Supplement Your Income with Sweepstakes Winnings

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If the present economy has you worrying about your financial situation, there is something you can do about it whether you are requesting a free sample, using coupons to save money at the grocery store, or entering sweepstakes to “win what you can’t afford.” Every little bit helps!

When money is tight many people get creative about how to supplement their income and ease their household budget. I have been doing just that since at least 1993 when I first learned about sweepstakes. I first learned about sweepstakes when I attended to my first coupon swap at the local library. There were a group of people who would meet once a week to exchange coupons and someone told me about sweepstakes. Within a few months I was entering sweepstakes and within weeks I won my first TV from Captain Crunch cereal.

Today there is something in almost every room of our house that we have won from a sweepstakes – things we could never have afforded on our incomes alone. We own these free and clear (after taxes) and some still have warranties. The list below is just a small example of prizes we have won over the year. Some prizes have been given away, are no longer around or were trips and all that is left are the wonderful memories. But, this gives you an idea how entering sweepstakes to win prizes can really make a difference in your lifestyle and in your family’s budget.

Sometimes we have won money that was used to buy a lot of little things or we sold items on eBay for cash but those wins actually helped us more because they helped us pay bills, buy groceries or gas, and were, at times, lifesavers that came in the nick of time.

Prizes in my office:

  • Digital cameras (Sony and Canon)
  • Cordless keyboard and mouse
  • Computer
  • TV
  • Laptop bag
  • Smartphone
  • Herman Miller office chair
  • Furniture I bought with money I won
  • A framed poster of the castle we stayed in that reminds us of the France trip we won.

Prizes in the living room:

  • 55″ flat-screen HDTV
  • Home theater system
  • Area rug
  • Curtains
  • Furniture

Prizes in the kitchen:

  • Dishwasher (the 3rd one we have won)
  • Food (we have won a year’s supply of groceries at least twice)
  • Complete set of Pfaltzgraff dinnerware
  • Pier 1 dining room table and chairs (bought with money we won)

Prizes in the den:

  • Couch
  • Coffee table
  • Entertainment center
  • TV
  • Win a Car or Truck from SweepstakesDVD player
  • Netflix subscription

Prizes in the bedrooms:

  • Lamps
  • new bed linen and comforters
  • new curtains
  • new area rugs
  • 40″ flat-screen HDTV

Prizes in our driveway:

  • Dodge truck
  • New tires for the car
  • $500 in gas

With persistence, patience, and perseverance there is no reason why you can’t fill your house with prizes like these. We haven’t won these all in one year but our dedication to this hobby has paid off for us over the long haul. And, while, we haven’t won everything in one year, we consistently win 200 to 300 prizes a year, many of them large items we cannot afford with our incomes alone.

It took another ten years but we won a second car, a Fiat 500.

Fiat 500 Sweepstakes Prize

I have always been a resourceful person, learning to make “something out of nothing” so it is just natural that freebies, couponing, rebates, discount shopping, and winning prizes team up together to help you stretch your budget. With a combination of all of these things you can add to your income and stretch that ever shrinking dollar.

Do you want to learn how to win Big too?

Sweeties Sweeping 101 CourseI have taken my years of experience as a sweepstakes hobbiest and turned it into a completely FREE Sweeping 101 eBook to help you get started and become a winner too! This Free eBook will teach you how to win, protect yourself from scams, and be on your way to becoming a Super Sweeper!

I hope you will consider Sweeties Sweeps to be one of your favorite resources for entering sweepstakes and learning how you too an “win what you can’t afford”.

It is so much fun to win prizes and feel that rush when a prize comes through the door. It is also a bonus when those prizes help you balance your budget and ease some financial burdens. So, you see, you can definitely supplement your income with sweepstakes winnings.

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  1. Saph @ Walk With Me says

    Do you enter sweeps by mail or strictly on the net?

  2. I can vouch. I never win anything, but I took the advice from Heather from Freebies4mom and used some of my codes in the “enjoytheridesrewards” from Huggies and decided to try my luck on the instant win games they have right now. And to my surprise, I won a “beach ball sprinkler”! When I get this in the mail in about 10 weeks after verification, my 2 year old will have so much fun playing in the water and it will water my dead grass as well”! Hopefully, it will revive it. I can’t wait to get it. I am just excited that I actually won something. Although, my son used to play the sweeps on KSWB on Saturday mornings and used to win their first and second winning prizes, which I couldn’t believe either until we received them in the mail. You should have seen the look on his face when he saw them. He couldn’t believe it either. lol I can’t wait to read your newsletters with all the great insights. I will definitely apply them. Thanks.

    • Make sure you sign up for my free Sweeping 101 course. It will walk you through everything you need to learn about sweepstakes. There are videos too

  3. I sorry but i think all sweepstakes or many i have next won nothing there got to be something me tell me what you could it be.

    • You have to make sure you enter sweepstakes that do not ask you to pay to enter and do not ask you for a social security number. I only post legitimate sweepstakes everyday on my site. Sign up for my Sweeping 101 course to learn how to enter legitimate sweepstakes.

  4. just wanted to say thanks just started sweeping last week so far I free won movie ticket and free Ghirardelli chocolate.

    • Jenny Barber says

      I am new to sweeps but so far have been really lucky! In the last month I have won 3 movie tickets, $10 DQ card, free credit and $100 Foot Locker gift card! I also won a Ghirardelli chocolate gift basket; I won this about 3-4 weeks and haven’t received an email or anything from them…when can I expect the prize??? Has anyone won anything from them?

  5. I have been half heartedly doing sweeps for a few months now and won a backpack for my daughter. But my friend who had told me about the sweeps and her sister both win all the time. they are both getting items from money to computers to jewelry to just fun little prizes. I asked how they are doing it with so much success and they enter everyday…so the last couple of weeks I have been entering every day and I won an xbox 360 with kinect and I just won a year of free credit monitoring from quizzle from the quicken loan instant game on facebook! I am really excited now to continue playing every day at least for a few minutes.

  6. Myself and spouse are both disabled. I desparetely need to learn these tricks to the sweeps to supplement our income. I have never been lucky but, hope to learn the strategies to help. I have been doing sweeps for about two months religiosly and not even come close. thanks for the opportunity sweetie!

  7. I have been entering contests for years now. I have yet to ever win anything. I do it everyday. I am a disabled mother of 4 and I have more time to do them but for some odd reason I just dont have the luck that others do. I truely think it has to be in the “cards” for you to win. Because there are people like me out here that are non stop doing them and never win a thing. I never do give up but I sure do sometimes feel like its a black cloud over my head or someone somewhere doesnt want me to get a break for my family.

  8. Diane perez says

    I am excited to start sweeping ! Although I have never won anything in my life but perhaps your tips will help 🙂

  9. I have been sweeping off and on for about a year. I have won little things here and there,like make up, free coupons for food, and gift cards. Last week I was notified that I won a 8 day trip to California from the Royal Holiday Sweepstakes!! I was so excited! It was my first big win and it just motivates me to keep going because eventually you will win something.

  10. Adriana chavira says

    I just got into sweeping after winning a 7 day disney cruise to the mexican riviera on a local radio sweepstake. Noite I go on every night and do my dailies but I have yet to win anything other than 6 coupons for a free trix. So still trying because the feeling I got from winning my cruise was unexplainable and I want tio feel that again.

  11. Hi Sweetie, I just started entering sweepstakes this week. I am signed up for your Sweeping 101 course and am on day 2.
    Above you said: “You have to make sure you enter sweepstakes that do not ask you to pay to enter and do not ask you for a social security number.”

    I’m just curious, when you do win a prize, at what point do they ask you for your social security number so they can send you the (I think it’s the 1099) tax form?

    • If you win something big and have to sign an affidavit you will most likely have to provide your SSN. They will want you to fill out a W9 form and that is where your SSN will go. You should never give out a SSN to enter a sweeps.

  12. Very true, learn which sweepstakes are not fraudulent!

  13. what do you think of the do you think it is a scam

  14. I have never been lucky, so I am taking a risk on this. I pray that I will become lucky as my family has struggled hard for years and could use things like gift cards or cash for groceries even a new car. I hope that God provides us with a blessing soon.

  15. Damilola oni-daniels says

    I just wanted to ask if any of this sweeps re international.

  16. If I won a trip, can I sell it and if so what if the price I sell a prize is lower that that the actual price of the prize? Will I still have to pay the taxes for the amount of the prize or the price in which I sold the prize?

  17. I’ve only been doing sweepstakes for a couple weeks-but I’ve already won a $20.00 prepaid Visa card- I know it’s a small win, but it’s $20 bucks I didn’t have before- and it was FUN to win- now I’m hooked on sweepstakes for life!

  18. aunts house says

    I’m entering the sweetie because my sister,aunt and I are in need my sister was layer of fromwork and now she is having eye pproblems. My aunt is 76 and she needs help with things .I ‘m disabled and had a strokes January of 2004 June of 2008can not work. So the money we get is not enough to pay lights, gas, water telephone and house payment.

  19. I have been entering Sweepstakes for a year now.So far I have won $100.00,$50.00 Gift Cards,free coupons and free samples.It’s fun and helps stretch my budget!

  20. I want to win I never wined pick me thanks we support u a lot


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