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Giveaway Requirements: Please submit giveaways that are open to all U.S. states. All prizes should be available for everyone to use if they win and not just if they live in a certain state.

Giveaways for Limited States: giveaways that are only open to a few states or if the prize is only good in certain states should be submitted through this form for inclusion on Sweeties Secret Sweeps

We Do Not Accept: "Mass Instagram Follow" Giveaways, Affiliate Sweepstakes, Referral Links

SWEETIES TIP FOR GETTING MORE ENTRIES! Quick Ending giveaways, those open from 1 to 3 weeks only are doing the best right now. Since there are thousands of sweepstakes going at one time you need a way to set yourself apart. I put QUICK ENDING! in the title and people love those. Another suggestion is always to give something away that is $50 to $100 or quantity of lower value prizes (or give quantity of prizes - 25, 50, 100).

Our Paid Listing Options

Choose one of the options below and we will list it within one business day (unless you paid over the weekend and then it will be posted on Monday).

Payments: We use Paypal as our payment processor but you do NOT need a Paypal account to pay. Once you click the Submit button you will be taken to the PayPal website. You can pay with your PayPal account or click the link to bring up a credit/debit card payment window to pay without a PayPal account. Your receipt will show Sweeties Brand, Inc. and not Sweeties Sweeps.

Important! We reserve the right to refund your money if you submit a questionable giveaway, the prizes are just eBooks, you are trying to scam people or you are a competing giveaway or sweepstakes site.

Prize Value: The prize must be valued at $25 or more. If you paid and your prize is not valued at $25 or more, your money will be refunded. eBooks as prizes will not be considered.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee a certain amount of people will see your giveaway, open an email or enter your giveaway.

The Type of Prizes we do NOT accept: We do not accept sweepstakes and giveaways with the following content or prizes: casino, gambling or giveaways that require payment to enter; eBooks only (if you offer another physical prize with it that is fine); adult content (adult themes, including sex, violence, vulgarity); weapons (guns, knives, explosives); recreational drugs, CBD, or healthcare-related content that promotes a medical solution or diagnosis; alcohol-related content; shocking, misrepresentative content or that which enables dishonest behavior; illegal content. We no longer accept KingSumo giveaways as most of their giveaways include bonus entries to spam sites.

Featured Listing Image: Your image should have a "call to action" on it (enter to win, giveaway, click here). Featured images rotate every 1 second but stop when someone hovers over them so they have time to click on it. Each time the page is refreshed a different order is shown, so each person who pays for a featured spots gets the same coverage.

Featured Image Size: must measure at least 648px x 348px or larger (wider than tall). This image is also what gets shared on Facebook and Twitter. This size matches what Facebook requires for feed images. This image will link directly to the giveaway on your site and remains on the homepage for one week. If you do not submit this exact size it will take us longer to get your giveaway listed because we have to created the graphic. If you do not have an image we can make one.

($50) Featured Listing Includes:

- Your giveaway listed on
- Your giveaway listed in the next day's email newsletter
- Your linked giveaway image stays on the homepage for one week in the Featured section
- Your linked giveaway image appears at the top of ALL PAGES on mobile device for one week
- One tweet to our Twitter followers
- One share on our Facebook Page
- One share in our Facebook Group
- Listed on our Secret site for our paid members

($25) Basic Listing Includes:

- Your giveaway listed on
- Your giveaway listed in the next day's email newsletter
- One tweet to our Twitter followers
- One share on our Facebook Page
- One share in our Facebook Group
- Listed on our Secret site for our paid members

Tracking, Referral, Affiliate Links: We DO accept tracking links if you want to track traffic coming from Sweeties Sweeps (,, etc but make sure the real link does not contain the word referral in it). We DO NOT accept referral links to help you get more entries into a sweepstakes or other giveaway. We DO NOT accept affiliate links.

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