SWEETIES PICK! Pillsbury A Million Morning Smiles Instant Win Game

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@Pillsbury You could win Toaster Strudels for a month. There will be over 2,000 winners per week.

sweeties pick winnable Pillsbury A Million Morning Smiles Instant Win gameEligibility: open only to legal residents of the fifty United States and the District of Columbia who are at least eighteen years old at the time of entry.

Entry Dates: begins on September 7, 2010 and ends on February 7, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. ET. For purposes of this Instant Win Game, each week begins on Tuesday at 12:00 a.m. ET and ends the following Monday at 11:59 p.m. ET.

How to Enter: visit strudelsmiles.pillsbury.com

Sweeties Note: You password needs to contain a number.

Entry Limit: One per person per day.


44,000 INSTANT WIN GAME PRIZES: Each prize is a set of four coupons, each redeemable for a box of Pillsbury Toaster Strudels™ pastries. ARV of each prize is $12.00.

Prize Limit: Three Instant Win Game prizes per person.

Rules: strudelsmiles.pillsbury.com/display_page?page=rules

Sweeps Rating: Sweeties Pick/Winnble

Photo Credit: Pillsbury


  1. I won 4 boxes free first time I tried wahoo ! Love toaster struedels !

  2. Me too!

  3. I won!!

  4. Just won! My family loves these! Thanks Wendy!

  5. just won only third time playing!

  6. Yeah, I finally won, lol. Thanks Sweetie!

  7. Just won!

  8. I won 4 boxes so far.

  9. I won! Thanks for your great site!

  10. frigglesnitz says:

    Thank you so much Sweetie! I won this morning! :)

  11. I swear 2am has got to be my lucky time… Just on the toaster strudel as well! I love those things…

  12. I just won 4 boxes too! Thanks Sweetie!!

  13. I just won on my first try! Thanks!

  14. I just won!

  15. Just won. Yea!!

  16. nikki bergin says:

    Just won! :)

  17. I won this on 9/24 and it said I would receive a email, but haven’t received one yet did everyone receive an email yet…

  18. Brandy Oliveira says:

    I just won.. :)

  19. We won 4 boxes at our house!

  20. Christine B says:

    It was my turn this morning…. Yeah..I won 4 boxes.

  21. YES I won!!!

  22. Won 4 boxes last night!

  23. Just won 4 more boxes!

  24. Won second time YES!

  25. Stephanie says:

    sweet! First win at this!

  26. Holly Robinson says:

    I finally won! 4 boxes, yay 😀

  27. My verification code won’t go through! Tried on 3 separate occasions!

  28. Yeah! I won yesterday afternoon. Thanks for posting this.

  29. I just won.

  30. Just won 4 boxes!

  31. I have won twice but have yet to recieve a email or anything anybody know whats going on?

  32. loneweaver says:

    Finally WON!! Happy Dance :)

  33. Coupon lover says:

    Awesome!! I just won Thanks Sweetie!


  35. Yay! Won 4 boxes at 6am!

  36. BOO — lost AGAIN!! : (

  37. Me and my husband both won this on 9/29 and 10/3 and we both received the coupons for 4 free boxes via USPS today.

  38. Shannon S says:

    I just won after playing for almost a month!

  39. Yahooo, got my four coupons today!!

  40. I’ve been playing this for a while and I finally won today!

  41. I won for my 3rd time today. Hit my prize limit. We’ll be stocked in Toaster Strudel for a while.

    • Cari are you playing at the same time everyday? I’ve had a few mention people to me that they won around the same time each time they played. That would be good to know so I can try again later!

    • How are you playing multiple times?

      • I do play one with my email address and once with my husbands, but what I meant was that each day I play at a different time. I’m not consistently playing at the same time each day. Every day I was playing at a different time whenever I got around to it, but usually in the morning.

  42. Danielle Macsay says:

    I won today for the first time. I am a Freebies 4 Mom reader. When I saw she suggests Sweeties for the most current and extensive list of freebies I came over. I’m glad I did. I have only been doing samples, freebies and sweeps online for a few months and already I have got to try lots of great samples and won a couple of daily sweepstakes prizes. Thank you!

  43. Megan Miller says:

    I won for the second time tonight :) yay :) I already got the first set of coupons. We bought a box of Boston cream pie strudels 😀

  44. I finally won this one!!! Yay 4 boxes free! Persistence paid off!

  45. Won four more boxes – I’m at my limit!


  47. Yeah!!!!! Finally won!!! Let’s see, 4 boxes will last my family of nine … 1 breakfast!

  48. Yay! I FINALLY won today around 1AM.

  49. I keep trying but nothing yet. Come on, love the streudels.

  50. sue ellen says:

    just won!!! yay first time thanks wendy

  51. won this 2 times so far thanks wendy

  52. I finally won..Yeah…Now on to winning the XBox!

  53. I just won for the second time! YAY! :)

  54. I have won twice so far! thank you so much. Has anyone else who has won received their coupons yet?

  55. I’ve been playing every day at different times and I haven’t won yet. Wonder how some people win multiple times.

  56. I play every day and can’t even win once. Wonder how some people win multiple times.

  57. I can’t win this one either. Not having any luck, maybe I can win before the sweepsakes end. Never had Pillsbury Toaster Strudel and would like to know how it tastes.

    • Tina Harris says:

      Oh MY Goodness…..YUMMY is the word..we love the strawberry and cream cheese at our house..but I bet the others are good too..they just came out with a boston cream one

  58. cant wait to see if I win!

  59. I just won 4 coupons for Toaster Strudels…Happy dance lol!

  60. I won today!! This is about the 3rd time I’ve played.

  61. I won, I won, I won, I’m so excited my kids love these so much!!!

  62. Tina Harris says:

    congrats to all you winners..we LOVE strudels at our house and I can’t seem to win once on this one :0(

  63. I finally won! LOL I have been playing them all everyday for weeks and this is the only thing I’ve won besides a Xeko plush.

  64. Tina Harris says:

    YAHOOOOOOOOEY!!!! I finally won tonight :0) Four boxes of strudels :0)

  65. Barb Sandage says:

    Don’t give up! I finally won 4 boxes! Been playing this one forever!

  66. Just rcvd the coupons in the mail yesterday! (I think it took about a month.)

  67. monika bigelow says:

    I finally won ! 4 boxes of toaster strudles yay! I have been trying for 2 weeks!

  68. Wow, I’ve been playing this game for months and I won my first box today!

    • This is crazy! I must be on a hot streak right now. On Dec 6 I won my first box, on the 17th I won again and today I won for the third time! After trying to win almost every day since September, I won all three within days of each other!

  69. Second time winning 4 boxes! Yay!

  70. I finally won!

  71. i never win this one lol!!

  72. Blaire Ruch says:

    Finally won this one! Woohoo!!!

  73. I finally won this one just now! I’ve been playing every day and had almost given up, haha.

  74. Blaire Ruch says:

    Just won for the 2nd time! The 1st time was not even a week ago! Hoping I can win a 3rd!

  75. I won!! First Sweeps win for me =)

  76. I won! 4 boxes :)

  77. I WON!!! But no email yet. Did it take a while for you guys to rcv the email?

  78. Blaire Ruch says:

    Won for the 3rd time tonight!!!

  79. Catherine says:

    Won this sweeps for the 2nd time 19 Jan. Thanks Wendy for
    sharing this and all these other sweeps with us.

  80. Blaire Ruch says:

    Won 3, and my husband won one the other day!

    Just got 2 sets in the mail this week, and Dillons grocery store (Kroger) is running a promotion where if you buy 10 of these at $1.99 each, you get $5 off your receipt. So I used the 8 free coupons I had received and a .50/2 mf for the other 2, which was doubled to $1, and got paid $2.02 to get 10 boxes!

    This promotion is running in my area through Tuesday, and perhaps yours as well.


  81. Melissa P. @Mel4Him says:

    Just won for a second time. Yum!

  82. Just won this!

  83. I would love to win these!


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