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Visit any post on this site and click the “Add to Sweeties Sweeps Favorites List” and it will appear on this page. You can add and remove sweeps from this page.

June 8th Update:

NOTE: please use the suggestion below to replace the Favorites List. It will no longer be available as of July 1st. The Favorite List will still be available for our Secret site members.

This page will still be available but you will no longer see your list of Favorites. Please backup your sweepstakes list by adding them to your browser Bookmarks List or download and use the program below.

Organize Sweepstakes with Your Browser’s Bookmarks List

One way to organize the sweepstakes you find is to create a Bookmark List in your browser. You can add the entry form page and also create folders for your daily, weekly, monthly, etc sweepstakes.

A Better Way to Organize Sweepstakes

Another way is to use a sweepstakes organization program like Sweep! The Sweep! program by Paul Beuger is free and will allow you to add sweepstakes, organize them in groups, load them all at once to make entering faster and more. It also keeps track of when you entered so you never forget.

This software is no longer supported by the author but works well on most Windows computers. We haven’t tested it with Mac computers and it probably will not work on a smartphone or tablet.

Click Here to download the Free Sweep! Organization Program version 1.7.

While there is a newer version, 1.8, we don’t suggest using it because it is missing features that are in 1.7.

How to Use the Sweep! Organization Program

NOTE: When you open the program, it will have old sweepstakes added as an example. To delete those, just right-click on each one and left-click delete. Or, click on one and click the DEL button at the bottom.

How to Add a Sweepstakes

1. Click New and give the sweepstakes a name. You can name it whatever you like.

2. Type the link to the entry form in the Web site: box.

3. Click the Repeat box and pick the entry limit (daily, weekly, etc.)

4. Click the Calendar and pick the end date.

5. Click Goto to launch the entry form page in your browser.

6. Once you are finished entering, click Done. Today’s date and the time you entered will appear in the Last Completed box.

Click on this screenshot to make it larger

How to Organize Sweepstakes

Click on this screenshot to make it larger

How to Organize Sweepstakes

Adding Notes: You can also add notes (rules and comments) which is helpful for adding the prize list and other information.

Organizing Sweeps by Groups

Once you add a title and the link to the entry form, you can add the sweepstakes to a group (weekly, daily, monthly, etc). This is different from the frequency (repeat) because then you can just go to the weekly frequency list and enter them all at once.

How to Organize by Groups: after you add a sweepstakes, right-click on it and then left-click on groups and then on the group you want from the list provided. At the current time there is no way to add a new group name or rename existing groups.

How to Use Groups: Click the Groups drop-down list and click on a Group. All of the sweepstakes you have added to the group will appear on that list. Then use one of the methods below to either select all of the sweepstakes or some of them to load all at once.

Click on this screenshot to make it larger

How to Organize Sweepstakes, Sweep! 1.7 by Waveget

Loading All Sweeps at Once: If you have a daily list of sweepstakes you want to enter, select the whole list and click Goto. They will all open in your browser at the same time. Then use your form filler to enter each one. This makes them load faster so you can enter faster.

How to Select the Whole List of Sweeps: click on the top sweepstakes on the list, hold the Shift key down, scroll down and click on the last sweepstakes on the list. Then click Goto.

How to Select the Just Some of Sweeps: click on the first sweepstakes you want to enter, hold the CTRL key down and click on any of the other sweepstakes from the list. The click Goto.

More Help: If you need more help, click the Help button at the bottom right in the program and click on the Quick Startup Guide. If the Help menu gives you an error and doesn’t come up, click on the Windows Start menu, All Programs and then Sweep and you can access it there.