How Are You Notified When You Win A Sweepstakes?

I get lots of questions about sponsors and judging agencies might notify you if you win a prize. Here is a list of some of the ways you might be notified.

Notification by Mail: You might receive a letter, either in a regular envelope or certified, in the mail telling you that you won a prize. Sometimes you might have to sign for the letter because the sponsor will want to know you received the notification. Usually there will be paperwork for you to sign or have notarized when you receive a certified letter but other times it is the actual prize they are sending that has to be signed for.

Fedex and UPS Letters: A very fun way of being notified that you are a winner is by Fedex or UPS. When you see that uniformed guy or gal walking up to your house with a Fedex or UPS letter let’s just hope it an affidavit coming your way. This is a very common way that big prize winners are notified. I still remember the day we were notified that we won the truck. I was talking to my husband on the phone and heard the front screen door close. I hung up the phone and went to open the door and saw the Fedex truck leaving and an envelope in between the doors. I just knew it was something big. It is the most exciting feeling in the world.

Notification by Email: Many times you will receive an email from either the sponsor or judging agency when you win a prize. You will want to check your junk mail folder regularly to make sure no sweepstakes notifications go there. With all of the scams out there today sometimes the junk mail filters can’t tell the different between a real sweepstakes notification and a scam notification. Many times the word Congratulations will appear in the title so always look for that word.

Notification by Phone: Sometime you may receive a call from the sponsor letting you know you are a winner. This does not happen very often but it is possible, especially with a local prize. Therefore, you need to make sure you type in a correct phone number in the entry form. Some sponsors will not leave a message and it is common practice to put a clause in the official rules stating this. If you do not answer your phone if you don’t know the person calling you might be missing out on a prize.

A way around this is to sign up for a free Google voice account. I have one especially for entering sweepstakes. When someone calls that number you can have it forwarded to whatever number you choose. You have to set that up in your Google account but it is very easy to do. When someone calls using that number the phone will ring and a message will tell you that you are receiving a call. The person on the other end will record their voice. Then you know it is coming from the Google voice account you own and could possibly be a winning notification. Learn more about getting a free Google voice account.

Instant Notifications: When you play instant win games you will know instantly if you won or not because the winning message will appear on your computer screen. An instant win is often followed up by an email but not all instant win games send out emails. If you want to find out if you will receive a confirmation email you should check the official rules.

Website or Blog Notifications: Sometime winner’s names are posted on websites and blogs. If that is the case you may not receive any other notification so you will need to read the rules closely to find out if you need to check back with that website or blog once the sweepstakes is over to find out if you are a winner. Learn how to enter blog giveaways and some blog giveaway tips

Twitter Tweets: The newest form of winning prizes is through Twitter. Many times the sponsor of a Twitter contest will send out a tweet to let their followers know the name and/or Twitter user name of the winner. They may follow up with an email and they may not. Once again, read the rules to find out what is involved. Learn more about Twitter Contests

Prizes That Arrive Unexpectedly: Another way you find out if you won a prize is that the prize just shows up at your house unannounced. This happens a lot of times and it is always a fun surprise.

So, as you see there are many ways you can and will be notified when you win a prize. So, you should be on the lookout by email, through your regular mail, from Fedex and UPS, and now on Twitter and Facebook. Wow, so much to keep up with and so much excitement to enjoy!

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  1. I have had most of these ways happen to me! I got a fedex for my $1000 gift card and a $100 gift card, I got an unexpected $125 gift card in the mail (there was no letter or anything, so I still have no idea where I won it from!), and I have gotten emails – I have never received a phone call that I know of…

  2. Hi Wendy,

    You mentioned. Many times you will receive an email from either the sponsor or judging agency when you win a prize. You will want to check your junk mail folder regularly to make sure no sweepstakes notifications go there. I signed up for google email however I don't see a junk folder there. Where should I look?

  3. It's called the Spam folder in Gmail. The new gmail interface can hide the Spam folder, so if you don't see it, look for "xx more". For example, mine shows several folders on the left side, then says "23 more" with a drop down arrow. Click that, and you should see the spam folder. Hope that helps.

  4. Yes, what Todd said 🙂 It's a Spam folder instead of a Junk folder with Gmail. Each email program does things slightly different so wording is often different.

  5. Do you have to fill out any paperwork for $500.00 gift cards before you get them? What is the lowest amount of money on a gift card that can be sent to you without having to feel out an affidavit. I won a bike, and they just sent it, without having me fill out any type of paperwork at all. I guess I am asking if this happens with cash/gift cards also, and if so, what amounts, before they require any paperwork to be filled out before you get your gift. I enter 13 hours a day, 7 days a wk, no roboform, 200-800 a day. And only gotten 3 things so far in the last year. I figure when the winnings start coming I will be flooded like Christmas. I have 600 current sweeps I do. the flood gates of prize winnings have to open my way soon. LOL. good luck to all. I am so burned out right now. whew. ha ha

  6. EvetteHopeful says

    Hi me and my husband recieved a letter from Netpoint Express financial Inc saying we won BIG money. I want to believe its true. I called the number to claim my winnings now they say theyre going to send all the info to me within 7-10 business days cause they tried contacting and wasnt able to reach me. I checked the mail and found an odd looking envelope. I hope its real. they say I dont have to pay anthing to recieve my winnings and all I have to do is take the money they give me and pay the taxes on the BIG money and they will send me a certified check or deposit into whatever account I want it in. I dont know can you help me?

    • Unfortunately that sounds like a scam. They are going to ask you to pay to get the money and that is how they get you to give you money and you get nothing. It’s not a sweepstakes win

  7. Has a representative from Smartify ever contacted anyone about a potential prize? Is this a reputable site?

  8. Do you ned a cell phone number for winners.?

  9. I hope in God that I win.

  10. I received a notification that I have a certified letter at the post office. I’m almost afraid to pick it up. Lol! But I have entered so many sweepstakes that it could be Some good news or bad.

    • Ask the USPS who it’s from. You don’t have to accept any certified letter that you don’t want to and that way you’ll know.

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