How to Spot a Facebook Sweepstakes SCAM

Here are 5 clues that will help you spot a Facebook Giveaway Scam

Clue #1: Before clicking on anything, giving your name, or tagging a friend, visit their About page. Do they have any information about their business listed on that page? Disney was founded in 1923 and they will have alot of information on their About page.

Clue #2: How many fans do they have? If this is a legitimate Disney Facebook page they will have millions of fans. Usually a scammer’s Facebook page will only have thousands. The real Disney page has over 51 million fans.

Clue #3: Do they have the verified symbol on their Facebook page? A legitimate company like Disney will be verified and have a blue checkmark next to their name.

Facebook Scams - Fake Disney Giveaways

Clue #4: Where are the official rules? A legitimate giveaway will have official rules. If a Facebook page says they are giving a large quantity of high value prizes away like trips to Disney, they will have a full page of official rules.

Clue #5: They ask you for money or very personal information. Some of these type of scams will try to get money from you. Sometimes they follow you on Facebook and send you a private message asking you for money. NEVER, EVER give anyone money to win a prize! A legitimate giveaway will never ask you to pay anything to enter.

Conclusion: Anyone can take an image of Disney (or any other company), setup a Facebook page, write anything they want and say they are giving away a large amount of high value prizes. That doesn’t mean they are telling you the truth. Watch out for these 5 things to spot a scam.

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