Huggies Enjoy the Ride Codes – Ongoing List

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Huge List of Free Huggies Enjoy the Ride CodesYou will need these free codes to enter the sweepstakes and Instant Win Games through Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards website. Every month the list of sweepstakes and Instant Win Games change and you don’t even need a youngun’ to sign up or play. Many of the prizes are $25 gift certificates or cash cards which are good for just about anybody.

Add these points into your account by either copying and pasting or by printing out this page and then typing them. You do not need to type them with capital letters as they are shown here.

You can also earn free points to enter Huggies Enjoy the Ride games by watching videos, taking polls, and participating in other activities on their site. also look in newspapers, on coupons, and in other Huggies printed material. I will keep this list posted on the right-hand side of my screen and update it as readers send me new codes that I don’t already have.

Updated as of January 15, 2012

Note: If you have used any of these points before it will tell you they are invalid but all of these have been tested on a brand new account and definitely work because I have personally tested each one. That does not mean that they won’t expire at some point and I do not know the expiration date of any of these. If you find that they have expired please let me know.

Update: The Huggies Enjoy the Ride site now let’s you copy and paste the whole code at once without having to copy each section. That is why I made it easier for you by taking out the spaces and hyphens.

The newest codes that I find will be at the top of each list.

To play go to


  • BKZTGQNZWRTWPGB (new October 13)
  • BKTXHRBZFXLLPGB (new May 22, 2011)
  • BKJBPWGSZRPNPGB (new March 25, 2011)
  • BJKGWQMBTSRCPGB (new January 4, 2011)
  • BJRJLBZZLFBDPGB (new Nov 17, 2010)


  • BKWWNFSGBMJWPGB (new May 22, 2011)

You can also earn points on the Enjoy the Ride website by:

  • Registering with Huggies Enjoy the – 10 points (new members only)
  • Watching 5 videos – 10 points
  • Taking polls – 2 points
  • Browse, click and earn – 6 points

A Note About Code Expiration Date: I got this from their site. I am not sure what they mean by “program” but it could be an end of a sweepstakes or particular Instant Win Game.

All unused Points automatically will expire at the end of the Program. In addition, Reward Codes have their own expiration dates. So make sure to pay attention to when your codes expire. Furthermore, we reserve the right to set different expiration dates for various types of Points at any time throughout the duration of the Program.

CODE POSTING AND TESTING: Please feel free to share codes in the comments below. All codes need to be tested by at least one other person because many of the codes you find on products are one-use only and will only work for you. If someone posts a new code please test it out and let us know if it works for you.

Please send Huggies Codes to me by email or leave a Comment below and I will add it to the list. Thanks for everyone who is helping me keep this list up-to-date. I appreciate it!


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  1. Dec 23 code expired


    • that didnt work ur not able to just copy and paste anymore it has 3 spaces for the code entry so im not sure y it didnt wrk. I was able to get all the letters in the space it just said it was incorrect. Thanks anyway…

    • WELLCABABYEMAIL is a PAMPERS code — not a Huggies code! πŸ™‚


  4. anyone notice the huggies enjoy the ride site is down for days now? and it routes you to go to the site instead? alos as a warning do not use multiple accounts in one household. i emailed huggies to inqure where my prizes were and gave them the prize verification codes for the prizes i was missing , as well as i had ordered a item from the rewards catalog. well they replied with asking me to phone a specialist. i called her and was told due to i had more than one account i would not be getting any prizes nor my rewards catalog item . and then got a fedex letter as well confirming i was no longer allowed to use the site or participate in the promotions,due to in the terms of use agreement you can only have 1 account and they are cracking down on it . also the use of alot of promo codes . and tracking what accounts coming from one ip address. i explained to her it shouldnt matter as i was redeeming codes from products i had purchased and therefore shouldnt be a issue. especially all teh points id used to redeem the rewards item. she said no they are not liable to honor anything, and only offered a coupon for free diapers and 1 for free pullups. in exchange for many points and 12 prizes id won !! not happy . so i now will give my codes to my friend and let her play for me . they also said they may overlook if someone had forgotten there password and opened a new one as long as they can see that the old one wasnt utilized again ,so word to the wise dont have more than one account per household of ip address. even if they are a different email and persons name .

    • It’s not down–it’s just different. If you log in, you’ll still see your points & now you can earn points SO many more ways. You can review products & get points for that and stuff. : )

      • how do u earn points? i am so confused i dont get the new huggies website. pls help

        • The new site is very non-user friendly. I have found that some of the articles will let you comment on them and give you points. These are the ones I have found so far:
          Under pregnancy:
          Diapering: “Nine Smart Diapering Habits”
          Eating: “Flaunt the Bump”
          Nesting: “Whats in your Birth Bag”
          You only get one point per comment but it’s better than nothing. I will post more articles as I find them just haven’t had time yet to look for them.
          If anyone else knows of other ways to earn points on the new site including other articles please let us all know. Thanks.

          • thank you for list of articles! I will have to check it out now.

            I found out that you can review the different types of diapers, swim pants and wipes. You will have to rate them out of 5 stars and then make a comment and you can earn from 2-5 points depending on the product you review.

            if anyone else has anymore information on how to earn points please let us know

    • How many accounts did you have? I have one for me and my husband and have never had a problem. Ive heard of people who make up names and emails just to have another account and that is cheating and im sure they are just taking measures to protect agaisnt it.

  5. I have a code here from a refill pack of huggies wipes that I won’t be using if anyone would like the points. The code is:NNZXS-ZLJKP-NBXPT. Please post if you get the code before anyone else does so that others will know that it has been used. Thanks

  6. I am not able to enter the “offer code” because there isn’t one printed. Can anyone help me with this?

    • Im sorry to say thats te same problem the rest of us have been having.
      so I’ve been saving my codes for double points usually offered during the holiday months.

  7. For everyone that is looking for an offer code…the one I have used is 76320755. Good luck! I hope it works. Let me know πŸ™‚

  8. so far since august i have won 12 pairs of crocs differnt colors , 1- my first cabbage patch doll(just got it very cute came fast . 2 pull ups, 1 cabbage patch surpise doll. 2 – winnie the pooh cds (just got them few days ago) , 2 diaper coupons,and 6 music download / dont play it often as rather play for better prize. but seems i cant win the organic choclate milk boxes and in all time ive played only won wipes once and never recieved the prize lol. youd think the wipes would be a easiest to win. alot of the games end sep 3oth . i get excited to log in and see what the new prizes are lol.and im sur ethey will change the games since its fall to the baby sliding into the bullseye. lord knows its less anoying them the baby tooting in the tub !!

    • must be nice…You shouldn’t be complaining tho I haven’t won anything from the Huggies site and I’ve been on that site for like 3 years!!!!

  9. BKLCDQSHXRLTPGB has expired , also i noticed that cases of the new snug n dry huggies only give you 7 points ! heck i get more with a refill bag of wipes. also the onesie offer limits you 2 per account no matter how many snug n dry points you enter.

    • you should call huggies…you should be getting a lot more then 7 points…they made a mistake with the huggies little movers i bought i was supped to get 32 points but only got 16
      here is the site you can check to see how many points you’re supposed to get if you click the contact us button on the bttom of the website you just enter your country and fill out the form with the problem….then if you don’t get a response you can call them at 1-877-648-2484….hope this helps

  10. New 5 point code: BKZTGQNZWRTWPGB

  11. So far I have won the organic chocolate milk, a pack of diapers, and a pack of wipes, now i have my heart set on a whinnie the pooh movie, hope i win, just wondering for the person who commented they won like 20 prizes, is there a better time of day to play?

  12. free code (one time use only)….don’t use these


  13. All above codes but the October 2011 one are all EXPIRED. It is the only one that works. Just an update.


  15. hi my name is toni and i was wondering if u guys can pls send the new codes to [email protected] pls i dont have much time i have triples pls i would appericated very much thank u


  17. huggies points worth 16 points just used today.

  18. All expired or one time codes.

  19. Here is a Huggies code that I won’t be using…ENJOY!


  20. Does anyone know y I can’t redeem my huggies rewards it looks like there r no options on huggies except to look at their products


  22. CCTJZGPNNMJBPGB is expired. πŸ™

  23. Has anyone come across any new codes lately????? I haven’t seen any since October, what is going on with the free codes???

  24. Catherine says

    It looks the codes I posted earlier didn’t get on here.It’s a good thing because they aren’t working anymore. I thought it was too good to be true!! 17 codes at 34 points each. Unheard of from Huggies. At least I was able to post them to my account. So Sorry!! I will keep looking.

  25. Mamasweepa says

    This is amazing !!!

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