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Sweetie Sweeps Winners This WeekLots and lots of winners this week. If you add it all up just from this post, which represents only a handful of the almost 9,000 people who read this site, you will see the value of these prizes is around $25,000 to $40,000. All I can say is I TOLD YOU SO smile

If you stick with it you will win. There’s no way you can lose all of the time. As they say, “you win some, you lose some” and it’s true. You might win nothing this week but then you might win $5,000 next week. If you give up you’ll never win so why not stick it out until you too are the next big winner!

I actually won a local prize this week. My husband and I will be going to a fab food and win event in Hartford, Conn. at the end of the month called The Great Taste. I won two tickets.

I was able to attend a Fab Fashion event sponsored by TJMaxx and Marshalls on Tuesday and I brought goodies back to giveaway. I have three giveaways going on right now from that event where you could win a:

Make sure to also enter my Temple Touch Thermometer Giveaway. And don’t forget to enter blog giveaways because they are also a great choice for winning prizes too and blog owners would love if it you visit their blog and see what they have to offer.

There are lots of winnable instant win games that even new readers are winning. Here are some you should be entering right now and you will find a list of winnable instant win games listed on the right-hand side of the screen. Make sure you read how to get started entering sweepstakes if you don’t know where to go first and then join in so you can send me your wins next week.

If you would like to be included in Sunday’s weekly winner post please email me your prize story. I don’t answer every email but I will definitely post your story. If you have a story of how you are now winning locally from radio stations, grocery stores or something else I’d love to share your story. Entering locally is really the best way to win other than instant win games.

Hi Wendy!

I stumbled across your site in mid-July and have been hooked since. Here are my winnings for the month of August. And yes, you were correct about entering local contests and sweepstakes. I have won 6 prizes locally this month. Out of the 19 prizes listed, 5 are Rascal Flatts Songs. I was hoping to win other prizes from Hershey’s 🙂 I am still hoping for a BIG win. I didn’t have any luck with the Wonka Sweeps.

8/1 Movie Passes – Local Newspaper
8/1 Rascal Flatts Song Download – Hershey’s Rocks Your Block
8/1 Movie Passes – Local TV Station
8/3 Texaco Gift Card – (Sweeties Secret Sweeps)
8/6 “How I Met Your Mother” DVD Box Set – Slurpee Nation
8/10 100 Bonus Box Tops – Safeway
8/14 Five Free Coupons to Rita’s Water Ice – Local Radio Station
8/16 $15 Gift Card – Monopoly
8/18 Rascal Flatts Song Download – Hershey’s Rocks Your Block
8/19 Movie Gift Pack – Local Newspaper
8/20 Texaco Gift Card – (Sweeties Secret Sweeps)
8/20 M&M’s Coupon – MARS Halloween
8/22 Rascal Flatts Song Download – Hershey’s Rocks Your Block
8/24 Five Free Coupons to Rita’s Water Ice – Local Radio Station
8/25 Movie Passes – Local Newspaper
8/26 Rascal Flatts Song Download – Hershey’s Rocks Your Block
8/27 3 Month Club Pogo Membership – Scrabble
8/28 $20 Edo Card – Mycoke Twist and Text
8/30 Rascal Flatts Song Download – Hershey’s Rocks Your Block



I stumbled across your sweepstakes site after searching for freebies sites. I follow a couple of those too. I think I started entering sweepstakes in mid July but my wins since then include:

  • $.99 Rhapsody song download-My Coke Rewards IWG
  • $15 Best Buy gift card-My Coke Rewards IWG
  • $5 check-Honey Nut Cheerios IWG
  • Pace Salsa-Pace hand pick IWG
  • NOS drink IWG
  • 1st prize NFL Madden 10’ Xbox game-Snickers NFL game IWG

I think that is all so far but I am entered into so many sweepstakes, play instant wins, and enter blog giveaways so it is only a matter of time until I hit a big win! These are great so far!

I’ve also been blessed to win at our daughter’s school carnivals. I won a stainless steel grill in ’07 (awesome win) and earlier this year we won restaurant gift cards, dance lessons, and my daughter won a pool full of summer stuff. She will literally have enough summer stuff to last 3 summers!! She was so excited and my young nephews benefited from this as well.

Thanks so much for your site!!!!


Hi Wendy!

I have entered a local contest back in February and won 4 tickets to Busch Gardens in Tampa, along with meet and greet passes for Gretchen Wilson who was performing at the park. That got me started looking for anything I could enter. That’s how I found your website.

I have won over $5000 worth of prizes since then. This month alone I won $150 from Cook’s champagne and my husband did as well, I won 2 tickets and a parking pass to Universal Studios and I just won a $25 gift card to from Sharp. My family also took a trip to Disney World that I won in June. That prize was a nearly all inclusive trip for 12 people. We were able to take my sister’s family, my Mom and my Aunt with us. These are just a few of the things I have won so far this year. I can hardly believe it. You’re site is awesome! I visit several times a day!

Good luck to everyone out there playing!


I am not quite sure how to report my Sweetie Sweeps wins yet but here are the latest:

July and 1st Week of August:

  • Speed Stick – $500 Best Buy Gift Card (7-2-09)
  • Jennie O – $100 Visa Gift Card (8-5-09)
  • Summer Fun Sweepstakes – $10 iTunes Gift Card (7-20-09)
  • Safeway Back To School Sweeps – 100 Box Tops (7-6-09)
  • Fine Living – Pic showed a cooler, but I am glad to whatever they send (7-25-09)

Other wins this year included:

  • 52″ Home Theater System
  • Backpack full of school supplies
  • $100

Thanks for the work you do on the site,


I WON TICKETS AND BACKSTAGE PASSES TO KEITH URBAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (From a Verizon sweeps on Sweeties Secret Sweeps)


Hey Sweetie look what I won! This is my very first win, in fact I almost gave up entering, but now I am refreshed and ready to go again!!!

Congratulations on being selected as a winner in the Budweiser Ticket 2 Summer Sweepstakes! Your prize is:

One (1) Budweiser® cooler


Hi Wendy,

I just wanted to thank you for a great website, I have learned so much about sweeping from you!

Some things I have won in the the last couple of months are: 25$ gift card from a General Mills contest, 10$gift card from All You magazine, make up
from Allure magazine giveaways, pace salsa (twice), 10$ from Huggies cash extravaganza iwg, $250 prize drawing from doing surveys, and just two
weeks ago, after reading on your website about entering local giveaways, I entered my first local giveaway at the grocery store. In the mail today was a $100
gift card from their store saying I was the monthly winner of their drawing!!!!!!!

Thanks Wendy for all that you do!!!!



I subscribed to your newsletter on July 16th and today I won 100,000 Delta Sky Miles playing the Make Miles Matter game.

I attached a screen shot.



100,000 Delta Sky Miles Winner
That makes 4 winners from this site. (see below)

I was sharing this article with a family member and read through the comments again this morning. I thought I’d add an update that will hopefully encourage those who are frustrated.

After I commented earlier this year, I played for three more weeks without a single win, but then on the last day in April I won a $20 Coke card! Then in May I won 16 times for a total of almost $600 in cash and prizes! Ever since that Coke win in April, I have been winning consistently.

Some months are better than others, but I am now convinced it is well worth my time. Last month I had my first win from a regular sweepstakes (as opposed to an instant win game), and it was from the McDonald’s McCafe Your Day Game$1,000 Visa card and $50 McArch card!

Thank you, Wendy, for encouraging me to keep at it and for all the work you put into your sites.


I found this site last week. With Sweetie’s help (ty Wendy!) I have won a $1 at Rhapsody, a $5 Subway card, and $5 from Cheerios. I am told I am a lucky person, and I think I am proving it!

I have also won a messenger bag from Mountain Dew and 4 prizes from Marlboro in the past two months.

This site (and online winning) rocks!


I have been looking around your site for about 20 minuets, I entered a few sweeps and read your tips to win. I just won 100,000 Delta sky miles! I enter sweeps everyday and have not won before! Thank you!


I cannot believe this. I came home today and we had a Fedex envelope with a letter stating that I was one of the 18 grand prizes in the online Icehouse Get Your Game On Sweepstakes. I entered that almost every day. I have the free code memorized “ff66krvf”! I called the lady’s number on the letter to confirm that what I was reading was correct and she said, “YES” as soon as she receives the paperwork back, I will get the gift card ($1,000 pre-paid Visa card) in about a week.

Woo-hoo. This is my biggest win yet!!! Thanks to all that post these and allow us all to have fun and win!


I just discovered your site and already won 3 things!

“Congratulations! You won 2 tickets to a select concert at a participating Live Nation® venue, courtesy of Budweiser Ticket 2 Summer! To claim your prize, follow the instructions below”.


“Congratulations on being selected as a winner in the Budweiser Ticket 2 Summer Sweepstakes!” Your prize is:

One (1) Budweiser® chair

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Prize items are not always shipped together and may arrive separately”.

I am not sure what the Budweiser Chair will look like, but I am very pleased to have already won 3 things (including Pace Salsa of course!) after only just discovering your website just a few days ago!

Thank you for your website!


I had a good week of winnings as follows:

  • $25 GC Sharp MLB (won on 1st try with text entry)
  • slim bottle opener from Marlboro
  • signed Rocco DiSpirto cookbook from Morton Cooking Coarse
  • 100 box tops from Box Tops 4 Education
  • Extra entry for Shaw’s carpeting grand prize

Not bad for one week! I am especially happy about the cookbook, I love Rocco!
Thanks Sweetie!


Hi Wendy,

I want to thank you for your website, directions and chatroom. I found your site in mid-June and have been sweeping since. I have won mostly IWG and since June I have won:

  • 13 movie tickets
  • $20 EDO card Coke
  • $5 Chevron Card and 1 night stay at La Quinta Inn
  • $50 GC to a specialty store from a blog giveaway
  • Local events tickets from a website found in SSS
  • $35 worth of Texaco GC from sweep found on SSS (Sweeties Secret Sweeps)
  • 4-pack 6 flag tickets
  • Coffee and bottle opener from Marlboro
  • $100 Sprite/Coke Back to School
  • Countless Rascal Flatt downloads
  • Countless 3 month Pogo memberships from Subway Scrabble
  • $10 code from Monopoly
  • Night at the Museum 2 DVD and Mac & Cheese blanket
  • Countless other small prizes

However, on Friday 9/4, I came home to find in my email a confirmation that I won a lego set from Summer Activity Challenge (my boys are stoked about this one). Then even more impressive was a FedEx envelope found on my door step with a affidavit as the weekly winner of $3000 check from the Progressive Get Pumped Sweepstakes.

Hubby is all excited and it now a true believer. Thanks for everything, and I will definitely continue to sweep,

Sherry (midwifenv from the chatroom)

I’ve been entering sweepstakes ever since I ran into Sweeties Site about a month or so 2 ago. I haven’t won anything huge, but I have won some smaller things such as… (50$ from Coke, Coffee from Marlboro, Bottle opener from Marlboro, a bra barette, 5$ from honey nut Cheerio, 10$ worth of box tops,$25 forever 21 gift card, box of crest white strips, and a pouch of tuna) And wow now that I typed it all it seems like alot lol! But lately I’ve been feeling like something HUGE is coming my way, hopefully my senses are right!

I wake up every morning and I rush to the computer to check if I won. Good Luck to everyone else! 🙂


I won one of the holiday rugs (Christmas theme) (from Shaw’s Rug Instant Win Game).

Vickie (coconutt)

It has been a fantastic week for me. I have been on somewhat of a winning streak the last 2 months, which is unusual but nice…really nice. I have won 2 different sweeps, the first one was from The 99 days of Summer Sweepstakes- it was a Skip Hop Tote Bag, Beauty Fix Kt, Mary Kay Vacation Getaway Set, (ARV $500). The second one was a Life & Style BYSOG Sweepstakes– it was a clutch by BYSOG , earrings and necklace by Nakamol Design, a 3.0 high-resolution LCD touch screen Nikon Coolpix S230 camera, and a Tori Praver designed swimsuit (ARV $882). I was really shocked to get the first win and when the second win notice came in my email, I had to pick my jaw up from the floor. I have been entering sweeps for years and have won here and there, it really does pay off , if you are persistent and consistent in entering.

Thanks for posting all these great sweepstakes. I really enjoy and look forward to checking out what you have posted both in the sweepstakes daily digest and on site.


Life and Style Magazine

I just won the $150 Visa card (from Entertainment Book Winner Every Hour). This is my biggest win yet.

Thank you.



Earlier this week Lifetime emailed notice that I’d won one of their giveaways. My Spa Ritual “Cherish” nail polish collection should arrive in a few weeks. If I remember correctly, it’s $60 – my biggest win to date. I was only on Lifetime because you mentioned it on your site. Thanks!


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