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I mentioned that I track my wins using an Excel Spreadsheet I created using simple formulas. Since there seems to be some interest among my readers for this spreadsheet I decided to post it for you to download and use. I have included some instructions to help you decipher my system.

I want to give a big shout-out to Abby Winters from Free Is Glee who updated my original spreadsheet and made it more user friendly. Thanks to Chad from Extreme Sweeping for the 3rd revision.

Thanks to Mike Boehm for creating a Google docs version.

Click here to access the Google docs version.

What’s In Sweeties Tracking Wins Spreadsheet?

If you can’t see the picture below CLICK HERE to download the spreadsheet.

organizing recording your sweepstakes wins with excel spreadsheetStep 1: When you open the spreadsheet you will see the summary sheet. To actually enter your sweepstakes wins you will need to click on the tab at the bottom that is entitled, List of Wins.

Step 2: To get help in figuring out what should be put in each column click on the tab that is entitled, Notes.

Step 3: Make sure ONLY edit the List of Wins tab. The first tab entitled Summary will automatically update with the information you put in the List of Wins sheet.

The Summary tab is formula-based, pulling from the “List of Wins” tab. This tab will update automatically and should not be changed.


Column Explanation:

RCVD: Specify whether prize has been received. Drop down option of either Yes or No

DATE WON: Input date you received notification of your winning.

PRIZE DESCRIPTION: Input prize description.

CONTEST/SWEEPSTAKES: Input details or name of contest in order to track winning.

EST. VALUE: Estimated value of prize

TYPE OF SWEEPS: Specify what type of sweepstakes or contest it was like a local, Internet, Mail-in, Twitter, etc. Drop down options are specified to select.

CONTACT: If applicable, note any contact information for prize (person, email address, phone numbers) in case you need to follow up at a later point in time.

NOTES: Any additional notes you would like to specify.

The Summary tab is formula-based, pulling from the “List of Wins” tab. This tab will update automatically and should not be changed.

Don’t buy Microsoft Office To Use This. Use these Free programs to view your Excel spreadsheet:

If you don’t own Excel you can download and install the FREE Excel Viewer 2003 from Microsoft. The Excel Viewer 2003 let’s you open, view, and print Excel workbooks, even if you don’t have Excel installed. This download is a replacement for Excel Viewer 97 and all previous Excel Viewer versions.

Another Free option for viewing and printing Excel spreadsheet is to use Google Docs. With Google Docs you can setup a free account or use your existing Google or Gmail account to sign in. Google Docs let’s you setup documents that are very similar to Word, Powerpoint, and Excel documents and can be read, opened, and printed by anyone who has Word, Powerpoint, Excel, or similar programs. The beauty of Google Docs is that all of the documents are stored on the Google site. You just log into your account and click on Docs to use them. You can also download them to your computer for use with other programs or to store them in another location.

If you can’t see the picture below CLICK HERE to download the spreadsheet.

organizing recording your sweepstakes wins with excel spreadsheetWell, that’s about it. I hope you are able to use my spreadsheet to track and record your wins. I enjoy statistics as you have seen and because I am a visual person and learn better that way I like to “see” my wins all in one place.

Please feel free to share your system with me and the readers of this site. We can help each other as we share. Thanks!




  1. Thanks for the download. This will help keep me more organized. With my busy schedule I forget a lot of things and I need all the help I can get lol

  2. thanks i downloaded

  3. i downloded thanks :)

  4. Thanks again for making this available. Plus, I just want to add another free Excel alternative: It’s basically an open source alternative to the entire Office suite.

  5. templarlady says:

    i tried to save to my computer and it asked for a password-what to do. Jane

  6. Thank you! I was working on creating one of these, but I just hadn’t had time to figure it out. This is perfect!

  7. Thank you so much. This saves me making my own!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Open Office is free to download also, and does everything that MS Office does (I think! LOL). I simply have a folder on my email account labeled "Winning" and put confirmation emails in there.

    Anything that I'd spend money on a stamp to win is too valuable to lose track of winning, but I keep a daily activities journal and note my wins there as well.

  9. Hi Wendy,

    I downloaded the sheet however I am unable to type anything in the cells. Any sugguestions?

  10. Thank You for this!

  11. I created my own Excel sheet.. however, should I really put in a column for who I won the Sweeps through and if it was IWG, I, R, M or so on??? I’ve already had to track down a FMV info for prizes won…

    • it depends on if you want to see where you win from the most. At the end of the year I can see where I win the most and that way it helps me figure out where I should be entering the most the next year.

  12. Thank you SOO much for posting this,I had started my own excel spreadsheet, but this one is WAY nicer!!!

  13. Can you believe that I still kept all my wins in a 3 ring binder.. I feel like I am much more organized.. Thanks so much Wendy.. this is a lifesaver

  14. David ferrandino says:

    Dave01568 says
    Thank great spread sheet. Good thing you use this when YouTube deleted your video and all the comments

  15. Thanks Sweetie! This is wonderful! I have been trying to figure out a good way to keep up with my wins…perfect!

  16. thanks i was just wandering where one was so i could start the new year off right!

  17. Thank you for the spreadsheet. I used it last year and it was so helpful. My question is: When I am ready for a new month, is there a way to figure out where to enter the next month’s wins on the sheet so that it will start over in tabulating the wins just for that month. I haven’t used Excel much so I’m not sure how the formulas work or how to see where they are on the forms. My first four months worked last year and then after that it was a continuous total so I ended up tabulating manually for the remaining months. The end of the year tabulated itself so it was still a great summary sheet. Thanks in advance!

  18. Sweetie,

    I am interested in downloading the excel sheet to track my wins, but I don’t see a link to download your spreadsheet.. just a link to create my own. Can you send me the link pretty please?

  19. I am having a problem with the summary page. My totals for the month of April are off by $10. I cannot figure out where the difference is coming in. I have looked at the wins for the month and none are $10. The formatting seems to be correct on the summary page so I am assuming the problem is coming in on the list of win page. Any ideas on what I should check?

  20. I figured it out. I had added a row as and it threw everything off.

  21. I was informed on may 18th that I had won a T-Shirt, however I have not recied anything. What do I need to do?

  22. Melissa Curran says:

    none of the links are working to download the spreadsheet – I’ve tried each of them, including the picture

  23. Thanks Sweetie!! This is great.

  24. This is an excellent organizer for the sweepies. Thanks!!

  25. Thanks I download, great way to keep track

  26. Jennifer L. says:

    It is not recognizing the wins from facebook or IWG on the summary tab. Facebook is not even listed in the summary tab. So the number of wins and totals are off if you chose IWG or facebook on the List of Wins tab. I have treid to correct the formulas but can’t figure out the formulas.

  27. shannon z. says:

    it seems that the summary page is not updating… it is not calculating any of my wins from october or november so far. is there something i am doing wrong?

  28. Ok, back a long time ago this spreadsheet used to print out so that humans could read I have tried everything in my power to tweak it and make it printable for human eyes. I cant get it! I have also tried to make my own and for some reason I cant get mine to either print with lines or it is again, too small. I am very frustrated..any ideas?? :/

  29. as I expected, too complicated for my little brain, lol! I downloaded it and the viewer, but can’t figure it out at all….oh well, back to my folder it is!

  30. Has anyone got this to work with Google Docs? That’s the best way to do this as you can use it from any PC. However, not all the formulas work. I’m going to work on fixing it up but if anyone already has, let me know what you had to do.

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  32. Thank you for sharing! I just want to say I’ve been doing this for about 2 weeks and I’ve already won over $60 worth of stuff!

  33. I have a question. Could someone tell me how I can add pinterest to one of the types of contests and how to make a formula so the pinterest wins will show up under the summary?

  34. Thanks! Going to start using this this year. I’ve always just kept a “prizes” folder in my e-mail, then deleted once received, but this will be fun to keep track of all year long!

  35. Thanks so much for this spread sheet! That was one of my resolutions to keep track of my wins to make sure I remember them all and receive them. One goal started this year!

  36. Thank you for the download!

  37. Peggy Doty says:

    Just wanting to know if this will work with a mac?

  38. Thanks for the download!! I had started a notepad doc but this is definitely better

  39. Terry Riley says:

    Love the spread sheet so much!

  40. I wish I won that many times to have a need for this :(

  41. I needed this form last year –I used Excel but I just had a plain sheet..this sheet is MUCH better..can’t wait to fill it up!

  42. Kristen Roush says:

    I use this every year! Thank you!!

  43. Laura Fransen says:

    how do I update the spreadsheet to add 2015?

    • I am not sure what you mean. I usually start a whole new spreadsheet for a new year and give it a new name when I save it and then start adding the dates I win the prizes in the date column making sure to add the date like 1/1/15


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