Zillow & FYI TV My Dream Home $300,000 Giveaway 3/31/15 1PP21+

Enter the Zillow and FYI TV My Dream Home Giveaway for a chance to win $300,000! Build your dream home collage and tell us what home means to you for a chance to win.

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Eligibility: US, DC, 21 and older

Entry Dates: March 2, 2015 and ends on March 31, 2015 at 11:59:59 P.M. ET

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Entry Limit: one initial entry per person + 9 additional entries for creating a Collage, or by mail-in

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The Zillow® & FYI,® TV My Dream Home Giveaway, Additional Entry Request
P.O. Box 251328,
West Bloomfield, MI 48325

All mail-in entries must be postmarked no later than March 31, 2015 and received on or before April 7, 2015.

One (1) Grand Prize: $300,000 check

Random Drawing: on or about April 8, 2015

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  1. Shaqella Best says

    My dream home…
    As a young, starting entrepreneur and single mother, life makes comfort and dreams seem far fetched. I press forward with determination, dedication, and prayers. The house of my dreams is simply four walls that my daughter and I can call our own. I would like a home that complements my unique and weird personality.
    Growing up in the lower class taught me appreciation and how to be humble. Money has always been an issue for my family do to the scarcity. No complaints since it helped us understand love and loyalty. I love who I am, from head to toe, and the way I think. Having a six years old daughter that became a splitting image of me, helped build my pride and responsibility. A house for us will help conqueror some obstacles I’m praying to surpass. I want the best for my child and less worries for me. Thanks!

  2. Please let me win

  3. Wow , Where to begin…O.K. Being the Mom to 6 WONDERFUL Human Beings, and the Gramma of 4 Wonderful little Human beings, You can imagine the sacrifice that we have had to give over the years.My Awesome Hubbs and I have known eachother since the beginning of time 😉 well Our time anyway. We have given a lot, Freely to our children,grandchildren and to Friends,Family and to complete strangers in Need.I have Clipped coupons, and actually started a group to teach others to do the same. I say that with PRIDE. It feels so good to give doesn’t it? For the last 11 years we have lived in a 60 foot 1 bedroom trailer house in a park.Yes you read right. In this place we have had 4 of our kids, {2 oldest are on their own} and We had 2 of our 4 Gradkiddos as well. Cramped, Is not the word we were.. BUT we made it work. Now We only have 1 child left at home{He will be 16 in June}, and we FINALLY have a little bit in our Savings account. We made the decision that we are getting out of this Trailer Park. We want to do something for US for a change.. We have spend the last 30 years raising kids.{OUR TURN!} On this journey through life. I contracted the Disease Fibromyalgia, and had to quit working. My Husband {A VERY HARD working Truck Driver} Started to bleed. We got him to a Dr. and they found over 200 Polyps in His Colon, Which resulted in having 60%of his colon removed, and a whole lot of pain and B.S. Since. BUT NO CANCER!! We are SO BLESSED for that. But in the end, Now he cannot hold down a job either.. So we make it work with what we have.. I would LOVE to Win a HOUSE!!!! That would be the MOST unbelievable thing to ever happen!. That is all I want now in my life.. A house in Montana. With lots of Air,Room and Trees.. That would be the PERFECT End to our Story. A place where all Our Kids and Grandkids could come for Sunday Dinners and Christmas.. Summer Vacations with Grammy and PaPa.. I would plant Fruit Trees and Fruit bushes. Have a HUGE Garden. and live as much as we could off this Beautiful Land..YES that would be SUCH a HUGE BLESSING..I would LOVE To be considered for this TRUE Gift For our lives,, Thank-You Very Much 🙂

  4. Robin Howell says

    As a senior, I am beginning a new phase in my life. My story is like many others. I was married to an abusive man for almost 40 years before I finally had enough gumption to end the cycle. My Creator, family, and friends are the most important elements in my life. It would be wonderful to be blessed with a new home where my children, grandchildren, and extended family could come and visit me. Everyone is entitled to a happy life. Winning would bring a lot of joy to many people….and make my life so much more easier. Being disabled has its difficulties for sure; however, whether I win or not, my life is a good one now. Thank you and God bless!!!

  5. Audryana Hale says

    Hello! My name is Audryana. I grew up in a single parent, single income household. Believe me when I say I’ve known what a budget was since I was little. When I was little more than a baby my mom and I shared a room she rented from a friend. From there we lived in duplexes and apartments for the majority of my childhood. I was lucky though. My mom was and IS amazing! I always had the sense of “home” wherever we lived because of her hard work and constant love. I can’t ever remember hearing her complain. Ofcourse as a typical child, I had selfish thoughts and wants but she taught me to be appreciate and count our blessings even if things don’t match a “perfect” picture.
    I have been a horse lover and open land admirerer for as long as I can remember. My personal idea of a DREAM home would be a cabin on a few acres with large trees. Within view of water would be crazy good icing on the cake! It would be amazing to own my own home let alone a horse and pursue the dream of a small farm where I could get back into teaching and training horses and their owners…this time astride my own…yippee!
    If by astounding chance I am chosen… I would dream smaller so I could share the winnings with my mom as she has yet to still own HER dream home and deserves it WAY more than I!

  6. I hope you all ^^^^^ understand that posting on here does not mean you entered the sweep. You need to click on the link “website entry” and enter on there.

  7. Debbie M says


  8. Ok, so I am currently living in a rented house. It’s too small and not seizure safe. I am 22 years old and would like to build a seizure friendly house. I have had seizures for 7 years now and would just like something to go right. My mom was diagnosed with cancer 4 months ago and i would like to have a place in my dream house for my parents! I would have a hospital bed and home care for her so she doesnt hav e to stay in the hospital. there is soo much i would do! I want mine to be a safe house and a family home!! I pray that whoever wins will piut that money to good use!!and will help others! god bless!

  9. When I type in my first name and then last name and the zip code. I am not a ble to leave the page. Can someone help me con plete my entry.

  10. Can someone help me complete my entry. I am having problems.

  11. I have be wanting a tiny house every sense I started watching the tiny house movement. I have never owned my own home ever, and I love everything about them.I have chron’s Disease and I know I can’t have one because of what I make on my disable. I lov the one that’s 220 qt ft with the hid away bed under offers, because I want soon want be able to go up and down stairs. But I do have my 8 year old grandson and it would be nice to have a loft for him. So please if you would help my dream come true it would be so great for him and me to have one of your beautiful tiny home, and the first in my home town.
    Thank you so much.

  12. Kendra Jones says

    Well I guess I could begin by saying what a dream come true for a awesome person like me to be writing what a dream house would mean to me. I’ve had my first apartment when I was 18 years old with a 8 month old baby it was hard but I did it making a home for me and the little one. Started off with a two bedroom apartment worked hard for everything I had in it and three months later it catches on fire. So I moved in with at the time my boyfriends grandparents house for three weeks than moved into a two bedroom townhouse, stayed for 4 years of ups and downs with relationship problems, financial problems, and break ins I moved into my first home at age 23 all on my own with a baby. Thought everything was going well until I had issues with the house, like no sup pump so my basement flooded, no pipe to drain water when I would flush the toilet I had no sewer line to the street the previous owners had covered it up with filling the drain with rocks and painting over it. So since I was going in to a deal with my heart in the right place but after another waisted 4 years I gets a knock at the door from the sheriff with papers saying that my house was not mine and not in my name paying a 1300 dollar mortgage I end up having to file bankruptcy at 27 go to a rented house for a year than leaving that house to get out of a bad relationship and to a townhouse for 7 years and now back in a two bedroom apartment for financial reasons and my goal is trying to get back in school but the idea of having a dream house of my own would be a blessing for me and my husband now I’m married and still kind of going through the nightmare of my pass financial problems with my old house, with the bankruptcy and trying to get things back on track the stress of a house that could be our very own is a blessing in disguise for my house hold. To be able to call a house my own and can do what I want to it is such a dream come true. Now that I’m married my family now is bigger than just me and my little lady now a woman but through marriage we have triplets and grand kids and house would be big enough for my family. To me a house is a home and as long as you got a family to put in it that’s a blessing from God letting you know miracles can come true if you put your mind, body, and soul into it

  13. I pray that me and my kids get chosen in the drawing… God bless and good luck to all that have entered 🙂

  14. Praying that our dreams come true

  15. I’d like to enter, but it won’t except my app, so guess i can’t enter…………Thanks!!!

  16. I’m a paraplegic my dream home would be a one story home the would be fixed up handicap excessable.

  17. Virginia V says

    I’m 28 years old. I live at home w my parents still. I am very close to my family and grandparents. If I win I would get a house for all of use to live in. I grew up w an Italian grandmother who taught me how to cook, I enjoy it a ton. My family has always worked hard for what we have. We have always had small house. As a child I would dream of having an upstairs bedroom, a bay window to look out over the land. Always wanted a porch with a swing to sit and watch the sun set and read a book. My mom has had the same dreams. Unfortunately I’m sure like most family’s can’t afford anything bigger. If I won, I would not leave my family I would take them with me and my grandparents. We are very a close family with traditions, good food and memories. If I win which would be a miracle but it would be a gift from The good Lord Above to help me and my family finally have a dream home we have always wanted

  18. Karleen Edwards says

    My dream home is a split 2 level home with 4-5 bedrooms and 3 and 1/2 bathrooms with a finished basement. A huge backyard for the kids to run around in and in a nice neighbourhood. Please choose me and make my dreams come true.

  19. Debi Osborne says

    I have a story like all the other entries.
    My husband lost his job do to the steel plant he worked at for 17 yrs., shutting down.
    We went through all our saving on mortgage payments and regular bills.
    Finally, after trying hard to find work and my husband dealing with severe depression due to losing his job and not being able to find work. He is 47 yrs of age and believe it or not…his age worked against him.
    We lost the battle with trying to save our home and ultimately was close to being homeless.
    My husband did get another job.
    Though it’s completely different from his formal training as an Engineer/Conductor, it is a new exciting career.
    We are trying to get another home of our own, but with us trying to rebuild our credit, I feel it will take forever. …we just want to feel we have some security in our “own” home once again.
    We are currently renting @ 1200.00 mth.
    for a very small cottage style house.
    We are fortunate to have found a place at the last minute…meaning it got very close to living in my truck.
    Thank God came through and we found this place.
    We just want another chance at being able to own, and better yet, design our own home.
    Thanking you ahead of time for taking the time in reading “our” story
    Thank you once again,
    Deborah Wilkins-Osborne

  20. Shannon Thorp says

    I’ve anyways thought if you don’t play, you can’t win…so is the story of the life of my children and I. I was married for almost ten years to a soldier who died after returning home from Afghanistan. We were heartbroken. After believing I’d never marry again, I found the second love of my life. Knowing just how short life is, we married after just after two years of being together. He passed away also, less than a year after our marriage. I believe God has a plan for all of us, and maybe winning this may be a part of that, who knows! I know that after burying two husbands, and my children saying goodbye far too many times to those they love, maybe good will still overcome. Thanks for listening!

  21. Lillie reynolds says

    The reason I will love a small home is u could take it with u anywhere u go and if u go away far u could let your friend stay there so they could get the feel of it an then they may want one lol but I always watch your shows an I love your show but tha is all I have more but I will wait but thank your again love Lillie

  22. I had so much I wanted to say about why I would love to be the winner but after reading all the touching stories I realized that while I don’t have my dream home I do have a place to call home for me and my son and I am grateful for it everyday. While only one person can win, home ownership is a part of the American Dream, and I sincerely believe that each one that entered is truly deserving. Thanks to Zilliow for helping make someone’s dream come true.

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