize of the year!

  39. Ok, this is really nice, but I’ve played 4 times and won a snickers bar each time!? The confirmation codes are all different, so I guess its legit, but seems weird…..

  40. Charles T. says:

    Snickers bar win…number 3!

  41. I’m starting to think everyone wins a free Snickers. But hey… it’s nice to start my 2014 “Winnings Log” with something. :)

  42. Won a Snickers on my first try! :)

  43. fullers832 says:

    I won the first day and then finally won another snickers bar today! Yay! My husband loves snickers!

  44. Just won 3rd snickers bar,Thanks Sweetie!!

  45. yay i won snickers number 3333333333333

  46. Awesome! Just won a $25.00 VIsa Gift Card! First try at the game too!

  47. I have entered this one everyday starting 1/2/14 and won everyday. So I have 4 snickers and a snickers bowl. I am starting to think there are no losers. Has anyone entered and NOT won?

    • Yes, I have NEVER won. I have played everyday for 7days. I’m beginning to get a complex ….
      Any suggestions on how to win???

      • I hope you win the $100 :)

        • Thank you. I would Definitely be happy if I won the $100, but I still haven’t won Anything and I play everyday. I’m beginning to think that the computer Glitched when I signed up and now I Never win. :(

          • Have you tried texting?

          • No, I haven’t tried texting. I don’t have it on my phone. :(

          • Ern, We must be in the same boat or something! I’ve played since day one and have yet to win even a coupon and I thought maybe this game really hates me or my IP address or something :(, so I tried the texting option the past few days and just tonight and still nothing! My boyfriend (we live together) has won 3 coupons since this game started, just very odd with the amount of prizes, that we’re like the 2% not winning. I have faith though :) to keep entering each day! Good luck to ya and keep on entering daily!

      • Ern, I don’t know if you’ve won anything yet (I just saw your post), but the way this game works is it’s the first person to play after an assigned “winning” time. My suggestion is to go on when most people wouldn’t, like really late at night or really early in the morning. Just a a guess as to how you could win. :) But I hope you’ve at least won one by now!

  48. Stephanie W. says:

    I just won a Snickers bar!

  49. Just won 4th snickers bar time for a snack!!

  50. NYCMartini says:

    Just won my 2nd snickers bar on Sunday

  51. Just won a free candy bar!!!!

  52. Won a Snickers candy bowl today! :)

  53. Charles T. says:

    Snickers bar win…number 5! I think that’s the last one I can win.

    • It says 5 wins per email, but they make you go through Facebook, but I suppose someone else with a Facebook account could win at your house :) I won 5 Snickers too!

  54. Easiest contest ever! Just won another Snickers bar!

  55. gkaldrich says:

    Just won my 3rd Snickers!

  56. Won another Snickers!

  57. If I won 5 Snickers bar should I stop playing because of the limit five prizes?

  58. I played every day won nothing. Finally won 1 snickers today!

  59. julieforestal says:

    I have won 2 Snickers as well, it took me a few days to win, now I have won twice in a row. Thanks Sweetie!

  60. Kathy 456 says:

    I have won 3 Snickers Bars with same code# won’t let me claim other2.Any advice?

  61. carissa wright says:

    So far I have gotten 3 snickers, the hubby has gotten 2 and a bowl and my brother in law has gotten two snickers.

  62. Ok so so far ive won 4 bars, claimed only one though could i continue playing and possibly ‘lose’ my last try? Or since i havent claimed the others could it still be that i have had only one win??

    • Catherine Rice says:

      I won 5 Snickers bars in this IWS. dang I wanted to win the real prize ( the $25 Visa).But every time
      I play I kept winning Snickers bar. Unreal. Reached the win limit now. It was like they were just
      giving this one away more than a sweepstakes. lol
      Thanks Wendy for an easy win sweeps.

    • Catherine Rice says:

      thalia there is no claiming on this one. They will mail you your prize when the sweeps ends.
      So if you won the snickers bar , that counts as a win for you.

      • Thank you Catherine,
        I HAVE won FIVE Snickers bars playing the game on Facebook!! These are my FIRST WINS in Two years!!!! I Won them playing on Facebook.
        I have copied and pasted each of the unique codes in my e-mail drafts.
        READING rules and do not see where to Calm Prizes that have been won on the Facebook entry link Would they send me the coupons??? HELP. I did find this in the rules. QUESTIONS? Call 855-833-1489

        • Catherine says:

          Usually when they have small prizes like candy bars they just mail the winners their coupons,to redeem for the free candy bar. On the winning page ( I kept a screen shot of my winning pages) it says “Please allow 6-8 wks to allow for verification & shipment of your prize to the address you provided at registration”.
          So I assume we will all wait 6-8 wks and then receive coupons for FREE snickers bars.

          congrats on your wins.

  63. Snickers #2…

  64. jean journigan says:

    5 Snickers bars! thanks sweeties!

  65. Has anyone won this by messaging? I used my phone and won, but every time I go to enter my mobile number it won’t take it. Has anyone had this problem?

  66. Just won a good ole’ Snickers bar……..YEAH!!!!!!!!

  67. cole marie mckinnon says:

    In all to date won 2 snickers bars

  68. I’ve won four Snickers! Whoo-hoo! Thanks, Sweetie! (I don’t have FB. Mine were all via texts).

  69. Won 5 snickers! yeah!

  70. snicker bar!

  71. yeah,one snickers for me!

  72. Brianna C. says:

    Won a snickers(:

  73. I have been entering via txt. I won 4 SNICKERS bars. This morning I entered and got the standard sorry you’re not a winner reply. But then, randomly out of the blue this afternoon, they sent me a txt saying I won a $100 Visa gift card. It was sent from the same number I have been using to enter and it contains the same verification code I received with my candy bar wins. I’m pretty sure it’s legitimate.

  74. Hummmm Certainly EASY to play.. 5 SNICKERS bars here! I kinda wanted to see/win the bowl, to see what it was like. NOTHING beats my “Gravy Yacht” from Grey Poupon from last year for COOLNESS, though! Good fortune to all, this is a GOOD sweep!

  75. Hmm, not getting a response to my text today.

  76. I text and it said I won but cant find the site to enter my code???

  77. I’ve won 3 times in a row now.. Is that a glitch or am I just lucky? I tried reading about the prize limit in the rules, but I couldn’t find anything. Any thoughts?

  78. Won a snickers yesterday & today!

  79. Received all of my free snickers coupons and the snickers candy bowl this week! :)

  80. Thank You for the Fourth Prize a Free Snickers Bar :) its so SWEET AND DELICIOUS Just like the game :) TY again

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