Sweepers Need to Enter Facebook and Twitter Sweepstakes

Even if you don’t want to use Facebook to share your personal life, you should create a Facebook account just for entering sweepstakes.

Learn how to tag pages on Facebook. Here is a one-minute video that the people from Chick-Fil-A posted that will show you how. Remember, they are showing you how to tag the Chick-Fil-A page but you can use this method for any page or person’s Facebook wall you want to tag.

To create a Facebook account go to www.facebook.com

Start following brands to see what they are giving away. To find a brand just type the name of the brand in Google plus the word Facebook. You can also type the name of a company in the Facebook search box but sometimes you don’t actually find the official Facebook page that way. That is why I use Google to do my search.

Follow fellow sweepers to see who they are following and then click the link from their wall post to go to the brand’s Facebook wall and then LIKE their page.

Follow Sweeties Sweeps on Facebook. We often post Facebook giveaways that are never post on SweetiesSweeps.com.

Once you get a Facebook account it opens up a whole new world of sweepstakes for you to enter. There is really nothing special you need to do. Sometimes you have to become a fan of a brand’s page by clicking the LIKE button, other times all you have to do is fill out the form. Sharing the giveaway is optional most of the time so you can uncheck that box. You can also uncheck the box that makes you get their newsletter. It is just like any other sweepstakes except the brand is using Facebook to host it.

Go HERE to see all of the current promotions listed on Facebook.

Get a Twitter account

Yes, Twitter is not for everyone so this is something not everyone will want to get into.

Even if you don’t ever use Twitter to write to anyone you may want to get a Twitter account just for entering sweepstakes.

Yes, there is a learning curve with each of these social networks but you are missing out on a lot of prizes by not learning some new skills. Get out of your comfort zone and try some new things. The world will not stop because you are not willing to learn a new skill.

I have written articles and created videos on how to use Twitter but I can’t help you if you don’t read or watch them.

Check Your Email Daily!

I can’t tell you how many times readers have lost out on prizes from my site because they didn’t even respond to me. All I can do is send out the email and then it is your responsibility to check it. You should be checking your Spam/Junk mail folder daily too.

Learn How to Send a Text Message

teach old dogs new tricksIf you can’t afford a cell phone or text message plan I totally understand. If you have a cell phone and can afford a plan then USE IT!

It is so simple to send a text message. You just type in a number that is given just as if you were going to call and instead you bring up the message option. Type the keyword that is given and hit send. Super Simple!

I even created a video to show you how. This was on my old phone but it is not much different on a Smartphone. Type “how to send a text message” in Google and you will find tons of people who will teach you how.

Do you really want to win again is my question. If you do then it’s time for the old dog to learn some new tricks!

Disclosure: this sweepstakes listing may contain an affiliate or tracking link but we do not use referral links. Read about our policies for more details.

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  1. AMEN! to that and well said.

    • Renee J. says

      I second that Launi :)! I always get asked “How do you always win things?” I tell my friends & family about this site along with them entering contests on Facebook and Twitter. Their usual reply is “Oh, that takes too much time…” etc..etc… – to go on all those sites and FB this, and Twitter that. But then those are the same people complaining they never win things. Like the old saying we sweepers know 😉 “You can’t WIN, unless you play!” I used to find Twitter boring and confusing when I first joined, and now I’m loving it! Sweetie – Thank you for your wonderful site and for always posting on here along with on FB and Twitter :)!

  2. good for you, some people just do not get it.

    • maybe but then it is up to you to learn. You didn’t learn to walk, ride a bike, or drive a car overnight but you learned eventually. It depends on how bad you want to win I guess. When I started anything I knew nothing but I learned. Maybe it is up to you and others to learn and stop expecting everyone else to change.

      • Well, I’ve been gone for a week and everything’s changed! I guess I don’t understand what has changed about entering on facebook?? I don’t want to miss out on a prize because I am not doing things correctly. Of course I read the rules, but am I missing something important?

        • Facebook hasn’t changed that much in a week so you probably are already doing what you need to enter. My post was mainly for people who refuse to even get a Facebook account, expecting companies to do things they way they have always done them. More and more companies are using Facebook to host their giveaways and without a Facebook account you can’t enter.

          • Ok, thanks for the info. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t disqualifying myself. The only thing I haven’t done yet is Twitter. I know I’m missing out on a lot, but I am dedicating enough time every day with sweeps, so not ready to do this at this time of my life. I also don’t have a cell phone, so no texting for me. My choice, so I’m not blaming anyone!
            Thanks for everything you do!

  3. I think this was a great reminder! I know everything changes & I’m finding twitter is a real learning curve, but I hope to get the hang of it soon.

  4. If I find the entry method too annoying, I just ignore the sweep and to tell the truth, it kind of turns me off to the product or company as well. They want us to post their ads on our personal facebook and twitter pages? No thanks, keep your prize. I do sweepstakes for fun as much as for the prizes, and complicated entries are NOT FUN.

  5. elliebunny says

    My most of wins have been facebook and twitter. I just joined twitter about 2 months ago. Takes some getting used to but I have won a lot on there. I do twitter daily now 🙂

  6. None of us pay for any of the services Sweetie provides (other than belonging to the secret site and the benefits/wins far exceed the $25 annual fee). It’s up to Sweetie on how she wants to run her giveaways. If some feel that it’s too much effort, then don’t enter! Remember…these sites are privileges that we all benefit from every day and the majority of us have nothing but gratitude.

  7. I agree–it’s amazing how many sweepstakes now use Facebook/Twitter.. I still avoid them, but for a different reason… I use both Facebook/Twitter on a daily basis and have for a long time but I don’t want to spam my friends with sweepstakes crapola.

    One of these days I’ll get off my lazy butt and figure out the best way to manage multiple facebook/twitter accounts.

  8. You learn something new everyday. Sometimes it is not really useful, but sometimes it is. Sweetie you’ve helped me expand my Facebook use, I signed up for twitter because of you and like it, and I am now forcing myself to do my sweeps & check my e-mail DAILY!!! Thanks for doing what you do!

  9. Christina says

    Thanks for the post I learn new stuff every day almost and have learned how to work stuff on my computer I Never knew before sweeps Ha I love it and love learning finding out new ways. Thanks for all you do and share with us : ) Gotta be in it to win it lol

  10. jennifer kimberly says

    Amen Sista! Although I am guilty of not checking my email on the weekends and that has cost me one prize from a Twitter giveaway.. Learned my lesson

  11. Is anyone else having trouble w/ the 3 Twitter links from Sweetie? I am getting the message “webpage cannot be found” on all 3.

  12. Amy Lestat says

    I am glad you said it Sweetie! A lot of my co-workers ask how I win and I refer them to your site. They say they come here and have to pay to enter sweepstakes?!?! Obviously they didn’t even click on your link or strayed from this page, haha. They can’t figure it out and then complain to me that they don’t win and get unwanted test messages (never happened to me!) I don’t know how much used friendly you could be. Some people don’t even understand what a web based email is or how to avoid an obvious scam.

    This site walks us through everything and you post the best sweepstakes. I have been sweeping since October and have won several big prizes and lots of smaller fun prizes. XBox, expensive sneakers, PS3 Move bundle, crock pot, cash, gift cards, etc etc…I track it all in a spread sheet and stay organized. Sweeping is not for everybody and if you can’t follow basic instructions and/or aren’t familiar with the internet then this is not for you!

    • I have heard the same thing, that my site has way too much information on it. I guess I could have a pop box that say, START HERE, and has them sign up for my course. That is why I designed the course because some people would come here and not know where to start. Once they learn the basics though, they have to keep entering and stick with it to win. Many people do not have the patience for that. Next time just send them to my freebies page. Everyone can get a freebie and they don’t have t o wait 🙂 http://www.sweetiesfreebies.com

      • Amy Lestat says

        Sweetie I tell them to sign up for the 101 and they say the did?!!? haha I think that some of them assume that by signing up for the 101 that they are automatically entered in all current sweepstakes in the world. They obviously don’t even pay attention to your course (which is amazingly helpful BTW). I am just done trying to help others, I started a new job and I am keeping my hobby a secret because I just can’t deal with the ridiculous questions.

  13. fb sweeps take much longer to enter and lots of times I have not been able to get the games to load. I shrug every time a new sweeps is posted and it’s through fb.

    • I find that FB sweeps are quicker to enter. Sometimes they do have issues with a game, but I’ve only run into that a handful of times. Often, all you have to do to enter a FB contest is to post something. In fact, I just won something over the weekend by posting a comment! 🙂

      • there is no way fb sweepstakes are faster to enter. 99% of them want you to allow permissions to your personal information and lots of times the page freezes or takes very long to respond through the use of this snoopy practice.

        • I get many of them done in 2 clicks – one to allow permissions and one for Roboform. I don’t put my personal info on FB so that way it can’t get misused. But hey, if you don’t like FB contests that’s fine — better odds for the rest of us.

          • enjoyed wrestling in the mud with you amy. fb sweeps big thumbs down compared to company page sweeps.

        • I found that the giveaways themselves are actually fast. What is slow is at the end when it brings up your fan list and wants you to share. On my personal page I have 2,000 fans and it freezes up my browser for about 30 seconds. I wish they did away with that option.

  14. Can you delete the post after you enter the sweeps on facebook? Is this something that your friends can see? Id like to delete it after I enter the sweeps..Is this possible?

    • Yes, you probably can delete it after you post it. You can also post it so that only certain people can view it. Just click the lock icon next to the Share button when you are ready to post and click Customize. You can pick just the brand’s fan page if you really just want them to view it

  15. Dang! You go girl! ;o) This reminds me of my 19 yr old son’s friend who won’t apply where my son works (and being paid very well for 19), because he doesn’t want to fill out an application on a computer! As my son is bringing home fat checks, his friend is scrounging for yard work jobs. You don’t need to apply on a computer for yard work jobs. :o/

    • I see businesses acting like this as well. They have always run their business a certain way and refuse to change but their business continues to shrink and die out. The businesses who adapt to the changes are the ones who grow and flourish.

      It reminds me of when I used to teach computer classes. I taught people how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc so they could re-enter the business world. When I taught classes, my students often didn’t know how to turn on a computer or use an email. Today all of these skills are the norm and you don’t think a second thought about using email or writing up a Word document. Most people don’t own typewriters anymore. Using Facebook and Twitter and texting are very similar. We fight against it because we want things to stay the same but in life, nothing ever stays the same. It is up to us to decide if we learn or stay stagnant. Some days I would rather not learn but I know I am missing out on a lot if I don’t.

  16. tzipporah bat ami says

    while i am sure you are correct that it is an adaptation that may be necessary as so may sweeps are requiring facebook, they may be the sweeps that a siginficant portion of your readership wants to avoid for privacy or technical reasons. so if you want to be adaptive as well, pay attention to how many readers make the request to stop with the facebook requirements and format, and i call upon all readers, casual or regular, who feel the same way, to let wendy know your preference, and i am sure that if the numbers are high, she will pay attention. thank you to those who spoke out before me. and maybe if that wont change, throw a crumb out and give us one local sweep per zip code per month.

    • As I noted in my first few paragraphs, I do run giveaways on my site that only require that you enter in an entry form. So, I do have a variety of ways that people can enter. My post was more about the fact that the big companies who run the sweepstakes we all like to enter with lots of prizes aren’t going to keep doing things the way they have always been done. They are going to be going more towards what is convenient for them and where the majority of people are.

  17. I really struggle with the privacy issues that come with facebook and twitter…Anyone had any trouble with unwanted solicitations?

    • I have gotten a few unwanted private messages on Facebook but then what I do is just block that person. You don’t have to accept any friends you don’t want to. If you are just using Facebook to enter sweeps just follow brand pages and don’t allow people to follow you.

  18. Jacqueline in Atlanta says

    I appreciated the Chick-fil-A tutorial, but when I tried to do exactly what he did, the northlake site did not come up automatically, just the general chick-fil-a site.

    When I tried to post a thank you to Sweeties Sweeps at Facebook, Sweeties did not come up automatically. Maybe I still don’t get how it is supposed to work.

    Thanks for all the help.

    • What you have to do is type @ and the first letter – s for sweeties – and then wait and when it brings up the list of people and pages you are following you can pick it. Sometimes I have found that it doesn’t work the first time. When that happens I start over and press the backspace until I get back to the @ and start typing again. It usually works the second time.

  19. Hi Sweetie- you know I’m everywhere, though FB is not my fav, I still am learning. Twitter keeps me busy half the day! I just wanted to thank you for the tip to finding FB sweeps on google. Thats something new for me to do! Way back in 2003 at a convention in Portland Maine you taught me how use the + sign when searching on google and I’ll be forever grateful! I use it daily and have shared with friends. Thanks for all you do!

  20. This is just so true. I am “twitter-challenged” but I’m determined to get it. I just jump into some twitter parties and even though I haven’t won anything on twitter, the more I do it, the more comfortable I become. I’ve got to keep up with the changing times so that I don’t feel old! lol

    • Personally I hate Twitter. It annoys me. I have used it to enter some giveaways but mainly I do use it when the giveaway has the extra entry for Twitter. As long as they have the tweet button under the giveaway it is easy. I don’t do on Twitter to specifically enter giveaways though. For both Twitter and Facebook it is just good to have an account so you have those extra options for entering.

  21. Very useful information, I really don’t like Facebook sweepstakes because the companies always want to access your information and all of your friends & family information. Plus on Facebook I don’t like bothering my friends & family with all the sweepstakes that I enter, still confused on the sharing aspect for Facebook, how can you share a sweepstakes or post something without bothering people. Twitter is much easier for me, but the Tweet Chat & Tweet Grid are still confusing to me. I tried Tweet Grid before and it was a disaster for me, the page looked nothing like the videos and the page was so scrunched up with writing on top of other writing, could not even see my tweets. I spent over an hour trying to figure out what I was doing and am still confused today. Will look at the videos again and keep trying until I figure it out.

  22. Connie Barham says

    I love all the Facebooks sweeps ,but I have so much trouble on the instant ones. Can somebody tell me why the forms show up for about 2 seconds and then just disappear. This is so frustrating.If I manage to fill out the entry then the win or lose results disappear. Do I need to change my settings? I have turned off pop up blockers already.

  23. Lynn Baum says

    I have a Facebook account and know how to use it very well, but for security reasons I don’t like accepting 3rd party applications, if you read all the info they are allowed quite a bit of information about you from facebook. Also, it was on the news about a 3rd party application stealing peoples info for illegal purposes.I do alot of things on the computer and I don’t think they need all that information to enter a contest. So maybe it’s not just people are afraid of change or stupid, maybe their afraid of the crazies that try to steal from you. Also, their are hackers out there who can get thru your firewalls sometimes. Just another point of view. Thank you

  24. If anyone is a little worried about trying Facebook for the first time, just try it and explore. You can always delete it. It’s not difficult to learn, just different. As for privacy, you have the option of making each piece of your personal information public, friends of friends, friends only, or “only me.” I don’t care if a sweep asks me to allow it to see all my info because there’s nothing there except my name. The only friends I have are other sweepers who are doing the same thing I am and the only wall postings are sweeps-related, nothing personal.

    I have two Facebook accounts, although I’m not all that into Facebook for personal use. I use Google Chrome for my personal account and Internet Explorer for sweepstakes. If you use two different browsers, you can stay logged into both accounts simultaneously, so you don’t have to log in and out between the two accounts.

    I find Facebook sweepstakes easier. Facebook works well with Roboform and the entry forms are usually all pretty much the same basic format. On the company websites, I frequently have to go back and fill in or fix something on the form after I’ve run Roboform, or Roboform doesn’t work at all, which is all fine because I want that prize, but it’s an extra step that I don’t have to do on Facebook.

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