How To Enter 500 Sweepstakes A Day

How To Enter 500 Sweepstakes A DaySomeone asked me how people are able to enter 100, 200 or 500 sweepstakes a day. It isn’t that hard really and should only take you a half hour to an hour if you are truly organized. And, it all depends on how fast your computer is and your Internet connection.

One way I suggest you can use to organize your daily sweepstakes entries is by using my bookmark/favorites organization method. As noted, my way is not the only way or even the best way. It is the way I do it. You may have another way of organizing and entering sweepstakes and I would love to hear about it and share it with my readers. If you suggest a method please send instructions and keep it simple.

Enter Daily Sweepstakes Using Bookmarks/Favorites

  1. Open your browser.
  2. On the first tab pick a sweepstakes to enter from your list.
  3. Open a new tab by clicking on the File menu and then click New Tab.
    – you can also right-click on the first tab and left-click New tab
    – or you can use a keyboard shortcut to open a new tab CTRL + T (IE & FF)
  4. Click on a new sweepstakes from your list to open it in this next tab.
  5. Continue until you have 10 tabbed windows open with 10 different sweepstakes entry forms loading.
  6. Click on the first tab. That page should have completely loaded.
  7. Using Roboform (or other form filler) to fill out the form and then click Submit.
  8. Open a new sweepstakes in this tabbed window.
  9. Click on tab 2 and enter and submit.
  10. Follow step 8 and then 9 until you have all tabs with new sweepstakes being entered.

What you are doing is allowing a sweepstakes entry form page to load so by the time you get back to it, the form is ready to be filled out and information submitted.

Viola! 500 sweepstakes entered or whatever amount you decide is best for you. I just wanted to show you that it IS possible to enter lots and lots of sweepstakes in one day as long as you are organized, not that you have to enter 500 sweepstakes. If I enter that many in a day someone please shoot me! And, this method does not have to take a long time. I think 500 is a bit extreme and would probably take an hour or more to complete but 40 to 100 sweepstakes is do-able in 20 to 30 minutes.

I only suggest opening 10 or 20 tabbed windows because your computer can drastically slow down with the more you open, especially if those sites are made with Flash.

Enter Daily Sweepstakes Using A Google Docs Spreadsheet

Another method of organizing your daily sweepstakes is to use Google Docs, specifically the Spreadsheet option. A Google docs spreadsheet is very simple to setup and you don’t need to understand formulas or anything technical. I will show you how to set one up in another post but for now here is a screenshot to show you an example (click on the pictures to make it larger). Google docs are free to use.

When you type a URL in a field in the spreadsheet it automatically makes that URL clickable – if you add http:// in front of the URL – so then all you need to do to open a new tabbed window is to click that little button, as shown on the screenshot.

how to organize your daily sweepstakes with Google docs spreadsheet
photo credit: Savage Chickens

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  1. Chalyn Coleman says

    Thats exactly what I do like clock work everyday! Organiztion is the key to success.

  2. I user an excel sheet, have columns for the contest name, url, if its instant win or not, date its over, daily or weekly entry, and any code you may need to enter. I fill it in everyday with the new contest that come in my email from Sweetie, but only if I can truly use what is being given away.

  3. I use a similar bookmark method, but I use Google bookmarks with a widget on my iGoogle home page. Instead of folders, I have "labels" (basically tags) for daily, monthly instant win, one for each month (single entries), etc. One advantage is that I have access to them ANYWHERE! Home, work, etc. Also, when I name the bookmark, I put the expiration date first, that way it's easy cleanup and if I only have a few minutes to enter one day, I can make sure I hit the ones getting ready to expire.

  4. Wendy (Sweetie) says

    Teresa – that's a great idea. Would you be willing to email me with instructions on how to setup Google bookmarks?

  5. Google has great instructions on how to use Google Bookmarks. Just Google "google bookmarks" and you will find the information.

  6. I am moving over to Goodgle Bookmarks, and it's really easy. You can import your IE or FF bookmarks over in a snap!

  7. Since I am off this week on Christmas break….I uploaded my Excel spreadsheet into Google docs today and copied all of the links for over 100 sweepstakes. I should have done this a LONG time ago. This is GREAT!! With roboform and Google docs, I will be zipping through my sweeps. This is going to cut down my time each day by more than half. Thanks for the great tips!

  8. I went back to using Excel. I just added the URL links for each sweepstakes. Excel is actually quicker than Google docs because it's not web based and you don't have to wait for the page to load. Also, Excel offers more sorting options.

  9. I just started using the google calendar… it works well for me… here is how I fill it out…

    what field: I put the date and brief descripton like 03/31 Restaurant…

    When field: I check the all day box and then repeat until the end date

    where field: I put the web address that you need to go to… like:

    Description: I put any UPC’s, passwords, or any other notes that I might need

    Tip: opt not to recieve reminders because it will flood your inbox

    everyday I click item on the calendar and then copy and paste the website into a browser, and then complete the game/sweep. when I am finished… I go back to what field and put DONE infront of the description.. like: DONE 03/31 Restaurant… Then I click “only this instance” so it only indicates on that day…

    works for me… Good luck to all and happy sweeps!


  10. You can also set Roboform to Prefill the forms when the page loads. Then all you usually have to do is review the information, check a box or 2 and click submit.

    Anywhere you have a list of clickable urls, you can hold down the control key, and click on each one and they will open up in new tabs.

  11. I created a folder called Sweepstakes in my favorites in Internet Explorer 7. I created subfolders such as Instant Win and Once a Day, Twice a Day, etc.
    The first time I visit a site, I bookmark the entry page into the appropriate folder. And when I bookmark it I usually rename it to shorten it up and make it easier to read – plus, I put the ending date of the sweeps right after the at name. When I see the sweeps has ended, I delete it from the list.

    Every evening when I sit down to enter them all I open all the folders in the Sweepstakes folder and click on one after another – usually never opening more than 3 tabs at a time – one for my yahoo e-mail where I keep a folder for game codes I find at this site (easier than coming back here each night to find them again). I also keep yahoo open for the codes that are sent at the time I am entering. In the other two tabs I pull up the sites and start entering. I most definitely use Roboform and highly recommend it. I only use Excel for tracking my wins and freebies that I order.

    I find that even with a broadband connection and only 3 tabs open, that a lot of the sites – especially those with instant win games – will run quite slowly.

    I only enter probably an average of 40 sweeps a day. I am very selective about what I enter. I don’t enter based on “winnability”. I enter only those have have at least one or more prizes I would either really like to win or would be useful to me.

    • I’m not sure if this has been said, but If you save everything in a folder, you should have the option after left clicking to open all in tabs. This will open every bookmark you have in the folder. Please not if you computer is slow, or internet is running slow please don’t do as it will cause your computer to freeze and crash!

  12. I must have a slow computer =/ Once I have about 3 tabs open I can drastically see the difference in the speed that the pages are loading! It takes me 2 hrs to enter probably 100!
    I guess I need to look into getting more RAM and possibly doing a ‘clean out’ to help it go faster!
    We shall see!

  13. I will love for you to make small viedo on a step by step guide on how to this process its a bit confusing for me Hope some one can help thanks eveyone

  14. Is it very important to track every submission or contest entry? I’ve probably entered 500 since I found this site, and haven’t tracked any of them.

  15. haven’t been winning lately hope to change this

  16. Deborah Fike says

    Can you give some ideas on how to enter faster on a tablet. Any advise would be helpful.

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