ADT $250,000 Pass the Protection Contest with the Scott Brothers

Enter for a chance to win a $250,000 home makeover from #ADT #PassTheProtection designed by the Scott Brothers. The ADT Pass the Protection Contest is sponsored by ADT LLC.

Official Rules: US, 18+, a homeowner as of February 1, 2020. February 2 – March 16, 2020 at 11:59 pm ET. One entry per person.

Facebook Entry: Post a reply comment to the Facebook Post sharing who/what you want to protect, along with a photo or video showing what/who you want to protect and why. In the reply comment, you must include the hashtags #PassTheProtection and #Contest; and tag up to 3 friends in your comment for your entry.

Instagram Entry: Upload a photo or video with a caption to your Instagram feed telling who/what you want to protect and why. In the caption, you must include the hashtags #PassTheProtection and #Contest; tag and follow @adtsecurity; and tag up to 3 friends in your post for your entry

Twitter Entry: Tweet a photo or video with a caption to your Twitter feed telling who/what you want to protect and why. In the caption, you must include the hashtags #PassTheProtection and #Contest; tag and follow @ADT; and tag up to three friends in your tweet for your entry to be considered eligible.

Judging Criteria: Originality/Creativity (40%); Best Depiction of what/who needs to be protected and why (40%); and Marketability (20%).

Grand Prize (1): A $250,000 Home Renovation on winner’s home only, and an ADT Smart Home Security System with three years of monitoring service. Winner will be required to sign ADT’s residential services contract for monitoring services. If winner chooses to renew monitoring services, winner will be responsible to pay the monthly monitoring service fee of $72.99 per month until such time as winner cancels monitoring services. Upgrades during the three-year term, will be at Winner’s expense.

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  1. Betty Shells says

    I Am Entering This Fabulous Home Make Over Contest In The Amount 250.000 DollarI Desire To Win This Contest To FurtherOur Protection. Just As ADT Has Protected Us For Approximately 15 Years. Very Satisfied! Thank You!

  2. Terry Harm says

    I am entering this content to further our protection…

  3. Maria-Ann Grillone says

    I am entering this generous contest be cause I love the Scott brothers . . . Especially Jonathan, I require a top notch security system for my home protection for several reasons, and additionally, my home is in need of not only a reno, but a lot of things require upgrades due to a lack of energy efficiency. I pray for all who enter, that they will also be able to correct t any home problems they may have . . .but I pray that I may win this contest, get to meet Johnathan Scott, and have the him fix up my home so that I am safe, happy and healthy here for many years to come. My home is my happy place. I want my son to feel more comfortable here, feel liek he could be able to live here if he wanted to, and of course to protect us all . . . Me, my son and Mandi, my 6 year old Chorkie. Thank you so much for making this possible.

  4. ADT has been my security system many years ago, I liked it then and somehow was was moved to another company, was not happy about that, when my contract is up, I’m going back to ADT because of their great customer service, I never had a problem they were not willing to solve. I would love to win the $250.000 make over! ADT protects so many things in my home, from my granddaughters to my furbabies and things I feel have to much value to take a chance of not using ADT to the elements around us! things that can’t be replaced. ADT is always monitoring, 24-7 Of my valuable possessions .

  5. Dianna Lee says

    I would like the protection because my 101 year old mother lives with me. She will be 102 May 5th Love to keep her safe. Thank You

  6. Christine Nogues says

    OMG what a dream it would be to get the Scott brothers to design my home! I am a Property Brothers addict. Having ADT home protection would just be icing on the cake.

  7. Kathryn Turner says

    As a recipient of a home that my mother and father sold to me for $10, 30 years ago I would have this 60 year old home remodel to leave to my beautiful daughter and son. We have endured damages to our home from the hurricanes over the years past. It would truly be a blessing to have the Property Brothers to bless us with a dream of a lifetime by fixing our home and have it secured by ADT!

  8. Richard Niskanen says

    What would I like to protect? I would say most definitely my wonderful, kind, beautiful, and smart wife. We just got married last year in July and we moved in together, in her house. My wife, ten years before us, had a husband who suicided and the place they were living has been unkept and failing since his passing. My concern is for her safety and that she will have a warm, dry, and secure place to live when I am no longer here for her. You see I have been diagnosed with terminal- cancer. This puts my concern for her at a high priority and with our bills and dilapidated house it is more than we can deal with. I am praying this comment to get reviewed and considered for this sweepstakes and house make over. We truly could use a break. More to come if I can figure out how to make a video and show you our three bedroom, one and one half bath house and all the help it needs. right now for the past year we have been without electricity in half of our house and I can’t find the cause for this issue.
    God Bless you all,
    Rich Niskanen

  9. I would like to protect my 3 children who depend solely on me as well as everything I worked so hard for. With so many girls going missing, human trafficking and break ins, I’d like to feel my children are protected as much as I possibly can get them protected.

  10. Marsha Martin says

    I’ve been in my home for about 25 years. Every time I think I can get to redo my home something knocks me back down. I’m school bus drive and I have a System Be I cannot afford to get it turned back on. My home is in need of a major upgrade. I go out in every morning doing the week at 4:39am to start my day and a new system would help me feel a little more safer.

  11. I would love for my mother to win her house has never been upgraded built in 1969. Also she needs to protection my mom has a protection order on my brother which has to go before the judge again in March he’s also being released from prison in March of 2021 I’m selling my house to move in with her as she is elderly in her 80’s and will need someone there with her this why she needs protection. Unfortunately I can not give names on here. Thank u

  12. Billie Hayes says

    Im entering..what a blessing to whom ever wins.

  13. I am 79 1/2 yrs. when we built our home in 1977 we were on a pretty tight budget and had to go with lesser priced items. We have done little to update since then. I love watching the Property Brothers and see the magic they can do. I would love to live out my years in my dream home and hope I will win this makeover.

  14. Janie Watts says

    Entering for a chance to change my AT&T system to the ADT security. Watch all of HGTV shows and Property Brothers Forever home is among my top 5.

  15. I love to have an adt system I love the Property Brothers. I watch them on tv every time when they on I love to see them

  16. Teresa Longcoy says

    We would be blessed to win this. Our house needs alot. My husband has been so exhausted after work. Doc are trying to figure out why. I stay home and he worries about me so ADT would be perfect. Please if you need more info just get in touch. Thank you!

  17. Daniel Eberhardt Jr says

    I have an old cap code house which needs updating since all the kids are gone and I am not that handy. We need the ADT support since we already had someone who broke into our garage and stole a lot of tools and other items. Afraid that some day someone will try to break into the house even though we are in a good neighborhood.

  18. Betty L Hicks says

    Dear ADT & Property Brothers..I am entering this contest because we have a home built in 1977 & have been unable to pay for much upkeep during the years. We probably don’t have a chance to win..with all of the others in such need, too, but thought I’d try. My husband is a USMC Vietnam Disabled Veteran & got hurt on the job after being a Deputy Sheriff for 21 years & I was an Admissions clerk at hospitals for 25 yrs.& we raised 3 kids, but these jobs never made much money, so hard to put money towards our home which has many things that are wrong with the home now..would have been paid for once, but life happens. We haven’t been able to afford a security system. We REALLY enjoy watching the Property Brothers make families HAPPY. We would Appreciate help, but wish BLESSINGS to whomever wins. Thanks for the opportunity to be concerned. Sincerely

  19. Kate Robinson says

    I would love for my Mom to win. She watches HGTV, Property Brothers shows and sees how they transforms a house into something she says is something to just look at in aw. She says she would not know what to do in a house so amazingly beautiful like they create. I told her just live in it. She is 92 years old and still works three days a week at the Grammar School. She was crowned 2019 Senior Queen here in our lil town. Everyone loves her and stops in to visit. She would love an open concept, large space to entertain family and friends. Her nephew is the mayor in our small town, and another is the football coach with the school and football field in her back yard. She walks to the games sometimes or watches from sitting on a bench in her yard. She is fiesty and fierce. She cleans her house all the time and looses things in her closet cause it’s so small. Go figure. She would absolutely love a walk in closet and dining room. Please bless my lovely loving Mom with a dream walk-in closet and security system to keep her safe in her own home. She is so special, you should come meet her. God is surely blessing us with our wonderful Mom. She cooks three meals a day, makes peanut butter cookies and gets upset if we don’t eat. She had five children; 1 spoiled boy, 4 girls. 5 grandchildren from her son. It would be a joy to see my Mom’s reaction to having a beautiful renovation to her home; her own walk-in closet, dining room and open gorgeous kitchen. I can only imagine what that would be like for her.

  20. My Mom, BJ, says her house is crooked because my father and his crew were drunk when building the house. She is 92 and works three days a week as a custodian at the grammar school. She is a busy body and keeps her house clean. She watches the property brothers and is amazed at the ‘before and after’ transformations you do. She sees others have such places but never imagines herself with such a place. She talks about a nice large walk-in closet, kitchen with storage and a dining room for her family and friends. Lot of people visit as everyone loves her. She never ask for anything and raised us to be thankful for what you have and not be jealous of what other people have. She never used to talk about wanting anything she didn’t have, until theses last few years. But says she’s too old now. That is why I would love to see her know that dreams can come true and you can live your dream. She has worked hard raising five kids. My father wasn’t around to help. I want to see her protected in her home with an ADT security system as she is all we have for as long as we have her. A bedroom suite with a bathroom and walk-in closet for all of her clothes, shoes/boots and coats; linen too, would have her speechless. She is a joy and we laugh a lot. To bless her like she sees on your show would be simply a miracle in her life…and ours to see her have what she has glimpsed of. She has never driven so her home is her joy and haven. She enjoys the sun and lives on her screened porch, which she loves. Oh my, to see her face looking at HER transformed house has me smiling with anticipated love and joy.

  21. Deloria White says

    I would love to win makeover. My husband and I have lived in this house for 43 years. We are 63 and 64. My husband has been disabled for 4 years now because of a nerve in neck. Our house. Is old and It would be nice to have his medical equipment cause our electricity goes off alot and he is on a ventilator at night and oxygen full time.We need a generator back up for his medical equipment. He is just learning to walk a little with cane and walker but not very long at a time. We would really like our home to be medical friendly.I watch property brothers all the time. They are fantastic. It is really hard to get anything done in this small town of 1200 people. We have 1 dollar store and no grocery store within 20 mile radius.

  22. Linda Johnson says

    I saw the commercial for the $250.00 home make over and my guts telling me to take a stab at it.
    I’m in this home my husband and I built 30 years ago this month. Over the years as things went wrong, my husband could fix them.
    The last two years he had some medical issues and was unable to keep up as things started to happen. Most of the issues are water damage. Leek under the kitchen sink, leek in our master shower. Discovered this when the water started coming through the dinning room light fixture. I called the insurance co. and that didn’t go quite as I thought it would..Now have a whole in the shower wall and a faucet that takes all my strength to turn on and off.
    I worry about my safety because I’m now a widow. Praise the Lord, we did make our 50 year anniversary! Our son is living with me on a temporary basis. There’s a homeless and drug problem going on around us. I’m surrounded by woods and am worried because you can”t see our home till your at the driveway.
    Two month ago, after taking our little dog out in the morning, there was man sleeping on my sons dog bed on the front porch. At first I thought it was him, at closer look it wasn’t. Turned out to be a young men high on drugs and sleeping it off.
    Shortly I’ll be here along and could use a good security system, as well as getting water damage repaired.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this great contest.

  23. Sherri Roozing says

    I am entering this contest so i can protect my Grand kids and my dogs and my home as i have neighbor kids that like to destroy things of other people i want to protect everything we have worked so hard for my house really needs the updating that is was built in two separate times the first part was in 1900 and the second part was 1905 it has had some upgrades but not much my house just needs a makeover

  24. DEBORAH A SABIN says

    I am entering this contest to have my home of the last 35 years hopefully become my home for the next 20 or 30 years. This house is the repository of all our memories of the happy family we were before my husband died 31 years ago when our children were 3 and 6 years old. I’ve kept this house for them because it was their safe and happy place and my husband loved this house. But, I’m getting older now and need to change the house to accommodate the needs of a senior citizen, while still keeping my husband’s spirit alive. So we can lose the crooked doors he hung between the kitchen and the living room and the 33 year-old wallpaper in my bedroom, but we have to keep the shelves holding his record collection and restore his garden. I know Jonathan and Drew can transform my house back into my forever home and a place to make new memories with my two grandsons because the Scott brothers understand the need to preserve family memories. I would not trust this project to anyone else. Please help me keep my husband’s spirit alive.

  25. Melissa says

    I’m eager to see who won this fabulous contest. Just wish it were me. But I am happy for the winner.

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