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The Turkey is hiding but the winners are notWhile the turkey may be hiding the winners are not. They are coming out of the closet. I haven’t seen so many winners all at one time. It’s awesome and inspiring. Keep entering right through the holidays because that is the best time to win. Most folks will be out shopping and spending their hard earned money or spending money they don’t have and you will be snug as a bug in a rug entering those sweepstakes and raking in the prizes.

If you are looking for even more sweepstakes to enter visit my Sweepstakes Daily Digest where I post 5 to 10 new sweepstakes each day. These are sweepstakes that I DO NOT post on this site. I just post a summary of the rules and prizes and give you the link to enter. That way I can post more each day.

There are lots of winnable instant win games that even new readers are winning. Here are some you should be entering right now and you will find a list of winnable instant win games listed on the right-hand side of the screen. Make sure you read how to get started entering sweepstakes if you don’t know where to go first and then join in so you can send me your wins next week.

If you would like to be included in the weekly winner’s post please email me your prize story. I don’t answer every email but I will definitely post your story. If you have a story of how you are now winning locally from radio stations, grocery stores or something else I’d love to share your story. Entering locally is really the best way to win other than instant win games.

From Sweeties Secret Sweeps:


I just wanted to share what an amazing sweeps month we’ve had so far at my house. Here’s our winnings Nov 1-18:

  • Pace salsa
  • Cargrill timer
  • free Redbox movie rental
  • (2) $25 EDO cards (MyCoke)
  • Scotts Bueno winner ($100 for us & $100 for my sister)
  • $25 grocery gift card (CA restricted sweeps-over)
  • (2) Raiders tickets & another $25 gift card (restricted sweeps-ongoing)
  • (4) 49er tickets (restricted sweeps- over)

That’s literally over $500 value in less than 3 weeks, which is our best month so far. Found your website & started sweeping the end of August, and have since won nearly $1,200 in cash & prizes (lots of gift cards, which is awesome!)

Your sites really have helped us “win what we can’t afford“, plus the grocery gift cards and cash cards are a huge blessing!

Thanks to you & also everyone in chat for all the help, support, and encouragement!

J (Cryptic Mama)

3 wins this week so far

  • A $15 best buy gift card from My Coke Rewards
  • 4 49ers tickets for Dec. 27 from the 49ers game from the Raleys-Coca-Cola promotion
  • pass for 2 to a screening of the movie Ninja Assassin


Today, I received a notification that I am a second prize winner in the Optimum Rewards Sweepstakes. I won a $250 American Express gift card!


I went yesterday to our local newspaper office and picked up my grand prize win. I won a $1000 gift card to US Airways 🙂 I was super excited!! Thank you Sweetie for all you do and helping me to start sweeping!


Congratulations on being a Grand Prize Winner in the 2009 Dr Pepper/Super Valu/Football Sweepstakes! The prize that you have won is a Trip Package for two (2) (winner & guest) to one (1) of the following Football Games: SEC Conference Championship Game, ACC Conference Championship Game, BIG 12 Conference Championship Game, Army/Navy Rivalry Game or the Holiday Bowl.


Note: Cheyanne had to turn this trip down.

Dear Wendy,

I was just looking through my wins list and thinking how I hadn’t had many wins when my hubby called to tell me he just got off the phone with a representative from Dr. Pepper who told him he was the grand prize winner in the Dr. Pepper Super Value Football Sweepstakes! He is thrilled and plans to take our seven-year-old son with him to the game. This is the second grand prize we’ve won through Sweetie’s Secret Sweeps. I love all your sites, but the Secret Sweeps is just awesome!

As a side note, the reason I’ve not been winning as much as usual is because we are in California going to Disneyland and visiting family and just been too busy and tired to play every day. Well, our entire trip was paid for completely from my prize winnings over the past eight months. It is so incredible to be able to do so many things we wouldn’t normally be able to afford to do. I am so glad I stumbled across your site eight months ago!

Also won this month:

  • NCAA 10 Football video game (two times!)
  • $25 edo card
  • 2 movie tickets from Coke
  • $5 Home Depot card
  • 2 tubs of Curly’s BBQ
  • $10 Pitch In card

Thanks again, Wendy, for all your hard work!


Hi Wendy!

I won the Dr. Pepper Super Value Football Sweepstakes!!!!!!! This is my first Grand Prize Win!

In the month of November, I have also won:

  • a Shaw Floor Rugs (Giraffe)
  • a Guitar Hero from the CokeRewards site
  • a $50 Lacoste gift card from (Lacoste School of Croc)
  • a $25 Prepaid Visa from Huggies

I stumbled on your site in July and have been a member of SSS since I started. You have been my inspiration and I tell everyone that you are my guru. Thank you for everything you do. You are amazing! I also opted for the SEC game in Atlanta on December 5th. I hope I run into your son and husband. It would be an honor. My boyfriend Rama and I are so excited for the trip!

Warm regards,


My youngest son, Phillip, was notified that he also won the Dr. Pepper Super Value Football Sweepstakes that both Kim and Cheyanne won.

There were only 5 prizes and 4 were from SSS members. How’s that for great odds. We are not sure if my son won the trip that Cheyanne turned down or not because they didn’t tell us.

He is thrilled. He picked the SEC Championship game and he and Dad are going Dec 5th. It’s a VIP trip all the way with 2 parties, a concert, pre-game events, gifts, and the hotel is the Omni CNN. They don’t know where the seats are though. Hopefully he will take a picture and I can show you some of their trip.

Want to win tickets to the SEC Championship game? I just posted a sweepstakes on the daily digest to win tickets. You actually win a gift card to a Ticket website so you might not even have to use it for that.

Wendy (Sweetie)


I just found out that I won a PSP GO! (From the USA Network Game of the Week Sweepstakes) This is my biggest prize since I started following your website in late May. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This is so exciting. I’m so glad that I stuck with it. I always remember your motto, “Be a winner, not a whiner!


I heard my UPS guy drop a package off, and went to go see what it was and it ended up being a Xbox 360 Pro with a custom skin and a CD, I am so excited to finally get a surprise win and my biggest win yet!! From

Thank you so much for your site!


A Trip to Hawaii & Disneyland Tickets

Both wins were from two different radio stations here in the LA Area. Hawaii was a call in and be # so and so when you hear the plane fly by. Qualified 5 times before I was the grand prize winner!

Disneyland is a family 4 pack of tickets to their special 1 night party! I entered online! Received an email that I had won the tickets!

Thanks for you help!

Sue E

I heard about this one through you and I won a Holiday themed rug last week through Thank you.


Hi Wendy,

I have this little sweeps in my ongoing file. I have no idea when it expires. I see that people win all of the time. Never think much about winning when I enter these things. Sure, I dream 2 win. But it is not my main focus. So I have been entering @ the link below for……. I could not tell you how long. lol

Free Daily Dough – Enter To Win $1,000 Every Day!

I go through my folders & enter by month. So by the time I get to the ongoing folder, It should be about 9:00 PST. The last couple of days, I got up a bit later & did not get finished until 10. I was ready to log off email when I saw the subject line that read, “Chris, want to know who won?”

I clicked that email open expecting to find someone name there that i was sure I did not know. To my shock & utter surprise, there was my name. I won the $1,000 draw. Now you know I really did not believe it! I went straight to chatroll to see if anyone knew if it was legit. I figured if I got a phone call, then I may have really won. Today, I did get that call, plus an email with instructions to claim my prize / woo hoo MONEY!!!!!! Once I fax the info, I will have the $’s in my hand in 3 to 4 weeks.

I applaud & thank you for sharing so much of your time. Your dedication in making it possible, for so many, to have the information in order to make everyday dreaming such a reality is just absolutely priceless!

Oh, I also won Movie Tickets on 11/20 & $20 on 11/21 from Coke Twist

Have a splendid day!



Hi Sweetie,

I have been sweeping consistently for a few months now and so far I have won a plush Dora doll from Direct TV which I gave to my niece, and I also won some radio contests I won a package that included 20 tickets to a concert and transportation to and from the concert via a private party bus and $10 McDonald’s Arch Cards (McDonalds sponsored the contest) for everyone to eat on the way to the concert, I took my whole family we had a blast then I won two tickets to see Wyclef Jean in NYC from another radio station and when I went to pick them up they gave me 4 tickets to a comedy show in NYC just for the wait time for the concert tickets.

All of this has happened in the last 3 weeks. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to experience these things. I have always been a radio contest winner but the McDonalds contest was definitely my biggest prize in about 10 years of winning radio contest. I will continue to sweep no matter.


I have been a follower of your blog & on Facebook for several months now & I have really enjoyed it. I have entered many contests & haven’t won a thing but it’s fun to dream. Well, just today I was checking my Spam folder as you have advised before & I came across the following email

I’m pleased as punch to let you know that your name was drawn for our Kaboodle $250 Fashion Sweepstakes! Please respond to this email within 5 days to claim your prize.

Congratulations and Happy Kaboodling!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! If it hadn’t been for your site, I would have never entered. I am so excited. I have never won anything & I just can’t believe it. Thanks for the advice on checking your Spam folder, I would have never checked it before. Thanks again!


Hi Sweetie,

It’s been a pretty great couple of weeks!

  • A holiday wreath in the DeLong contest
  • Guitar Hero 5 in the MyCoke Gift of Gaming IWG
  • $15 Best Buy gc in the MyCoke IWG
  • $10 Home Depot gc in the Wendy’s IWG
  • A cookbook from a blog giveaway
  • A set of Thermos Foogo Phases sippy cups in a Facebook giveaway

I am most excited about the wreath – what a neat thing to win. But the Wii game will also be fun – I wrote to you a while back and told you that I won a Wii system in the Dole Refresh Yourself sweeps (have not yet received it- should arrive early-mid December based on the prize notification). So now we have a cool game to play with the new game system!

Thanks so much for all you do!


I shared our favorite imagination adventure story on the Jumpstart blog and one of 3 grand prizes. I just sent in the paperwork to claim it all – I’m sooo excited. It’s over $1200 in value!!

  • 1 copy of JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island (rated E by the ESRB)
  • 1 Nintendo Wii console
  • $250 in SpaFinder® gift certificates
  • 1 Flip™ Mino HD video camera
  • 3 lifetime JumpStart memberships –1 for you, 2 to share with friends
  • 500 virtual coins
  • JumpStart gear

This month in Instant win games I also won:

  • Chicago Cutlery 10 pc set from Morton Salt/Rocco
  • $25 Dave & Buster’s Play Card
  • 2 – 2 movie passes from Coke
  • $10 cash from Huggies Interactive Sweepstakes
  • 2 Pace Salsa coupons
  • $5 Cash from Honey Nut Cheerios
  • Cargill burger timer

A few months I found out about your Daily Digest and I’m so glad I subscribed to it too. There are so many great sweepstakes to enter.

Thanks Wendy!


I won this today…. I picked the Guitar Hero for XBox 360. My 13 year old will be so happy. (From MyCokeRewards Give the Gift of Gaming Instant Win Game)

Thanks Sweetie…


Just won second prize; a $50 NFL gift certificate. I’ve been playing for a while with this one and this is my first win. I am super excited. I am from Louisiana so I am gonna spend it on the Saints!! (From Bar Hungry Snickers NFL Instant Win Game)

Thanks Wendy.


I just won a $1000 Home Depot gift card!! (From Wendy’s Home Makeover Combo Instant Win Sweepstakes) It’s the first time I’ve ever won anything big enough to have to overnight a notarized affidavit to confirm my eligibility. Thank you SO much!


Do you have a win to share?

Email me and I will add it to my winners post next week.

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  1. Was it really necessary to make a crack about Adam Lambert? Really, maybe you should stick to the sweeps and forget about comedy!


  2. Diane, seriously get over it. It was funny. Adam Lambert came out of the closet and hes proud of it. Even gay people can handle jokes, sounds like you cant. Im sure she didnt mean it to be offensive. Maybe you should lighten up a bit;)

  3. Gay bashing is never "cute" or "funny".

  4. WOW! Lots of big winners just in time for the holidays! Congrats everyone!

  5. What's with the gay bashing? Grow up. We're people too.

  6. FBI reports 11% increase in anti-gay hate crimes

  7. I guess we're finding out "Sweetie"s" true colors-and they are not RAINBOW…

  8. Sheesh, lighten up, you brave "anonymous" people.

  9. just staying anonymous to avoid bashing.

  10. Wendy (Sweetie) says

    Sorry about that. I love Adam Lambert. It was just supposed to be a funny line.

  11. Wendy (Sweetie) says

    My joke was never meant to be gay bashing. I am very tolerant of all people. Sorry if I offended anyone. IT WAS A JOKE! Geesh

  12. Get a life, those of you with no sense of humor – learn to laugh at yourself a bit! Hyper-sensitivity is not a good quality. No one is "bashing" anybody! It was a turn of phrase, duh, and not meant to be taken or interpreted LITERALLY.
    That said, I just won a $5 Home Depot giftcard from the new Wendy's $25K Makeover contest. Not exactly overflowing in wins yet – but if I add this to my $5 Wendy's giftcard from the football sweep, a bag of candy from the Mars Halloween and the free pouch of tuna from Starkist…well, I am well-nourished, on a sugar high and will use my new Home Depot card to make copies for the new keys I'm going to win in one of those car sweeps. (Thinking positive, thinking positive, thinking positive….)!

  13. If you are regular subscriber to this site you would know that Wendy's comment was meant in fun and in no way was an attack-I am so tired of pc people taking something and making it a crusade. Don't be so serious all the time. If you don't like something don't listen-read-etc-move on. This site is nothing but helpful and positive. I applaude all Wendy does-lets thank her for all her help and not attack for a comment that someone takes "out of context".

  14. I wanted to post this as an important reminder to read the contest rules. I know sweetie always tells you to do this–here is why: I entered this contest late at night and I was on autopilot. Just kinda surfing the web, saw this site and loved the photos-entered. I won and was then disqualified as my age did not meet guidelines.

    CONGRATUALTIONS DONNA!! You’ve won home site Valle del Mar, H-9 in Montecristo! Your fingers must have been well crossed!

    This was worth about $25,000-35,000-very disappointing.

    Read all the rules is my new mantra. LOL.

  15. Wendy (Sweetie) says

    Wow Donna! That's a HUGE prize. How were you disqualified? Did you say age?

  16. I won the Samsung behold!!!! Saw it on your website!!! Thanks again!!! Lisa

  17. tolerant is a disgusting word. to tolerate someone is not flattering.

  18. Sweetie-I joined AARP due to disability and medicare/cade, but I am 46 and the age requirement was 50. This is a "planned retirement community". I was sad at first but I do believe all things happen for a reason. The taxes would have been hard to come up with at end of year? Big guy always has a plan-LOL.

  19. Way to go to all the winners. Reading these posts keep me going.

  20. So, since you are tolerant of all people, why don't you make a joke about black people tomorrow, Jewish people the next day, and don't forget about fat xtian housewives who homeschool their children. Since it's just a joke, what's the harm??

    You send this newsletter to thousands of people (that you tolerate), you should remember that.


  21. good grief people you are rediculous. Leave wendy alone she did nothing wrong. It was just a joke get over yourselves.

  22. The Roman stateman and philospher Boethius said, "Quality of knowledge is dependent NOT upon the capacity of the object to be known but upon the ability of the knower to know." Roughly translated: If you're stupid, you're out of luck.
    Sweetie has been well defended. No more comments to "anonymous" okay? He is doing his best to incite, so don't feed into it. He quite obviously has no life and is not confident or secure in his own shoes, otherwise he would not be offended where no offense was intended. Let it go now! Let him wallow alone in the dark place dysfunction creates. Don't join him and let's keep this website positive! That said:

    I've been playing the Little Debbie sweep for the Smartcar and yesterday got not one, but TWO coupons for a free box of cupcakes! Anybody else get that too?
    Add those two boxes of cupcakes to the tuna and candy I've won…and top it off with Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow – oh my, I better workout at the gym for an HOUR every day next week!

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