OWN Network “Sweepstakers” Show Airs January 2nd

The OWN (Oprah) Network will be airing a new show called Sweepstakers. It will feature the lives of three female sweepers who spend win incredible prizes, like cars, trips, electronics, and cash!

Tune in for a sneak peek of Sweepstakers on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 at 10/9c on the OWN Network.

Watch a preview of Sweepstakers

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Sweepstakers TV show on the OWN Network airs January 2

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  1. Folks will get excited over this!

  2. Too bad I don’t have cable. I’ll have to try and find the episodes online. The 3 women on this show probably are stay at home mothers who have all the time in the world to enter that many sweeps. I try not to let it consume me and only spend a max of 2 hours throughout the day finding and entering contests.

  3. chalyn coleman says

    It’s a double edge sword on one end I like how it makes us look a little less kooky to the non-sweepers. It gives them a glimpse into the reality of sweeper and why it is beneficial to make sweeping your hobby. But on the other hand more people start sweeping making the odds of winning just a bit harder.

    • Exactly! I agree. Just like the couponing show. Now stores changed policies and manufacturers skimping on cents off coupons.

      • Shirley Smith says

        So true, Life of couponing has taken on a new meaning of skimpy coupons Since the show Extreme couponers.

  4. UGGGH! It is just like the extreme Couponing show – they have gotten the overboard people to be on it….. I dont think I have ever spent 12 hours sweeping in a day, It is a fun hobby and all, but I have a life – I mean how can you enjoy all your wins if all you do is worry about the next prize….seems a shame and is going to make people think I am even more nuts than they already think I am!

  5. brittany whitley says

    Disappointed by this. Don’t have that channel. Won’t be watching, even though I am curious. If I can find it online, so be it, but I won’t go looking for it. I feel like watching this show is just going to discourage me.

  6. Alexandra Clatterbuck says

    Cant wait to watch…just don’t like that it will give a lot of people the idea to get into it. More competition lol =)

  7. Dixie Bracken says

    i am retired and 6-7 hrs a day sweeping.i cant imagine doing more than that..i dont think shows like that do sweepers any favors..it puts the hobby in a looney lite and will create an influx of newbies expecting a grand prize the first week..

  8. Ill be watching, just to see if theres anymore tricks or secrets I can pick-up. I always wish people luck in there sweeps and never have any ill will when someone wins big because iv won plenty good sweeps, big and small, so Iv been there. I also only sweep about 1-2 hrs a day, thats about 50 a day, its a cool hobby….

    I believe MOST people who dont sweep and watch shows like this still remain skeptical and are VERY weary of sending their personal information to random websites(sweeps), There was that show ‘EXTREME SWEEPERS” but that never took off and it was played right along with “EXTREME COUPONING”, that blew through the roof, so much that stores actually had to change their rules about coupons. so well see….

    Wendy, what do you think of the potential of having much more immense competition if this thing blows up?

  9. Rhonda Mason says

    Thanks for sharing Wendy! I’ll be watching and excited to do so. Any “news” about my hobby gets me charged up! I’m disabled and retired and spend the majority of my days sweeping, in one form or another. Most days its 8 but sometimes more especially at the end of the month when so many are ending. I won’t worry about added competition either. Over my many years sweeping I’ve tried to help a LOT of interested folks…but they seldom make it 2 weeks and they lose interest. I especially get irked at friends and family members that have seen me win for years…and they envy my wins yet they won’t enter but they’lt spend hours daily playing games on FB! Then they make comments like “will you win me a laptop?” Egads! I look forward to seeing some real winners and I hope I learn something new from them!

    • I’m with you on that Rhonda, some of my family members are like, “how do you win stuff?” Then, I try to send links to them of sweetie’s site, telling them to sign up, and how to play the IWG’s, and they do it once or twice, don’t win, and give up. Then, if I win something again, they are asking the same questions. It takes a rare breed of person to be persistent and stick with it and learn what you can by watching others and also by their own own accord.

      There will be some interested folks and out of that bunch, some will stick, and some will not. I am not even worried about the competition, only looking like a fruitcake. I am sure my mother-in-law already thinks I am a fruitcake at this point. But it is fun and like Sweetie says, I win all the time things I really couldn’t afford unless I was saving back for them.

      • Same here. I have tried to get my friends and co-workers interested over the years but they just don’t want to do the work. They want me to enter for them. Everyone wants to win but few will be persistent and do what it takes.

        • Dotti Buchheit says

          I have had the same experience with family and co-workers…They act like “now what have you won”…I give them info on how to do it as well, but they don’t want to put forth the work. I kinda consider it my “part-time” job…working for the big win!
          Thanks Sweetie for making this available to us. Just completed my first (of many) full year of sweeping and consider it a very sucessful year! Over 10K!! Will definitely continue, I have nothing to lose and much to gain!

    • Yes Rhonda, we are a rare breed and I’m glad for it 🙂

  10. cole mckinnon says

    Love Own network. I spend approximately six hours per day. I rarely win, but I believe anything is possible.

  11. Lana Dillon says

    I am excited to watch but I also think they went to the extreme. I enter when I can some days more than others but I do not wake up in the middle of the night, or stay on for hours a day…..they should have the average sweeper as well.

    • Dawn Dodge says

      I agree! I have a family with 3 kids and a job, sweeping is just a hobby for me. I love it, but can’t turn it into a job.

  12. Lynne Pelletier says

    This really discourages me…. I spend a couple of hours entering but when these super sweepers enter nobody else has a chance. I keep on trying though!!

    • We all have a chance to win. There are literally thousands of sweepstakes going on at one time. I see 100s of new ones per day. There are so many I can’t even post them all. I don’t enter like crazy but I do enter daily and I still win something once a week. My thought is there is enough to go around for everyone. When sweeps starting going online and more people could see them, everyone thought it would make it harder to win but that wasn’t the case. Now there are more to enter than every before

      • Lynne Pelletier says

        Hmmmmm….. I enter daily and have only won something once. Not a good return in my eyes, but I’ll keep on puggin on!!

        • I won three trips in 8 years, being a mom and working part-time. I wish I had more time, but not when you have three small kids.

    • I second what Sweetie said. I don’t even enter hundreds of sweeps a day & I’ve won a car.. Anything’s possible & I wish you the best(:

      • Dawn Dodge says

        You’re right Brianna! I like to enter every day, spending about an hour or so, sometimes I miss. But I’ve won a car as well. You DO NOT have to be extreme to be a winner!

  13. Already planned on watching this and even told my husband to give me a reminder.

  14. Donna Clookey says

    What is Jessica’s last name did anyone catch it or did they not say it? Was a good show.

    • Why do you want to know my last name? Are you in NY? I am a new Sweeties member and enter as a hobby, they left out the fun parts, the donating stuff to a charity, girls over at my house. Why do you want my last name?

  15. I might watch but I really do think the odds go down when
    these shows air and everyone starts….or they give up easily.

  16. How do they win that much stuff? I have only ever won one or two small prizes! They are crazy to spend that much time and postage on it! Sweeping for me is just a fun thing that I do once in awhile. I have a family to take care of, can’t spend all day on the computer and can’t afford all the stamps. Think of what those people could accomplish if they put all their time and energy into a good cause!

  17. I might look at the show to get some tips, but that is just about it. I’m not a big sweeper and only spend about 1-2 hours entering and searching for new sweepstakes. My problem is that I’m not consistent and very disorganized when it comes to sweeping. Maybe that is why I’m still trying to win an iPad and spending 12 hour a day sweeping is too much, I get burned out just with my 1-2 hours per day and can’t imagine 12 hours of sweeping. I keep sweeping because my family & friends love the gifts plus I like winning stuff.

  18. I think it might end up a suppy-and-demand type of situation…. as in, more people will become interested (perhaps quickly giving up and burning out), but the flip side would be that more companies will host sweeepstakes. It is time consuming, and people need to decide for themselves if it is something they want to invest time into. I think it depends on what else you have to do with your time. If you could work during that time and make more money than you win, then it probably isn’t as beneficial. I usually do it early in the morning or before bed, when I would not be working.

    I’ve been sweeping for one year. I have not won any big things from national sweepstakes. I have won lots of gift cards (probably like 1 per month), new windows for my home, a football party with beer and food,tickets to Dave Matthews, and some little stuff (ex. mugs, clothes). I put in an hour per day.

    I would welcome new people, but it is probably important to lay out how much time is needed and how much they can expect to win. It needs to be made realistic and not hyped by a TV show. Realistically, most people cannot spend tons of time and will not win big every week. There’s a lot of boring hours just clicking on the internet, which the show will not highlight.

  19. susan mares says

    i was one of the orginal 10 sweepers that was picked by lions gate for this show we filmed last october and in march they decided to bring it down to 4 i was told i know that lions gate told me that i could still be asked to do an episode at a later time if the network picks it up as a series who knows i was exciting to do some of my family didnt want to be filmed and some did i havent won a car yet but i have won many trips im excited to see what will come from this show

    • HI Susan, I was on the show and had so much fun, however I was disappointed, they left out the fun parts of entering, they left out how I have a life, have other hobbies, they left out donating a bike my son won, a fun party teaching friends how to enter, they left way too much out and husband hated doing it, I wanted to do it just with me and my friends. Do not think it’s getting picked up. Ask Wendy for my email, are you on FB?

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