Yes, Sweeties Readers Do Win Sweepstakes Prizes

It’s been awhile since I posted a winner’s list and I thought it was about time. I have heard from SO many readers about their wins over the last few months and it’s just amazing.

The best part? EVERYONE has a chance to win and not just a select few.

That is why I love about sweepstakes. We all have an equal chance, unlike some other forms of gaming or gambling like playing slots at the casino or even buying a lottery ticket. Those require money and if you don’t have cash then you’re left out. With sweepstakes you don’t even need a dime to participate. Don’t have a computer or Internet access? You can even play by going to your local library and using their Free internet access.

You are only limited by the amount of time you spend entering. The more you enter the more you will win.

Whether you find the sweepstakes on Sweeties Sweeps, the Daily Digest, on the Secret Site, on another sweeps site, or by searching because you learned the skills for finding them on your own, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that sweepstakes can change your life when you “win what you can’t afford” and then some.

On to the winning stories. There are so many I only had place for a few. You guys rock!

From Mary:

OMG…I won a trip for 2 …to Australia!! It is my first major win. I don’t know if I saw it in your sweepstakes or not. It was through Yahoo promotions and the NT Australia tourism. I am now a believer!! Everything is paid for except my ticket to LA (where the prize starts) and food while I’m in OZ. Thanks I am entering lots of your sweeps now. People really do win….

From Rosy:

You can add me to your list of winners. I was just notified that I won this 3 day 2 night trip to LA including a 1 hr fitness training session with Harley Pasternak and $300 stipend.

From Karen:

Since October has started it’s been a win almost every day:

10/3 $10.00 from Shop ETC. – Haunted House of Savings
10/4 bottle of R2X stain remover from Shaw Floors
10/5 $60.00 credit from Vision Direct from weekly Halloween Contest
$10.00 Family fun Cash(in mail from weekly Fisher Boy Family Fun
10/7 $19.00 arv.. beauty product from My Covergirl (Facebook)
10/8 in mail Bud Light Port Paradise beach bag
10/10  6 month subscription by mail from Blockbuster arv. $89.94 from Fast five race to win
10/12 L’Oreal Paris Mascara(Facebook)
10/13 this is a freebie type win- Oakheart Stein – Bacardi toast challenge (Facebook)
10/14 from Fed Express a latte Love essentials kit (arv65.00) from the milk Mustache campaign I did it by texting.

My daughter comes home from school and asks what came today.

From Pat:

Let me tell you about this past week of sweeping. Last week I got an email from Shaw Industries Group sponsor of 30 days of HGTV Home. I was one of their winners and my prize is a 14×14 room of either carpeting, hardwood, laminate flooring or an area rug. To say the least, I was very excited!

Yesterday I received a call from a local radio station telling me that I have been picked as this months winner! I get $1000.00 worth of work done in my house while they broadcast from MY HOUSE.

What a week! Thank you Wendy, for helping all of us win what we can’t afford.

From Julie:

I just got a call and email today from Super 8 GR* Escape sweeps I won 88,000 points and am in drawing for the Ford thank you soooo much for the hard work you do… I just joined Sweeties Secret Sweeps not that long ago I have won a few smaller prizes but sooo well worth joining …

From Paul:

Dear Sweetie,

Small wins – Twix, Lifesaver Gum, Dove mp3 from from Mike and Ike and Nesquik ringtone. Big wins include $100 Target gift card, motorcycle helmet from Memphis Fast Five, iPod shuffle, tickets to Indianapolis 500 and 2 $500 best buy g/c !

Thanks for changing my life!

From Lisa:

I just received this email:

Congratulations! You have been selected to receive a prize in the Tough to Reach Spaces Sweepstakes, administered by ePrize. You have been selected as the winner of a VIP trip for four (4) to Las Vegas, NV. The trip package includes round-trip, coach-class air transportation for four (4) to Las Vegas, NV, three (3) nights accommodations at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, ground transportation to and from airport and hotel via limousine, a Las Vegas VIP tour for four (4) people “The Other Side of Vegas”, four (4) Vegas Ultimate Nightclub passes, and $3,000 spending money. This prize has an approximate retail value of $12,900.

From Sweeties Secret Site Members:

A Member who lives in Hawaii:

Unlike the majority of people here I have a really big disqualification that just makes my whistles blow I live in Hawaii, LOL. Most people would day “Hawaii? PARADISE!” But, in the world of sweeping Hawaii get the VOID a lot! LOL.

BUT, this hasn’t kept me from winning and keeping my head up high. I have won a little over $20,000 in prizes THIS year alone!

I decided to join the Secret Site because, well, if I was doing good on my own… IMAGINE WHERE SWEETIE COULD TAKE ME!!!

LOL, since I have become a member AMAZING wins were being thrown at me left and right, and I am so excited! I wrote about my small wins here and there, my larger wins too like the 3 Galaxy Tabs my family won. This week we won a Swiffer Wet Jet starter set, a Swiffer Duster starter set, $50 from HSN, Freschetta emailed me this morning about my win a pink iPod Shuffle, I got $120 worth of stuff from the Popcorn Factory sent to me that I received this week, Won free block buster movies, and the good old monopoly at McDonalds fed me 3 meals =)

This has been awesome, since I started about a month ago with Sweetie’s Secret Site, I won OVER $2,500 worth of stuff, I am in amazement really! Oh, and I also no longer have friends, LOL. Thanks Sweetie and Sweeties team for all you do!

From Carolyn:

I got an email last week that I was a grand prize winner in the Family Dollar sweepstakes! It is a $25,000 educational grant in the form a 529 plan for one of my children (I have 3 little girls), a $500 gift certificate to Family Dollar for myself and a $500 gift certificate to Family Dollar for my child’s teacher.

I still can’t believe I won a $26,000 prize. It’s almost unbelievable. I signed the affidavit and have been in contact with the sweeps company who have been so wonderful about answering my questions. I can’t even express what a blessing this will be to my family. Now I just have figure out how in the heck we are going to pay the taxes on this! lol

From Jodi:

Woo Hoo! I just received letter from FEDEX saying I won $2,000 I’m so excited..thank you so much..really can use right now!!!

From Rebecca:

I’ve been sweeping for about a year but just a little bit of IWG. I joined this site about a week ago, wondering if I’d get my $25 back. Well I just got an email that I won a grand prize. I got DUB rims valued at $3000 and 4 tickets to the UCLA vs. Standford football game.

I’m super excited, my first win on this site and it’s a grand prize!! 🙂

From Jan:

The question I asked myself before paying the $25 fee was if it was worth it. Now I am saying to myself, that’s a stupid question, of course!! I signed up on August 8, 2011 and I have won 4 Detroit Tiger tickets (ARV $112), 2 VIP tickets to MiFest (ARV $218) and today I won 52 – $5 coupons from Driscoll (ARV $260). This is a great site. I have won over $500 in stuff in a little over a month. Thanks for all of your hard work and it’s well worth the $25!

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  1. amanda haas says

    I won a $55 gc from Anheiser bush 2 weeks ago, and I won a $250 gc from Victoria Secrets this weekend. Since I started playing in May I’ve won a $100 gc to Dollar General, a $10 gc to Family dollar, a $50 gc to Toys R Us, a $20 gc to HSN, a Brewbot, a Blu-ray player, a scentsy with refills, an oreo gift set, a coffee set from Latte love, a transformers gift pack from K-mart, a lightsaber, several t-shirts, I don’t even remember everything I’ve won, but on days when I don’t win something my husband says I’m slacking off. I really appreciate your sweepstakes list, I use it everyday, thanks so much for all you do for us!!

  2. Hi Sweetie. I started sweeping a little over a month ago and have yet to have a win other than a hat from Robitussin which is still a win but could you please tell me what I am doing wrong? Most days I spend over five hours entering sweeps. I play IWG between 3 and 5 am but still no wins. Help! Disabled single mother trying to win what I cant afford. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

    • What are you entering? Instant win games are great but hard to win unless there are a lot of prizes because you have to “hit” the exact time they are giving out the prizes. Are you entering everything I label as Good and Sweeties Picks? I put them in a round-up weekly and that can be found right on the homepage. I update it every Saturday. Are you looking for sweepstakes for your state? Those have the best odds. If you don’t know how to find them we do that for you on the Secret site.

      • Thank you for responding to my post. I enter all the sweeps that you post as good winnable and sweeties picks. I just am not winning anything. I love your site and I am happy for everyone who has won. Maybe I will win something soon. Thanks for all you do. Happy turkey day.

        • It took until I was in my second month to win. Little things. 2 little wins every two weeks after that. Until recently, I was only entering 50 or so a day. Now that I enter 163 give or take a few every single day I have won something every day or so for a week. Still little things. I am on a super tight budget too so any little thing is something I couldn’t have afforded. Also, I have never won anything in the early AM. I have to have my sleep. 🙂

          • Thanks for your feedback Carla. I am now in my second month of sweeping and have had some small wins. Gift box, mini mouse set and mugs from Loacker. A t-shirt from Nyquil(that I didnt even know I had won until it came in the mail) and mascara from L’Oreal. I am going to continue sweeping and maybe I can win something for my daughter for Christmas. This is my first year being unemployed and disabled and it would be nice to be able to give her a gift for Christmas. Thanks again. Happy holidays

        • roger nickell says

          i know what you mean! i have played PCH for a very long time, in fact they said something about on tv?! never saw any ads! most all winners are on or near east coast, NOT the west. i live in the west. i have come to believe its a bunch of BS. they say you dont have to buy anything, thats a lie! they stop sending me mail, when i would not buy anything from their catalog. i tried to play online they have more pop ups on their site, never was able to finish any of what you are suppose to do. more BS. sorry about that!

    • Mary Taylor says

      Don’t get discouraged. Just an FYI, many contests and sweeps do not even notify the winners sometimes until 4-6 weeks after the contests have ended. So if you have only been sweeping for a little over a month it could be they just have not notified the winners yet.

      I was just notified last Thursday that I was a winner of a contest that ended on Oct. 4th. So it was about 6 weeks from the time the contest ended until they called me to tell me I won.

      My advice is to keep at it, don’t give up. I entered for almost 6 months until I got my first win. So I do understand how you feel. Good Luck!!!

  3. Since I started getting into sweeps over the summer time this is what I have won so far:

    -20 dollar Visa Pre-paid gift card
    -A water bottle from LEE
    -5 dollar Starbucks gift card
    -5 dollar target gift card

    I am Praying, Wishing, and Hoping to hit something REALLY big. I’m in need of some really big cash prize. However, I am glad I did with these few things in the meantime 🙂

  4. I just won a Smoothie Express, i got it in the mail yesterday, didn’t even know i had won! i’ve won other smaller prizes, this is my biggest so far. thanks Sweetie, for this site, it’s awesome!

  5. jacob jimenez says

    I have won a macbook pro and $500.00 gift card, $200.00 gabriel brothers gift card both of those from the secret site light saber from the return of the jedi, stein from the bacardi, soccer ball from coors, $100.00 pair of running shoes from finish line, and $100 to a local mall, in the last few months and im sure there is more that i have forgot about

  6. Sue LaBelle says

    i won $300 bose wireless speaker and $500 visa gift card (chase freedom)
    both were facebook contest entered here

  7. Ashley Fernandez says

    <<<< Is the featured Sweeper from Hawaii, Although my disadvantage is being DQ'd for living in Hawaii in 2011 I won almost $35,000 worth of Cash, Prizes, Law Makeover, Trips, etc! Sweeties Sweeps help get me there! At least 10K from Sweeties different circa's ALOT was from the SSS! Join now people, I swear you wont regret it!

  8. I started Sweeping less than a year ago. I have won some amazing prizes. The biggest is a trip for 4 to Paris. I am going with my girlfriends in May this year! I won $220 leather boots, a years supply of candy worth $1,200, Gift cards, jewelry, makeup, skin care, clothing, toys, shoes and so much more. This is the way to go!
    I M ON limited income and disabled so I have the time to invest. It is my job. I work 12 hours a day! Sweeties has helped me find others sweeps I never see listed so I started following her too. I love sweeping!

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