RITE AID The Game of Life Collect and Win Game

RITE AID The Game of Life Collect and Win GameHere’s one sweet game from @Riteaid, found by Paula. You might get your mortgage paid, win a new Infiniti convertible, get your kitchen made over, or win $10. They are giving away 900,000 instant win game prizes and 15,000,000 extra game tickets. There is even a bonus Carnival Cruise Sweepstakes going on that you can enter too, see below.

EVERYONE should win at that rate. However, there is a slight catch. You will either have to buy a product at Riteaid or send away for a game card. It is definitely worth it to try to get in some entries into this Riteaid game because there is a lot of CASH and Riteaid gift cards being given away. It will cost you 88 cent to request a game code because you must include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Eligibility: Customer must be at least 18 years of age and a legal U. S. resident. Florida residents are not eligible to participate in promotion.

Entry Dates: begins January 3, 2010 and must be postmarked by February 23, 2010

How to enter: two ways

With Purchase: receive a free game ticket each time you make a purchase at any participating RITE AID while supplies last. You will also receive a game ticket each time you purchase any participating Bonus game ticket items while supplies last at any participating RITE AID. Purchases made at www.RiteAid.com will not qualify for game tickets or bonus game tickets. Game tickets will only be awarded during the transaction in which they were earned.

Bonus Ticket Items: Get one game ticket every time you make a purchase at Rite Aid plus get one Bonus Game Ticket for each specially marked bonus item you buy. The more Bonus Products you buy, the faster you win! Here is the full list of bonus ticket prizes.

Receive one game ticket with each purchase transaction, for each participating Bonus product purchased. Bonus products are noted with signs throughout the store.

For a free entry, mail a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

RITE AID “The Game of Life™ Collect & Win Game” Game Ticket Request
Attn: Promotions Coordinator
P O Box 440272
Kennesaw, GA 30160-9505

Mail-in requests, including both outer envelope and SASE, must be handwritten and must be postmarked no sooner than January 3, 2010 and must be postmarked by February 23, 2010 and received by RITE AID no later than February 28, 2010, while supplies last. Requests from Vermont residents that are postmarked in VT may omit return postage.

UPDATE: The rules were not very clear about how many entries you could send away for but now it appears it is ONE PER DAY.

From Rules: Receive one free game ticket per day…..Requests that are sent in business reply envelopes, that utilize address labels or stickers, that are photocopied, hand-stamped, computer-generated or otherwise mechanically or digitally produced or reproduced, that are not mailed in separate outer stamped mailing envelopes, or that otherwise fail to comply with these Official Rules will NOT be honored, acknowledged or returned, and the persons submitting such requests will forfeit any corresponding postage and unused envelopes.”

TO WIN: Open the game ticket. Inside, find an instant prize area for a cents off coupon for a product in our stores or a coupon good for an instant winner/free product prize. Also inside are four markers, designed to affix to the game board and a sweepstakes marker.

Affix markers to the RITE AID “The Game of Life™ Collect & Win” game board. Collect all the markers on each prize grid and win that prize or obtain an Instant Win coupon. All prizes subject to verification.

Inside certain game tickets, there will be Instant Winner coupons for $50,000/G37 Infiniti Convertible; $25,000 Mega Kitchen Makeover; $10,000 Room Makeover; $5,000 Cash; $10 in cash; $5 in cash; $2 in cash; one of the Instant Winner Product Prizes; two RITE AID The Game Of Life™ Game Tickets; or a special discount offer.

Entry Limit: No limit to the number of tickets per transaction; however, RITE AID reserves the right to limit the number of transactions per day in order to minimize Customers abusing the game structure. As long as all the rules are followed, there is no limit to the number of times a Customer may be a Major Prize or Instant Prize winner during the course of the Promotion.

Prize Forms: Use this printable prize claim form (PDF) to put your collect and win game pieces on.


  • (2): $250,000 Mortgage
  • (6) plus (1) Instant Winner: $50,000 2010 G37 Infiniti Convertible
  • (10) plus (1) Instant Winner: $25,000 Mega Kitchen Makeover
  • (15) plus (1) Instant Winner: $10,000 Room Makeover
  • (30) plus (2) Instant Winners: $5,000 Cash
  • (125): $1,000 Cash
  • (200): $400 Wii System
  • (300): $250 RITE AID Gift Card
  • (600): $100 RITE AID Gift Card
  • (600): $50 Cash
  • (600): $50 RITE AID Gift Card
  • (2,500): $20 Cash
  • (2,500): $20 RITE AID Gift Card
  • (15,000): $10 Cash
  • (35,000): $5 Cash
  • (200,000): $2 Cash
  • (15,000,000): 2 Free The Game of Life game tickets
  • (652,000): Instant Winner/Free products

Prize Limit: Unknown but there doesn’t seem to be a limit.

Winners: All potential winners must be received at the Prize Verification Center by March 31, 2010.

Official rules: www5.riteaid.com/game-of-life

Riteaid Associates Giveaway: There is a separate giveaway for associates who work for Rite aid. They are ineligible for this customer giveaway.

FAQ: www5.riteaid.com/game-of-life/faqs

Carnival Cruise Sweepstakes: In conjunction with this Riteaid Game for Life Promotion there is also a sweepstakes you can enter.

How do you enter the Carnival Cruise Sweepstakes?
Collect two unique sweepstakes markers (s1 and s2) and affix them to a 3″ x 5″ index card. On the card, write name, address, city, state, zip, phone number, age and signature, and then mail one card per envelope to:

RITE AID Carnival Cruise Sweepstakes
P O Box 965308
Marietta, GA 30066-0006

All entries must be received by March 31, 2010. There is no drop box for entries at RITE AID. There will be ten drawings for a total of twenty (20) Carnival Cruises. Drawing dates are January 11, 20, 29, February 8, 17, 26, March 5, 14, 23, and April 1, 2010.

Sweeties Pick for the Most Winnable SweepstakesSweeps Rating: Sweeties Pick/Winnable

Sent in by: Paula

Photo credit: RITE AID The Game of Life Collect and Win Game

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  1. You can still get game of life tickets, just go into Rite Aid and ask…Yesterday I took in some free 2 tickets and the lady gave me over 600 more tickets. Needless to say I won 49 free (2) tickets, a arm and hammer pro toothbrush (over $9 value), box of cheese its, $2.00 instant winner, peanut chews candy bar, hagadaz ice cream…Went today and got all the prizes and got more tickets and I won a tube of neosporin. It looks like a lot of little instant prizes are still left and must have been on the bottom of the box..No big win but I have probably over 1000 tickets to match up to the board..Sounds like a lot of work to me, hopefully it will pay off…:)

    • Jan,

      Thats interesting. I am glad you found some instant winner goodies. Its about time some one has won.

      Can you say what state your local store is located in?

      Has anyone else found a store still honoring instant winner coupons for 2 tickets?

      I still have some instant winner coupons for 2 tickets I would like to redeem.



      • I am in Michigan…You can still redeem your instant win tickets. They are going to keep giving them out until they are all gone..Just yesterday I got some and won a roll of Bounty Paper towel and the day before I won a 5 oz neosporin. Nothing big but it adds up. I would go to your local Rite Aid and ask for some tickets. I always say if you want to give me extra that’s fine with me..Some places give away tons and others say they can only give away 10 a day with a purchase..Good luck…

  2. I need 1,6,8,11,14,15,18,20,22,23,26,29,35,39,42,46,47,52

    [email protected]

    50/50 split on any prize

  3. i got 3 nintendo wii tickets 30,31,32 are they any good

  4. i have many number including 11 and 14. Want to make a deal?

  5. I have opened hundreds of tickets and still need the same rare ones everyone else does. Has anyone reading this website won anything substantial? Also, where are you finding Rite Aids still giving out tickets? The ones near me say they have all been out since the last day of the official game and I have tons of coupons for free tickets.

  6. I got a #23. Anyone want to buy?

  7. I have Collected the Carnival the fun ships and have mailed them in and so far I do not know what had happend to the lucky winners and where can I found the list of winner for that games.

  8. there is no list because no one WON! I videoed what looked like over ten thousand tickets, My friends and I had opened ..no winners
    LOL but ill post the pictures later so you can see for self how ridiculous the chances of winning must be

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