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Please use this form to submit national sweepstakes or blog giveaways. All giveaways should be open to all states and the prizes should be available for everyone to use if they win. Please do not submit giveaways that include prizes that are only good in certain states or countries.

Limited Giveaways: giveaways that are only open to a few states or if the prize is only good in certain states should be submitted through this form for inclusion on Sweeties Secret Sweeps only!

About Payments for Giveaway Listings

We use Paypal as our payment processor. Once you click the Submit button you will be taken to the PayPal website. You can pay with your PayPal account or click the link to bring up a credit/debit card payment window to pay without a PayPal account.

NOTE: The prize must be valued at $25 or more. If you paid for a guaranteed listing and your prize is not valued at $25 or more, your money will be refunded.

Guaranteed Listing ($20): Submitting your giveaway does not guarantee a listing on Sweeties Sweeps. We get a hundreds of submissions each day and cannot list them all. If you want to guarantee that your giveaway gets listed, you can pay a fee of $20.00 and we will list it within one business day (unless you paid over the weekend and then it will be posted on Monday).

A Guaranteed Listing is sent to:

- Our Twitter Followers (17,700+ fans)
- Our Facebook Fans (62,400+ fans)
- Our Facebook Group (8,000+ members)
- Gets sent out in our daily giveaway email (10,000 subscribers)
- Gets listed in our Monthly Roundup

Featured Listing ($50): Gives you everything above and your giveaway will remain on the homepage in the Featured section for one week. You also get a your giveaway image in the listing post and set as a thumbnail image to help your giveaway stand out on the homepage.

NOTE: We reserve the right to refund your money if you submit a questionable giveaway or the prizes are just eBooks.

Tracking and Referral Links: We DO accept tracking links if you want to track traffic coming from Sweeties Sweeps (,, etc). We DO NOT accept referral links to help you get more entries into a sweepstakes or other giveaway.

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  • We get more sweepstakes submitted than we can list each day. Paying the Guaranteed Listing fee guarantees your giveaway will be listed and shown to our readers. It will also get posted on our Facebook page for 49,000+ fans to see, posted on Twitter to our 17,000 fans and get listed in our daily email newsletter or 10,000 readers. A Featured Listing gives you all of the features of a Guaranteed Listing and your giveaway will also remain on the homepage for one week and you can use your own image in the listing and a thumbnail image.
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