M&M Summer Movie Cash Instant Win Game Ends 9/28/12

You Could Win FREE Movie Tickets when you buy specially marked packages of M&M products or send for a free game code by mail.

Sweeps Rating: Good

Eligibility: open to individual legal residents of the United States (including Puerto Rico & U.S. territories & possessions), age 13 or older as of 4/30/12

Entry Dates: begins on April 30, 2012 and ends at 11:59:59 AM (ET) on September 28, 2012.

How to get Free Game Codes:

With Purchase: Game Codes are available inside packages of specially-marked M&M’S, MILKY WAY, SNICKERS, 3MUSKETEERS, TWIX & DOVE Brands products (1.14–3.4 oz. packages) and the outer box of specially-marked multi-pack boxes of DOVEBAR, M&M’S, SNICKERS & TWIX Brands Ice Cream products (3-6 count packages)

By Mail: For a free Game Code (while supplies last), send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to

Summer Movie Code Request
Dept. V, PO Box 5702
Blair, NE 68009-5702

(VT residents may omit return postage.) Game Code requests must be received by 9/12/12.

Limit: one Game Code request per outer envelope. Game Codes are not transferable and are void if obtained through unauthorized channels.

How to Play: visit www.SummerMovieCash.com

Each Game Code may be used only once.

One (1) Grand Prize: twelve (12) electronic codes valid for e-Movie Cash® Certificates, each of which is redeemable for admission for two (2) people to one movie at any participating movie theater. (Codes are valid for one year after their date of issuance.) ARV: $288

(2,500) First Prizes: e-Movie Cash Certificate redeemable for admission for two (2) people to one movie at any participating movie theater. ARV: $24 each

(5,000) Second Prizes: e-Movie Cash Certificate redeemable for admission for one person to one movie at any participating movie theater. ARV: $12 each

(5,000) Third Prizes: e-Movie Cash Certificate redeemable for $5 off purchase of a movie ticket or concessions at any participating movie theater. ARV: $5 each

(237,500) Fourth Prizes: e-Movie Cash Certificate redeemable for $3 off purchase of a movie ticket or concessions at any participating movie theater. ARV: $3 each.

Rules: http://www.summermoviecash.com/rules.html

Disclosure: this sweepstakes listing may contain an affiliate or tracking link but we do not use referral links. Read about our policies for more details.

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  1. meerkat1 says

    I won a $3 movie ticket !

  2. Folks, you’ve gotta start rocking this thing. I have yet to lose, with the vast majority of my wins being of the $3 off a movie ticket variety, but tonight I hit a Second Prize (free movie ticket up to $12), and I’m going to continue to rock this thing. I do wait a few hours between entering codes, though.

    The Free Ticket prizes are for tickets only, but the $5 off and $3 off prizes are good on either movie tickets *or* concessions, and get this: they ARE stackable. You can use as many of them at once as you want to, and the theaters take them. So with 3-4 $3 off vouchers, you get a free ticket anyway.

    They’re good through July for now, so get hopping!

    • I just did 3 codes in a row and won 2 second prizes of a free ticket ($12 each) and then i won $3 off a ticket! Great Deal!

    • I am wanting to take my kids to a movie tomorrow. If you can will u give one of your $3 off vouchers? I will give you my email.

  3. BTW: I’ve seen Twix bars at Target and Wal-Mart with the appropriate promotional wrappers. Haven’t seen any other candy bars with them yet, but I have seen the Dove ice cream boxes that were specially-marked as well.

  4. If you buy the candy bars, be careful. I bought some today and apparently they were left overs from the same sweeps last year and the codes are no good…Look on the back of the wrapper and make sure the dates say 2012 not 2011…Besides that issue this is a great sweep. Last year they had it and we got to see 3 movies completly free.

  5. Blaire Ruch says

    looks like i’ve got to redeem all those free Snickers/M&Ms coupons I won from the Super Bowl IWG!

  6. Jan Warner says

    won a $3 off coupon…

  7. I am hoping you can help me. I got some codes for this sweeps, but the codes are very hard to read. I was going to contact the company about it, but can’t seem to find an e-mail or something to contact them. Do you know how I can contact them? Thanks.

  8. i have to comment on person saying you can ‘stack” use several movie (3.oo off) at same theater or concession….NO SO, so NOT so…mhy husband & I had two $3.00 off tkts, and went to sunrise 11 theater in sunrise, fl. First, the ticket booth gal could NOT even get her computer to accept these coupons. she had to walkie talkie page her manager. it took him several minutes to come to front..he sits at desk afew feet inside said theater…this off course, backed up line of people waiting to purchase tickets…lots and lots of older folks, who frequent this theater…and they talk alot during moveis, but that is another time-saga…Well eventually, in about 5 or more minutes the theater mgr appear,s, helps the ticket clerk, enter code for our 2 $3.00 off coupons…guess what…he, or the computer so he sez. could ONLY take one coupon..okay so it is only $3.00..i think it may be the personnel at said Sunrisee 11 theater…we loved the movie by the way, The Best Exotic Hotel…and of course, for decades, wer also love love an occasional Mars Snickers., or the MARS regular (when we had a summer home on long island, we used to freeze a mars bar, then eat it cold..and i also have melted some mars’ bars in the microwave (spray glass measuring cup with light amount of PAM oil..to prevent sticking..) voila!! instant fudge, or chocolate syrups…great and time savings way to use in recipes, as is for sundae drizzle..now back to that probelmo with sunrise 11 theaters…hmm..we are among the folks who are struggline to regain loses from the madofss, the domino effect of sleazy investment bankers…yep all the greedy financail types who somehow gamed a system which sent much of america (and the world) into free fall…lost some of our hard earned retirement nest egg..okay, move on…thanks, pearle…oh IF you dont encounter our/my minor hubris event..this is a nice perk from mars & company… $&

    • I know that last year when I won the free movie ticket coupons they had my name on them. I wonder if the free coupons that you used had your name only on them. I think that that maybe the reason why they wouldn’t let you use, but one coupon.

      • that is so funny willie what is the web site to go on so u can find out if u won the movie tickets or not so please text me back so as u get this and when u now what the web site is called

    • Sorry for your problem at that theater, but they are absolutely *lying* to you if they say they can only take one certificate. It’s a *total* lie. I would email the corporate office of the theater in question, or better yet, call them, and ask them why they don’t accept cash.

      Yes, it takes a few extra minutes to run multiple gift codes, and yes, sometimes (actually, quite rarely for me) you get someone who is either lazy or stupid and doesn’t want to take them. It’s quite simple: they either take them, or I leave *with my gift codes and cash*, and make their lives a living headache.

      One call to corporate headquarters telling them that the box office personnel and management are *denying* prepaid gift codes, and the person in charge of that theater will be freebasing Excedrin just to dull the pain, if they’re able to keep their job. Trust me: these things stack. If they want to deny them in *any* way that’s not prohibited on the form, drop the hammer.

      I know of which I speak. Boneheaded employees and managers get no pass from me…I’m very nice, until it’s time to *not* be nice. Then, watch out, morons.

  9. how do I find a participating theater?

  10. sammy branny says

    I had problems using my $3 coupon.They wouldn’t go through.The manager went ahead & took them.

  11. I won a $5 ticket (:

  12. joe Garcia says

    Dove icecream is good

  13. What theaters r particapating??

  14. I purchased this snicker, it was very stale. The code was rmnvtvqffthmm6. If this sweepstake expired 9/28/12, why was this candy bar still on the shelf?

  15. how do we go to the summermoviecash.com

  16. WOW, I just thought I could enter this. Only to find out my package was from 2012… Where is the expiry date on this packaging? I’m pretty sure over a year old chocolate shouldn’t be sold. I had a box of M & M’s 3.4 oz.

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