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Wendy Limauge, Sweeties SweepsSweeties Sweeps is the place to learn how to “win what you can’t afford™” by entering winnable sweepstakes and instant win games.

My name is Wendy Limauge and I have been entering and winning sweepstakes since 1993 when I won my first TV from Captain Crunch cereal. I’ve won cars, trips and cash and you can too! Sweeties Sweeps is where I teach you how to win cash and prizes from sweepstakes so you can win what you can’t afford.

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Sweeties Sweeping 101 CourseThis book will teach you how to win, protect yourself from scams, and be on your way to becoming a Super Sweeper!

Maybe you think real people don’t actually win cash and big prizes by entering sweepstakes, contests, or playing instant win games. This book will teach you the 4 basic things you need to get started winning today and how to protect yourself from scams. You will also learn the difference between a sweepstakes, contest and instant win game and where to find legitimate giveaways to enter. Will I get junk mail if I enter sweepstakes? You’ll find out about this and also whether you have to pay taxes on prizes you won, why sweepstakes are sometimes void in certain states, and why you would want to enter sweepstakes by mail when there are so many to enter online.

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How to Find Things on the Sweeties Sweeps site

The fastest way to find just about anything on this site is to click the Categories on the navigation bar at the top of the screen. When you hover your mouse over that bar you will see drop-down menus and all of your choices will be there. There you will find sweepstakes listed by type of prize, restriction, or end date.

Looking for sweepstakes for Canada? Hover over Other Sweeps and you will find them there.

How to Find sweepstakes on

Searching on Sweeties Sweeps

The quickest way to find something is to use the search box. Type a prize you want to win in the search and it will give you sweepstakes to enter.

Want to know what sweepstakes end this month?

We keep a roundup sweepstakes that end this month, a list of instant win games, and Sweeties Picks all in one place. You will always find it on the homepage or you can click here.

Sweepstakes ending this month

Sweeties Sweepstakes Favorites List

Want to save all of the sweepstakes you find to a Sweeties Favorite List so they will be here the next time you visit? Click on any sweepstakes and then look for the yellow star at the top of the post. Click the link and it will be added to your Favorites List. You will have to create an account to use the Favorites List.

save sweepstakes to favorites list

When you come back, click Favorites List at the top of any page to view your list.

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