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Sweetie Sweeps Winners This WeekWow! There sure are some amazing winner stories this week. I’m really impressed! Readers who found my site 3 to 5 months ago are now starting to reap the rewards of their hard work. As I have always said, how much work are you willing to put into this hobby? That is how much you will get out of it. And, how patient are you? If you are patient and persistent you will eventually win. If your turn hasn’t come it’s on the way so stick with it.

I setup a new Sweepstakes Database where readers can submit sweepstakes. Now you will have lots more sweepstakes to enter and you won’t have to wait for me to post them on this site.

There are lots of winnable instant win games that even new readers are winning. Here are some you should be entering right now and you will find a list of winnable instant win games listed on the right-hand side of the screen. Make sure you read how to get started entering sweepstakes if you don’t know where to go first and then join in so you can send me your wins next week.

If you would like to be included in Sunday’s weekly winner post please email me your prize story. I don’t answer every email but I will definitely post your story. If you have a story of how you are now winning locally from radio stations, grocery stores or something else I’d love to share your story. Entering locally is really the best way to win other than instant win games.

The first two stories are quite amazing. This is not how it works all of the time but it is possible. Jodi won a flat screen TV just the week before her last win.


Woo-Hoo!!! I just received a priority mail envelope containing an affidavit saying I was the Grand Prize winner in the Martini & Rossi Rose’ Spa Sweepstakes!! the prize is a 3-day/2 night spa themed trip for me and 3 guests to New York City!! ARV of $8,000. I again wanted to thank you wholeheartedly Wendy for your wonderful site..and a shout-out to my friends in the chat room! You really do win! Just keep plugging along. This is my biggest win yet. I have never been to NYC..so I enter all of those that have NYC as the destination..hoping..sweeping..and I won..what a fantastic surprise.

Again, thanks to you Wendy..now…off to book my massage. LOL


Hi! This is Shirley, who wrote last month after winning 100,000 Skymiles from Delta. I hesitated writing this (I don’t want to jinx myself), but it has been an incredible month.

I won $100 gift card from Arbor Mist (last month), $25 from the Mars Halloween Million sweepstakes, and unbelievably, TWO trips. One was the Vault contest with a private Montgomery Gentry concert in Atlanta, Georgia in October (won locally on a radio station), and last week, the Dollar General Bonus Prize, which is tickets to Trace Adkins concert in Washington DC (hotel and airfare included) and a $2,000 Visa Gift Card. We leave this Friday (turns out the concert is Toby Keith too, yeah)!

Also last week, we were in a local radio contest which was a key to a vault, and my husband won $500 in groceries (awarded as 2 gift cards to our local Homeland Grocery Store).

Yippee!! Again, I thank you for the encouragement, and sweepers, local contests do win!

My Labor Day weekend wins

9/6 Rascal Flatts Song Download – Hershey’s
9/6 Shaw R2X Floor Cleaner
9/7 $25 Starbucks Card Huggies Enjoy the Ride
9/7 $25 Edo Card Coke Twist and Text
9/7 Shaw Extra Entry for Grand Prize


I just won a holiday rug from Shaw’s.. wow this is the first big thing I won! thanks Wendy (love your site).


Hey Wendy, I won on the Mazda Spin and Win wheel. It seemed like nobody has really won from them. So just wanted to let you know I won a 10$ Blockbuster gift card from them and here’s my winning screenshot! ๐Ÿ™‚

Amanda ^.^

Mazda instant winner

Woo hoo!!! Thanks so much for your website. I started following you in July and I have won a $25 Nissan Service GC from Nissan Keep the Summer Rolling Sweepstakes and just now I won a 3 month Pogo Membership from the Scrabble at Subway game.

Thank you!!!!!


Hey Wendy

Just wanted to let you know that I had a very fruitful Labor Day Weekend, while sweeping. I won the following:

  • 1 jar of Pace
  • 2 coke Edo cards(total of 50.00)
  • 1 Full Size bag of Twix candy bars
  • 1st Prize in the Kraft night at the Smithsonian Sweepstakes-a blanket and DVD.
  • $5.00 in Kroger Gas and Grocery Sweepstakes

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I received an email today, Tues. Sept. 8th, from Mark Hollingsworth of LoSasso Advertising stating I was the winner of a Wii. He said that there were over 30,000 entries last week and I was one of the four winners for the week. He wanted to verify I didn’t work for Brunswick and said I would receive my Wii in the next 3-4 weeks. The biggest win I’ve had since joining this site in May. Thank You for all the hard work you do on our behalf.



I just got an email that said I won a $25 gift Certificate from GiftCertificates.com! Wow…I can’t believe I won.


Sweeties Secret Sweeps Site Winners

Signed up for the site yesterday and got my first win from it today! I won a $20 Visa card from the Autotrader site! Woo Hoo!


I just won the $75 Gamestop gift card. My fifteen year old son will love this. Thanks


FedEx just here and won 1 of 25 Grand Prizes in the Summer Sweepstakes with the Minnesota Twins! Woo Hoo my first win on SSS! Two tickets to the September 19th Twins game and barbeque grill.

Thank you Sweetie and Josh for all the hard work you do on this site.


Won on this 2 times in Three Days! Thanks Sweetie and Josh! $20 gift cards have paid for my membership and then some.


Just wanted to let you know that we won one of the first prizes. We were notified yesterday.

Thanks for this site sweetie.

Sally B


I won a $100.00 BonTon shopping spree, this morning, in the Goodwill contest. Thanks for the great site and continued luck to all!!!


Hi Sweetie.

I am new to your site. I have been winning prizes since 2002. It started with a trip to NY on a local radio station. I was able to meet comedians and see shows and the contest put me up in the “W” hotel which was awesome. I thought I was so lucky. As the days and years went on, I continued to win things. I am trip number 7. I have gone to the Emmys, the Grammys, I have won a trip to Florida to meet Metallica which is my favorite band. I just got back from Chicago where I won a trip to Lallapalooza for 3 days. I am currently planning a trip that I won at the beginning of the year to NY to see a taping of NFL live.

I have won numerous concert tickets, gift certificates and so many other things. My kids win alot of things as well. My daughter has won cash, gift cards and gadgets from radio Disney as well as airline tickets and an Ipod. I think I have won every Ipod out there except for the Ipod touch which I am currently trying to get my hands on.

Today we had a drawing at work and I was picked for a free vacation day. People always say, you are so lucky but….. I think it is 25% luck, 75% work.

I spend alot of time on contests. My advice to people is “you cant win if you don’t try” and by trying, read the rules, study the contest. If it says you can enter as many times as you want , then do it. Hit it hard.

If you are like me Sweetie, and I think you are, you know in your gut that prize is gonna be yours. What a great feeling. I also am very thankful because I would never have been able to afford to do or have the things I won. Some experiences can only be had by winning. I also tell folks that if I never won anything again as long as I lived, I have no complaints. It has been a wonderful ride. My advice is:

  1. keep trying
  2. bookmark those contests
  3. keep a spreadsheet on when contests start, when they end and the passwords that you use (that can be confusing sometimes ; )
  4. Don’t get discouraged……you will get it eventually
  5. Don’t gloat. That can bring on bad karma!
  6. Enjoy your winnings because you worked hard to get them.

Thank you Sweetie and keep up the good work on the website.


I have been sweeping from your site for about 3 months. I have won the following:

  • a $15.00 gift certificate from Monopoly
  • coffee sample an slim bottle open from Marlboro
  • Vintage sign from Redman
  • $100 Best Buy gift certificate from Wonka (on the last day)
  • coupon for M&M’s from M&M Millions
  • $5 Subway card from Coke

Thank you for all of the hard work.


Hey, thank you so much for all your tips and links!! I have won almost $200 from Coke, 8 free movie tickets and a bunch of free pizzas!!!

But I got an email from Wendyโ€™s about an NCAA game that has no purchase necessary and has a lot of cool prizes.



Congratulations! You have been selected to receive a prize in the Linea Pelle Be a Celebrity Experience, administered by ePrize.

You have been selected as the winner of a Linea Pelle Bracelet!




I came across your website a little over a month ago as I was searching for rewards codes for the Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards program. I had already won a $25 gas cash card from Huggies, and I thought that was pretty lucky. But since then, I have entered a lot more of the instant win games that you have posted on your website, and it has been fun to win quite a few prizes! Thank you for doing the research and letting us know about all of the winnable games that are out there! Below are the prizes I have won in the last month:

Sprite Back-to-school Cash = $100 and $25
Kohl’s Giftcard from Huggies = $25
Cash from Huggies = $10
Cash from Honeynut Cheerios $5 X 4 prizes = $20
Amazon.com giftcard from Monopoly = $10
Free Pace salsa
Free package of M&M’s from Wendy’s
Free music download from Huggies
Free music download from Coke
Free package of M&M’s from Mars Halloween Contest
Free Starkist tuna
Free 3-month membership to Pogo from Subway

So, most of my prizes have been small things. But I was quite excited to get $100 from Sprite! And, in total my prizes for the last month equal about $200. Not a ton, but a nice a little bonus! And winning really is quite fun! It’s also fun to see the stories of other winners and realize that all of these contests do have real people that win the prizes.

Thank you,



I found your site in Mid May by searching for sweepstakes and my first night won a $25 edo card from Coke. I didn’t win much after that but kept at knowing it would take time from reading your how to’s.

Won a few more little things in July and then wham! Started to win 2-3 times a day in August, candy, gc’s, $125 from Sprite, 4 Best Buy cards, Mt. Dew hoodie and 8 movie passes. Then on the 21st of August UPS delivered an Ipod Nano that was a 2nd prize in Matador Sweep, apv. $350. I hadn’t received any notification that I had won it just showed up! Awesome!

In September the winning continued 2 Chilis cards, 4 Subway cards and more candy (always good). Last week was the best though. On the 10th I received an email from EarthTV asking for my mailing address. I had won a Casio Digital Camera. I had entered a world wide contest and though I didn’t win the contest, everyone who had entered the contest was entered into a drawing for the camera. They only gave 1 camera away and I won! How awesome is that!

Then about 45 minutes later FedEx showed up and I had won 1 of 25 Grand Prizes of 2 Minnesota Twins tickets and a tailgating BBQ grill from a sweeps on Sweeties Secret Sweeps! The tickets were enclosed and the letter said that the grill should be delivered next week. Since then I’ve won a few more small IWG’s, candy and tuna.

Thank You, Sweetie for all the hard work you do and the Great sites you have. Also, thank you to all the Chatroom Peeps who support, encourage and are very helpful to everyone. Oh and make it very fun to hang out there. It can be very entertaining!! I know very wordy, so shut up already. LOL

Thank You Everyone!


Dear Wendy –

I received my first UPS Sweep delivery on Friday! I won the Wendy’s / Sea World Manta Prize Pack sweepstakes from earlier this summer. It includes 2 tickets to Sea World Orland, 2 Wendy’s GCs and a Manta themed Backpack, Key Fob and Notebook. I’m pretty excited about the Sea World Tickets – I plan to take my 3 year old niece.



Do you have a win to share?

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  1. WOWEE WOW WOW WOW!!! A big CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners! I won a $32,000 prize package back in April, after only about 6 mos or less of sweeping! Since then I have won secondary prizes, and I am also thrilled with that! I have every confidence that I will be a BIG WINNER again! I have my sweeps all organized and down to a science; kinda' OCD, huh?! LOL If you just hang in there, be consistent without overdoing, stay positive, and listen and heed to Wendy's ("Sweeties") tips, you will win, too! Have a great week, everyone…….and keep on playing and winning!

    Barb in Jax FL
    [email protected]

  2. I've been lucky also, I won coffee from Marlboro, DVDs from local radio stations, drinkwell fountain and two weeks worth of catfood from Culinary Creations, La Victoria salsa, M&Ms chocolate from Real Chocolate. I've only been entering since June of this year. I'm definitely hooked.

  3. I am very inspired by your wins. I have won a candy from MArs. No big prize yet ButI am hoping and keep praying that I win a prize. ๐Ÿ™‚ Congradulations to everyone who gotten joy out of their gifts!!

  4. I have been sweeping for 4 mnths and have won edo cards and movie passes from Coke, Bolle sunglasses from Miller Chill, 711 gift card from Slurpee, Lots of salsa from Pace and La Vic, A 7 night vaction stay from your Fat Chance (rented a house boat) A race car experience and Nascar Tickets from Marlboro, A Temple Touch Thermometer from Sweetie's Swag Givaway, A helmet from Snickers and I am now wearing the Hersheys Bliss Diamond Necklace!!! It came this morning, The prize also includes a trip to New York and I get to choose the next winner! Thank You so much for your wonderful site Wendy, I am truly grateful to you for my sweeping addiction!!

    • Hello, Bluejane!

      Sounds like you have won some fabulous prizes!!! I also won the Diamond Necklace (4th grand prizer winner). I had fun at the Young Survival Coalition’s breast cancer fundraising gala at The Crimson in New York City last week, as part of my prize. They put me up at the Hotel Chandler. I was hoping to meet you there. I got to pull the winning ticket when the necklace we got to wear was “Blissed” for its final time. The mother of a cancer survivor won it, so that was perfect!!! What an unusual and fun contest prize it was, getting to go to a gala in New York City!!!

      This looks like a wonderfully fun site. I’m so thrilled to come across it. Bluejane, if you could e-mail me, I’d sure love to hear from you! I’d like to ask you a question. I sent Wendy my e-mail address to give you.

  5. winbushgloria says

    Hi Wendy,I won the Grand Prize in the Best Buy Back To School Sweepstakes,won an cooler from Budweiser ticket to summer sweepstaks,won two downloads of Rascal Flatts,won some free coffee.I started Sweeping in Feb,and have not stopped!This is so addicting.Thank you for your tips,and encouragement.This is so cool,and I believe if you think negative you will attract it,Never give up,be patient,and be kind to others.My twin daughters told me that I was crazy,and I was wasting my time,and I said I'm going to win an laptop-and I did with some other things-now their entering sweepstakes!Thank you ,Gloria

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