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Do you love to read? #Goodreads is giving away Free books each day in September. Here are Goodreads book giveaways that have 50, 75, or 100 winners each for a better chance to win. Good Luck!

Goodreads Monthly Book Giveaways

Eligibility for all Goodreads Giveaways: Open to US residents, 18 and older. You must have a Goodreads and an account in order to enter or receive a prize. Both are free to join. Limit one entry per person and household using only one Goodreads/ account per Sweepstakes. You can enter each giveaway only once.

Eligibility for all Goodreads Giveaways: Open to US residents, 18 and older. You must have a Goodreads and an account in order to enter or receive a prize. Both are free to join. Limit one entry per person and household using only one Goodreads/ account per Sweepstakes. You can enter each giveaway only once.

Print Books:

Ends September 1

The Primal Gourmet Cookbook: Whole30 Endorsed: It’s Not a Diet If It’s Delicious by Ronny Joseph Lvovski  100 copies

We Germans: A Novel by Alexander Starritt  50 copies

GLORY: Magical Visions of Black Beauty by Kahran Bethencourt  100 copies

Ends September 2

Every Last Fear by Alex Finlay  100 copies

How the Star Got Its Twinkle by Eliud George Garcia  50 copies

Musical Chairs by Amy Poeppel  100 copies

Ends September 3

Christmas Cupcake Murder (Hannah Swensen, #26) by Joanne Fluke  100 copies

Love Is a Rogue (Wallflowers vs. Rogues, #1) by Lenora Bell  100 copies

When We Were Young & Brave by Hazel Gaynor  100 copies

Ends September 4

Little Wishes: A Novel by Michelle Adams  100 copies

Her Night with the Duke (Clandestine Affairs, #1) by Diana Quincy  50 copies

Dark Tides by Philippa Gregory  100 copies

Balcony of Fog by Rich Shapero  100 copies

Ends September 6

A Solitude of Wolverines by Alice Henderson  100 copies

A Most English Princess: A Novel of Queen Victoria’s Daughter by Clare McHugh  100 copies

The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins  100 copies

Make Up Break Up by Lily Menon, Sandhya Menon  100 copies

Good Neighbors by Sarah Langan  100 copies

Magic Lessons (Practical Magic) by Alice Hoffman 110 copies

Skyhunter (Skyhunter, #1) by Marie Lu  50 copies

Ends September 7

The Cold Millions by Jess Walter  50 copies

The Awakening (The Dragon Heart Legacy, #1) by Nora Roberts  100 copies

A Wild Winter Swan by Gregory Maguire  100 copies

White Ivy by Susie Yang   100 copies

Older (A Younger Novel) by Pamela Redmond Satran  80 copies

One by One by Ruth Ware  100 copies

Dark Horses by Susan Mihalic  100 copies

Ends September 8

God an Autobiography as Told to a Philosopher by Jerry L. Martin  100 copies

The Girl in the Mirror by Rose Carlyle  100 copies

Ends September 9

Bright and Dangerous Objects by Anneliese Mackintosh  50 copies

Ends September 10

Bones: Inside and Out by Roy A. Meals  50 copies

The Feel Good Effect: Reclaim Your Wellness by Finding Small Shifts that Create Big Change by Robyn Conley Downs  50 copies

Sex with Presidents: The Ins and Outs of Love and Lust in the White House by Eleanor Herman  100 copies

Ends September 11

A Brotherhood Betrayed: The Man Behind The Rise And Fall Of Murder Inc. by Michael Cannell  100 copies

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend: How Daring Dreams and Unyielding Friendship Turned One Man’s Blindness into an Extraordinary Vision for Life by Sanford D. Greenberg  50 copies

Ends September 12

Before the Ruins: A Novel by Victoria Gosling  50 copies

Ends September 13

The Arrest by Jonathan Lethem  50 copies

Tools of Engagement (Hot & Hammered, #3) by Tessa Bailey  100 copies

House of Correction by Nicci French  100 copies

Meet Me in Bombay by Jenny Ashcroft  100 copies

Ends September 14

These Women by Ivy Pochoda  100 copies

She Come By It Natural: Dolly Parton and the Women Who Lived Her Songs by Sarah Smarsh  50 copies

The Lady Brewer of London by Karen Brooks  100 copies

What Could Be Saved by Liese O’Halloran Schwarz  100 copies

Plain Bad Heroines by Emily M. Danforth  100 copies

The Babysitter: My Summers with a Serial Killer by Liza Rodman, Jennifer Jordan  100 copies

Ends September 15

Dearly: New Poems by Margaret Atwood  100 copies

The Silence by Don DeLillo  50 copies

A Song for the Dark Times: An Inspector Rebus Novel by Ian Rankin  50 copies

Ends September 16

American Cheese: An Indulgent Odyssey Through the Artisan Cheese World by Joe Berkowitz  50 copies

The Forgotten Daughter by Joanna Goodman  100 copies

Ends September 17

Dark Star Rising: Blackwood Virtue by Bennett R. Coles  100 copies

The Burning God (The Poppy War, #3) by R.F. Kuang  75 copies

Ends September 18

Cuyahoga by Pete Beatty  100 copies

My Kind of Earl (Mating Habits of Scoundrels, #2) by Vivienne Lorret  50 copies

Ends September 21

Make It Scream, Make It Burn: Essays by Leslie Jamison  60 copies

What Would Frida Do?: A Guide to Living Boldly by Arianna Davis  50 copies

Ends September 22

Where the Rubber Meets the Road: The Bridgestone/Firestone Conspiracy of Death & Destruction a True Story by Joseph Louis Lisoni  100 copies

Ends September 23

Roses and Radicals: The Epic Story of How American Women Won the Right to Vote by Susan Zimet  50 copies

Ends September 25

The Second Law (Lynn Dayton Thrillers, #3) by L.A. Starks  100 copies

Ends September 26

You Betrayed Me by Lisa Jackson  100 copies

The Cowboy Who Saved Christmas by Jodi Thomas  100 copies

Silver Creek Fire by Lindsay McKenna 100 copies

World Wild Vet: Encounters in the Animal Kingdom by Evan Antin  50 copies

Kindle Books:

Ends September 1

Basil’s Unkie Herb by Mary Shaw  100 copies

Sunlit Streams of Water by Erwin K. Thomas  100 copies

9 Ways to Normal by Cassie Kelley  100 copies

Brigham Plaza by Daniel Verastiqui 100 copies

The Resurrection of Tess Blessing by Lesley Kagen  100 copies

Blue String (Blue Mountain Book 4) by Tess Thompson  100 copies

Guantanamo Voices: True Accounts from the World’s Most Infamous Prison by Sarah Mirk  100 copies

Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi  100 copies

August Snow by Stephen Mack Jones  100 copies

Slow Horses (Slough House, #1) by Mick Herron  50 copies

Purpose, Passion, and Pajamas: How to Transform Your Life, Embrace the Human Connection, and Lead With Meaning by Genevieve M. Piturro  100 copies

Bestiary by K-Ming Chang 100 copies

Ends September 2

How to Survive Your Life: Without Putting a Gun to Your Head by Dr. Bruess  100 copies

Catch Handle by Alison O’Mara 100 copies

Memory Lost by Eric S. Hubbard  100 copies

Lassa the Viking and the Dragon’s Inferno by Dean Yurke  100 copies

Stories for the Years by Luigi Pirandello  50 copies

Last Days Survival Guide: A Scriptural Handbook to Prepare You for These Perilous Times by Rick Renner  100 copies

Mornings and Evenings in His Presence: A Lifestyle of Daily Encounters with God by Bill Johnson, Beni Johnson  100 copies

How to Kill in Comedy by Steve North  100 copies

Lying to Children by Alex Shahla  100 copies

Ends September 3

Yes Is More: Tangible and Timeless Ways to Differentiate Yourself from Your Competitors by Howard L. Brown  100 copies

The Big Door Prize by M.O. Walsh  100 copies

Veil by Eliot Peper  100 copies

Six Strings to Save the World by Michael McSherry 100 copies

The Rainbow Frog & The Mad Scientist (The Adventures of Caroline and Euni Book 1) by Joshua S. Joseph  50 copies

Dak Ackerthefifth and the Ethics of Heroism by Joshua S. Joseph  100 copies

Corruptocracy by Isaac Benson Powell  100 copies

Ends September 4

Ring by Connie Myres  100 copies

The De-Coding of Jo: Hall of Ignorance by Lali A. Love  100 copies

Seek to Be Wise: Finding Extraordinary Wisdom in Everyday Life by Chess Britt  100 copies

Every Bone a Prayer by Ashley Blooms  50 copies

Boss Vibes: Self-Esteem, Success, and the Art of Etiquette by Nita Patel  100 copies

Unfettered Journey by Gary F. Bengier  100 copies

Triple Damages: A Kenna Devlin Mystery (Kenna Devlin Mysteries Book 2) by Kate Francis  50 copies

Death on the Amazon: My Memories of Eric Fleming by Lynne Garber  100 copies

Ends September 5

Smarter Together: How Communities Are Shaping the Next Revolution in Business by Rob Bernshteyn  100 copies

Stanley Kubrick: American Filmmaker (Jewish Lives) by David Mikics  50 copies

Spark (Burning Moon #1) by R.K. Close  100 copies

Ends September 6

The Language of Deep Forgiveness: Break Free from Struggling to Accept the Unacceptable by Allen Gee  100 copies

The Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide to Business Plans: Get the results you want! by Delvin R. Chatterson  100 copies

Beautiful Hero: How We Survived the Khmer Rouge by Jennifer H. Lau  100 copies

Brady F**king Witter by Christine J. Darcy  100 copies

Dave the Lab Guy by Joe Krakovsky  100 copies

Once You Know by Madeleine Van Hecke  100 copies

Kate in the Land of Myths and Wonders by J.P.H. Tan  100 copies

Nevertheless, She Wore It: 50 Iconic Fashion Moments by Ann Shen  100 copies

Genre Purge 3 by Michael Andre-Driussi  100 copies

Ends September 7

Bluestone (The Ammolite Adventures #1) by C.E. Johnson  100 copies

For the Best by Vanessa Lillie  100 copies

The Wreckage of Us by Brittainy C. Cherry  100 copies

Twelve: Poems Inspired by the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale by Andrea Blythe  100 copies

Josephus by B. Michael Antler  100 copies

The Activists: A Novel by Rainer Link 100 copies

Broken Arrow: A Nuke goes Missing by Manfred Leuthard 100 copies

The Book of Koli (Rampart Trilogy, #1) by M.R. Carey  100 copies

Ends September 8

Savannah Sleuth (Vigilantes for Justice #1) by Alan Chaput  50 copies

Maiden Hills by N.L. Estrada  100 copies

Paralleled Bond by Stephanie Hansen  100 copies

Slow Brewing Tea by Randy Loubier  100 copies

Agent Sonya: Moscow’s Most Daring Wartime Spy by Ben Macintyre  100 copies

Ends September 9

Gil by Darin Gibby   100 copies

Antlands (The Antlands #1) by Genevieve Morrissey  100 copies

Kids are cat Funny by Dr. Bruess  100 copies

Kids are twirly twirly Funny by Dr. Bruess  100 copies

Parallels That Cross by Gary Graham  100 copies

Ends September 10

The World Without Flags by Ben Lyle Bedard  100 copies

Mercury Dagger by Marius H. Visser  100 copies

The Haunting of Beatrix Greene Episode 1 (The Haunting Of Beatrix Greene, #0.1) by Rachel Hawkins  100 copies

The Moonlight Child by Karen McQuestion  100 copies

AWAKEN the SLEEPING GIANT: The Time is NOW by Craig Kolavo  100 copies

Play Action Pass by Gina Ardito  50 copies

The Rake is Taken (League of Lords, #2) by Tracy Sumner  100 copies

Barrow King (The Realms, #1) by C.M. Carney  100 copies

Their Boy (The Game, #2) by Cara Dee  100 copies

Butterflies and beasts. by Meredith Tucker  100 copies

Ends September 11

Denying The Stylus by Brian D. Campbell  100 copies

Home Fires by Fiona Lowe 50 copies

A Crime of a Different Stripe (Seaside Knitters Society Book 4) by Sally Goldenbaum  100 copies

Red Menace: The Martian Resistance by Mark Anthony  100 copies

The Moonstoners (The Moon Trilogy, Volume 1) by Barbara J. Dzikowski  100 copies

The Game With No Name (Jitters #2) by L.G. Cunningham  100 copies

Ends September 12

Old Sins: Old Series Book One by Jaylynn Wylie  100 copies

The September Project by Denise M. Jones  50 copies

Queen Of The Seven Spheres by James G. Clayton  100 copies

When the Earl Met His Match (Wedded by Scandal #4) by Stacy Reid  50 copies

The Big Men by Michael Shotter  100 copies

Candy Cane Crime (Amish Candy Shop Mystery #5.5) by Amanda Flower  100 copies

A Page Marked for Murder (Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery, #5) by Lauren Elliott  100 copies

If the Boot Fits (Cowboys of California #2) by Rebekah Weatherspoon  100 copies

No Heaven for Good Boys by Keisha Bush  100 copies

The Roommate by Rosie Danan  199 copies

The Ninety-Two: Core Town True by M.B. Swerdlow  100 copies

Ends September 13

Heighten My Desires; Sebastian & Lola Part II (Steele International, Inc. #2) by Charmaine Louise Shelton  50 copies

You Are Invited: A Ghost Story by Sarah A. Denzil  50 copies

Murder on the Moor by Bruce Beckham  100 copies

Chained by Letha Judge  100 copies

Ends September 14

Nathan’s Investigation by G. Katz Chronicle  100 copies

Don’t Do It the Hard Way: 2020 Edition by Delvin R. Chatterson  100 copies

Kargaroth (Daemon’s Song #1) by Mark B. Frost  100 copies

Sweet Jane by Joanne Kukanza Easley  100 copies

Balancers by M.C. Alexander  100 copies

Broken by John Rector  100 copies

See Her Die (Bree Taggert, #2) by Melinda Leigh  100 copies

The Bigamist by Mary Turner Thomson  100 copies

The Magical Horned Unicorn: A Northern Lights Adventure by A.K. Rosas 100 copies

Giraffe & Flamingo by Curtis Sittenfeld  100 copies

The Ice in Our Hearts by B.C. Powell  100 copies

Making the Horizon by Charley Daveler  100 copies

One Step Behind by Lauren North  50 copies

Saved in Time: An Escape Story by Francis Mont  100 copies

The Nonentity (Flying People, #1) by Danny Mac  100 copies

Ends September 15

Tame his Beast: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling, Part 2 (Devil’s Highwaymen) by Claire C. Riley  100 copies

Against My Better Judgment by B.T. Polcari  100 copies

The Would-Be President: An American Farce by John Dishwasher  100 copies

Loaded Blessings by Faith Quintero  100 copies

Alaya and Her Sparkling River by P.A. Flinn  100 copies

The Runaway by Lisa Childs  100 copies

Ricky the Time Traveling Trash Panda by Kent Golden  100 copies

Ends September 16

Beyond the Tracks by Michael Reit  100 copies

The Diary of a Serial Killer’s Daughter by L.A. Detwiler 100 copies

Eva’s World by Ella Marques  100 copies

Love’s Longing by Donna Goddard  100 copies  100 copies

The Virgin and the Rogue (The Rogue Files, #6) by Sophie Jordan  100 copies

Ends September 17

The 2-Step Stock Market Strategy: Know When To Buy A Stock, Become A Millionaire, Get The Highest Returns by Danial Jiwani 100 copies

Ends September 18

The Dead King (The Norman Invasion #1) by A.V. Arms  100 copies

Summer in Bliss by Freda Ann  100 copies

Ends September 19

Lost on the Way (West Side, #4) by Isabel Jolie  100 copies

The Birthday (Natura Elementals #0.7) by Sloane Calder  100 copies

It Came From the Science Lab!!! by T. Melissa Madian  100 copies

Long Night’s End by James Rodgers  100 copies

Bolting the Furies by Helen H. Moore  100 copies

Burning Ash (Forgotten Brotherhood #3) by N.J. Walters  50 copies

Having It All (The Punishment Pit, #3) by Livia Grant  50 copies

Puzzling Ink (A Crossword Puzzle Mystery) by Becky Clark  100 copies

Cryptography: The Key to Digital Security, How It Works, and Why It Matters by Keith M. Martin  50 copies

Ends September 20

Team One – Orion’s People (Team One, #2) by David MacNamera  100 copies

Humans Vol 2: Mjomba and the Evil Ghost by Joseph Luguya  100 copies

The University Of Non-Debate by Michael Lechtman  100 copies

That Mad Game by A.J. Hodges  100 copies

All The Talk Is Dead by Michael Ebner  100 copies

The Magic You Don’t See by John W. Nassivera  100 copies

Ends September 21

Twigs Entwined by Pooja Subramanian  100 copies

ABCs and 123s for Boys by Tom McLaughlin  100 copies

Kathy Shearer’s Second Act (Kat Steals Life, #1) by Kayt Ludi  100 copies

Paradox by Arya Narrayan  100 copies

The Immortal Words (The Grave Kingdom Book 3) by Jeff Wheeler  100 copies

The Last Agent (Charles Jenkins, #2) by Robert Dugoni  100 copies

Truth of the Matter (Potomac Point Book 2) by Jamie Beck  100 copies

Mirror (Alex Madison Book 3) by Adam Southward  100 copies

A Borrowed Life by Kerry Anne King 100 copies

Dance: A Spiritual Affair by Donna Goddard  100 copies

The Bloodprint (The Khorasan Archives, #1) by Ausma Zehanat Khan  100 copies

The Five Dimensions of Self-Awareness by Laura Clementz  100 copies

Ends September 22

Leonardo da Vinci Cartographer and Inventor of the Google Map by Ann C. Pizzorusso  100 copies

The Buddha and the Bee: Biking through America’s Forgotten Roadways on a Journey of Discovery by Cory Mortensen  100 copies

Wayward Kin by Andrew Landis  100 copies

Spying Under the Mistletoe (Love Undercover #2) by Stina Lindenblatt  100 copies

Ends September 24

Blackacre Rising (Ivy Spires #2) by John C. Adams  100 copies

Magdalena Gottschalk: The Crooked Trail (Magdalena Gottschalk, #1) by M. Gail Grant  100 copies

Sex, Drugs and Tales of Wonder (Lilac Fever, #1) by Yanko Tsvetkov  100 copies

Ends September 25

The Hide and Seekers by Adoni Patrikios  100 copies

Murder at an Irish Christmas (An Irish Village Mystery Book 6) by Carlene O’Connor  100 copies

Being Human Being by Ralph B. Bacchus   100 copies

Tied Within by Rasmenia Massoud  100 copies

The Last Collection: A Novel of Elsa Schiaparelli and Coco Chanel by Jeanne Mackin  100 copies

Ends September 26

The Fixer’s Daughter by Hy Conrad  50 copies

Artemisia by Ninfa Artemis  100 copies

The Wealthy Ski Bum: 10 Steps to a Successful Retirement by Sandro Rossini  100 copies

Ends September 27

The Days the Lord Made by John Meza  100 copies

Level 1: Rise of Gamer by J.P. Hascall  100 copies

Ends September 28

Alchemy of Imagination: The Power of Your Mind to Transform Your Life by Sami Moog   100 copies

Ends September 30

There is No Truth (Sins of Our Fathers, #1) by Anne Marie Citro  100 copies

Save me Twice by E.A. Dustin  100 copies

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