Easy Ways to Get Free Swag

I just love free stuff or SWAG as I call it. That is one reason, among many, that I enter sweepstakes to win prizes. It not only helps to supplement our income but I also get the satisfaction of seeing Congratulations with my name in lights and there’s no better feeling. Sometimes I think I do it just for that reason.

I also like getting free samples, free coupons, going to the movies for free, getting free travel, and finding freebies that someone else doesn’t want anymore. Like I said before, every little bit helps, especially in this economy.

When I was on the set of the Tyra Banks show I learned a bunch of new ways to get free stuff that I want to share with you. Some I already knew and some were new to me so they may be new to you too.

On the show, Freebies4Mom explains that some of the best free samples come from Walmart.com and that it never hurts to ask for free coupons so you can try a company’s product. They need to get their products in the hands of consumers and are usually very happy to let you “try before you buy”. If a company can get their products into your hands and you like it you will tell you friends and they will tell their friends and so on and so on (wait, wasn’t that a commercial?)

The CNN panelist mentioned that you should sign up for sites that will send you ongoing free samples at places like Vocal Point, Psst, and She Speaks. I already knew about these and have been posting freebies from some of these sites for quite awhile.

To learn how to get free movie tickets and luxury dining for free or at deep discounts, and to learn how to “live the good life for less” you will definitely want to check out Champagne Living with my friend and “cohort in crime”, Zipporahs.

Want free furniture or maybe even a hot tub? Check out Craiglist. My brother got a free leather couch, free hot tub, and brand new free mattress just by perusing the pages of Craiglist. People are always wanting to get rid of stuff and “one man’s trash is another man’s treasures.” Hey, and then you don’t have to “dumpster dive” to get good swag.

Easy Ways to Get Free SwagAnother guest from the show, Mike, from Vagabondish.com talked about how he gets free travel by using www.couchsurfing.com. CouchSurfing isn’t about getting free furniture, it a service that let’s you find a place to stay for free when you are traveling. You might just stay on a strangers couch, borrow a free bedroom, or even stay in their house for free.

If you haven’t heard of Free Cycle you will definitely want to check them out. I met the president of the New York chapter at the show but I already knew about this great program and have used it many times. Visit the Free Cycle website and locate a list in your area. Sign up and you will receive daily emails or you can read the messages on their website.

Easy Ways to Get Free SwagTo participate you need to give away something first. It can be just about anything. If you have things you usually give to Goodwill or a local Thrift shop you can use those to give away on Free Cycle. People will offer to “take it off of your hands” and come to your house and pick them up. Once you give your first item away you can request items. It can be small or even something like a treadmill or furniture. What you request does not have to equal the value of what you give away. I gave an elliptical machine away once. I got a stand mixer and a DVD player. I got those items from completely different people than I gave the elliptical machine to so it isn’t an even exchange. You will need to read more about it on the Free Cycle site.

Photo credit: Freecycle.org, Couchsurfing.com

What other ways do you get FREE SWAG?

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