SWEETIES PICK! Marlboro.com Snus Challenge Answers

We’re in the final week of the promotion. Good luck everyone!

@Marlboro Snus Challenge is live! Enter and you could be 1 of the 200 ranch trip winners or $1,000 cash, vehicles and other great prizes.

Eligibility: Only qualified legal residents of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia who are smokers 21 years of age or older are eligible to participate. Void in Massachusetts, Michigan and where prohibited by law. The

Entry Dates: begins at 12:00:00 AM ET on 2/14/11 and continues through 11:59:59 PM ET on 4/10/11.

How to Enter: Five (5) questions will be posted at www.marlboro.com each Monday at the beginning of each week during the Promotional Period. Follow the instructions to submit your answers for entry into the Sweepstakes. You will automatically receive one entry into the weekly prize drawing and one entry into the Grand Prize drawing when you submit your answers to the five questions posted each week.

NOTE: They ask you for the last four digits of your SSN. This is why: Social Security Number information helps ensure we don’t confuse you with another person. We understand that protecting your private information is an important concern. Remember, all information is submitted over a secured connection. If you have concerns about submitting the last four digits of your SSN over the Internet, please call us at 1-800-898-2888 or register by U.S. Mail.

Your answers need not be correct to receive an entry; however, answers to all five questions must be submitted to receive an entry.

Entry Limit: one entry per person per week. Entries will not be rolled over to subsequent weekly prize drawings.


(200) Grand Prize: A Ranch Trip-Each Grand Prize consists of a 4-day/3-night trip for two (2) to a Ranch in the western United States in 2011 and includes round-trip coach air transportation from winner’s and traveling companion’s nearest commercial airport, Ranch accommodations, meals while at the Ranch, Ranch activities and a check for the winner in the amount of $750.00. ARV: $4,560.00. All travelers must possess required travel documents (i.e., valid photo ID) prior to departure. All travelers must present a valid government-issued photo ID upon arrival at the Ranch.

(325,000) Weekly Prize (Drawing #1): Sentry® Balls Earphones. ARV $9.00 each.

Week One Questions and Answers:

  1. How many varieties of Marlboro Snus are there? 6
  2. Which state’s license platereads “Discover the Spirit”? ND
  3. Marlboro Snus is only for men. False
  4. How many steps to snusing are there? 3
  5. Marlboro Snus is the same thing as dip No

(5,000) Weekly Prize (Drawing #2): Duluth Pack – Medium Safari Duffle. ARV $135.00 each.

Week Two Questions and Answers:

  1. “Snus” rhymes with loose
  2. On a pack of Marlboro Snus Amber, how is the product described? 6 spit-free tobacco pouches
  3. You can snus almost everywhere on the Marlboro Ranch, except – trick question, all places
  4. How long can you enjoy the flavor of a Marlboro Snus pouch? up to 30 minutes
  5. What does it  mean if a letter  is reversed like this? Crazy

(15,000) Weekly Prize (Drawing #3): Coleman® 30-Can Soft-Sided Cooler. ARV $29.99 each.

Week Three Questions and Answers:

  1. How long was the longest movie ever released in theaters?  150 hours
  2. How long has snus products been around? 200 years
  3. What happens next? She misses her big moment
  4. What is not an activity at the Marlboro ranch? Scuba diving
  5. Where should you put your Marlboro snus pouch? between your cheek and gum

(5) Weekly Prize (Drawing #4): Winner’s choice of either a new Harley-Davidson Touring Electra Glide® Ultra Limited Motorcycle (estimated MSRP $30,042.80), and a check in the amount of $10,000.00 or a check in the amount of $40,042.80.

Week Four Questions and Answers:

  1. A pack of Marlboro Snus is bigger than a pack of cigarettes. False
  2. How many states have banned smoking in public places? Over 25
  3. Where is Snus from? Sweden
  4. What size is a pouch of Marlboro Snus original? 1.0 gram
  5. Where is this? Grand Teton National Park, WY

(5,000) Weekly Prize (Drawing #5): $100.00 awarded in the form of a check

Week Five Questions and Answers:

  1. What’s the nickname of Chicago’s train line? the L
  2. Which of these states doesn’t have a town named Freedom? trick question, all do
  3. How many pouches are in a pack of Marlboro Snus Peppermint? 6
  4. If you snus, you’re a ….? snuser
  5. This is one of Marlboro’s Copper Label bands. Which one? Ha Ha Tonka

(10) Weekly Prize (Drawing #6): a $5,000.00 Gift of Travel Certificate and a check in the amount of $1,700.00. Winner may use Gift of Travel Certificate to create a custom trip. Total ARV $6,700.00 each.

Week Six Questions and Answers:

  1. Where is smoking usually not an option? All three
  2. What part of the saddle is known as “the cantle”? The raised rear part of the saddle
  3. On a pack of Marlboro Snus, which way do the stripes run? diagonally
  4. Where is the corporate retreat being held? The Bahamas
  5. Which one wasn’t a tobacco farmer? Benjamin Franklin

Week Seven Answers:

  1. North Carolina
  2. Devil’s Lake, ND
  3. Original and Mint
  4. 9-12 months
  5. Snus

(15,000) Weekly Prize (Drawing #7): Hollywood Movie Money® Admissions. ARV $28.00 each.

Week Eight Answers:

  1. $3
  2. He gets tackled.
  3. True
  4. Snus
  5. Merlin

(5) Weekly Prize (Drawing #8): Winner’s choice of either a new Ford F-150 (estimated MSRP $42,910.00) and a check in the amount of $7,000.00 or a check in the amount of $49,910.00. Total ARV $49,910.00 each.

Prize Limit: one weekly prize per person per week and one grand prize per person.

Official rules: embedded on site in Flash

Sweeps Rating: Sweeties Pick/Winnable

Disclosure: this sweepstakes listing may contain an affiliate or tracking link but we do not use referral links. Read about our policies for more details.

New This Week:


  1. I got them too!

  2. I won the earbuds!! Yeah!!!

  3. I won the earbuds too.


    We were unable to complete your request.

    I can’t get in. What gives?

    • Probably because you didn’t put anything in the “what you smoke” category. If you look carefully, it says the contest is open to smokers 21 and over.

  5. I won earbuds also!

  6. Hubby & I both won earbuds!

  7. I got the earbuds! yay!

    does anyone know if there’s a prize limit?

  8. Won the ear buds!

  9. I also won ear buds! Thanks!

  10. I too won the earbuds. Yay!!

  11. evelyn goettner says

    My hubby and I both won too!

  12. Late checkinbg my junk folder, I won the week 1 earbuds also! Thanks Sweetie

  13. Christina V says

    Hubby and I won the ear buds…

    And hubby got the notice he won the duffel bag (from last week).


    I also got the Team Marlboro invite, but not sure what to put or talk about in my video…any suggestions?

  14. Melinda Ortega says

    Just found out I won the duffle bag, and I won the earbuds also, great wins so far!

  15. BettyAnne says

    I was just wondering when you will have week 3’s answers up?
    I also won the earbuds the 1st week but the “trick ?” on week 2 caused me to lose that prize!

  16. OK wheres the answers for week3?? My saved page here shows nothing after week 2,even after refreshing….

    • evelyn goettner says

      Just so you know you don’t have to have the answers correct to win. The questions are just for fun. Everyone that enters has the same chance at winning weather they answer correctly or not. It says it right in the official rules.

  17. Just got my mail, and already received the ear buds. That has to be the fastest delivery of a prize ever! I’m crossing my fingers & toes I win something else from Marlboro.

  18. Just got my earbuds today ~ wasn’t expecting them for a couple weeks ~~ NOW, If only I’d win the cycle or truck ~ my life would be almost complete!!!

  19. I won the 30 can cooler!!!! I also got my earbuds that I won from week one!!! I LOVE THIS SWEEPS!!!!!!

  20. I just got an email that I won the 30 Can Cooler 🙂 YAY! I’ve never won anything before! Soo Excited!

  21. I won the earbuds but haven’t received them in the mail yet. Hopefully they didn’t get lost in the mail 🙁

  22. I won the earbuds & got them in the mail yesterday, I didn’t know I had won!

  23. I just got the earbuds. I didn’t even know I had won them.

  24. well i just tried to go on the website to play and it wont load for me 🙁 i keep getting it this:

    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; HPNTDF; .NET4.0C; BRI/1; infoCard/AzigoLite/0.0.13)
    Timestamp: Mon, 14 Mar 2011 22:55:53 UTC

    Message: ‘document.body.appendChild(…)’ is null or not an object
    Line: 164
    Char: 16
    Code: 0
    URI: https://www.marlboro.com/pub/sc_marlboro/js/swfaddress.js


  25. Annie Mack says

    Won the ear buds, the soft-side cooler, and the duffle! Did not win the motorcycle (darn) but hoping for a cool $100 this week! Good luck all.

    • How do you know that you didn’t win?

      • Annie Mack says

        I guess I really don’t know for sure, but I’ve won all 3 weeks so far and have received an email on Saturday notifying me of that win. Since Saturday came and went and I didn’t receive a congratulations email from Marlboro, it makes sense to me that I didn’t win. Of course, since this is a major prize they may forgo the email and send an affidavit instead but I doubt it.

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