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Summertime and the “living is easy” – Fish are jumping – blah..blah..blah. It appears that while some folks are sitting under a shade tree taking it easy, Sweetie readers are winning lots and lots of prizes. Good for you! Keep up the good work.

Don’t forget to enter blog giveaways because there are lots and lots of them going on all of the time.

Because a little Sweetie Bird told meThere are lots of winnable instant win games that even new readers are winning. Here are some you should be entering right now and you will find a list of winnable instant win games listed on the right-hand side of the screen. Make sure you read how to get started entering sweepstakes if you don’t know where to go first and then join in so you can send me your wins next week.

If you would like to be included in Sunday’s weekly winner post please email me your prize story. If you have a story of how you are now winning locally from radio stations, grocery stores or something else I’d love to share your story. Entering locally is really the best way to win other than instant win games.

Hi Sweetie. I won the GPS from the Chevron Game and am SO excited. This site has changed my life.



Chevron Instant Win Game Winner

I have won twice due to your sites help……

St. PierreĀ® Presidential Edition Horseshoe Set and an Ashtray from Marlboro 100 Days of Flavor Sweepstakes.

Thank you,


I’ve been following your site for about a month and won my first prize tonite. Thanks so much!

Verona, NJ

Hi there!

I have to write and thank you for this great site.

I recently got laid off, as many others in this country, and decided to look into this contest ‘thing’. Quite frankly I haven’t had big wins, but I’m amazed at what I HAVE won…in only 2 weeks! I’m waiting for the BIG one… lol.

1) $50 Live Nation Concert Cash
2) Free Night Stay at Red Roof Inn
3) La Victoria Salsa
4) Business Week Free Magazine Subscription
6) $10 gas card/$5 KFC voucher
7) Marlboro Ashtray
8) Starbucks Free Ice Cream
9) Mars Free Chocolate
10) Budweiser Cooler


I received a registered letter yesterday with a $250 IKEA Gift Card from this contest. Too bad there isn’t one in my area. My sister offered to shop for me and bring the booty on her next trip up.


It was a $100.00 Gift card (don’t know what kind but Mandy in Oregon said it would possibly be American Express).


Arbor Mist Instant Winner

I have been a long time reader, and lucky enough to win big shortly after I began sweeping almost 2 years ago, ($4,000 gift card to Best Buy from Priceless.com).

Yesterday I won 100,000 Delta Skymiles from American Express, and I’m ecstatic! My husband and I have been trying to budget our way back to Hawaii since we travelled a couple of years back! My win was at 10:30 pm Central Time on the Make Miles Matter instant win game.

I will tell you, I have been faithfully entering many sweeps, but so discouraged after going so long without a “big” win. Reading Sweeties Sweeps has helped me to stay encouraged, and realize that I HAVE won a lot over the years, and need to count every win as a victory.

I attribute this win to all the Pace and LaVictoria salsa that kept me going!!

Keep encouraging everyone, and God Bless!


I have won the Cuisinart 2 to go coffee maker and the Coleman folding chairs too within a few days of each other.


Hi I won a $25 gas card from Huggies. Thanks for all your hard work in gathering these contests.


YAY! I finally won my first IWG with Coke (well with anything!!) I won a free pizza and drinks THANKS for the great tips!


Hi Wendy,

Just wanted to let you know that I won the daily prize for the textbooks.com contest that you posted on your site. It was $75 today which is very exciting! I printed the screen so that people could see what it looks like. You receive your prize 8-10 weeks after September 14 when the contest ends.

Thanks so much!


Hi Wendy,

Below is the copy of an email I just got- I found this contest on your site and entered it almost every day, and I was picked as a winner! I really didn’t know if I would win anything substantial until I got this.

I also got a phone call from an MTV-sponsored sweepstakes promotional partner, the summer rewarder I think it’s called, and I won a prize pack from them. I haven’t received it yet so I don’t know what’s in the prize pack but I will be sure to let you know!

Thanks for all you do, it really makes a difference to all of us!


Congrats Kate!

You are a First Place Winner in the “Land of the Lost/ MovieSet ‘Fun on the Run’ Sweepstakes”!

You will be receiving:

  • (1) Land of the Lost : Complete Series
  • (1) Land of the Lost Theatrical One Sheet

I haven’t been sweeping for very long, since April after my son was born and I decided not to go back to work. I have won a bunch of little things, gift cards and movie tickets. My biggest win to date was a camcorder from Living in HD 30×30! Only 30 prizes over 30 days, and I won!

It is possible to win sweeps, even if they don’t have great odds so its always a good idea to enter! As soon as I figure out how to use the darn thing I can start entering video sweeps too!!!


HID Living Camcorder Winner

I’ve been trying 50 times every day for a looong time and I finally won the tickets (Six Flags tickets from My Coke Rewards) this morning! Thanks so much!!! To the other posters…I just get all my free codes typed in then enter continuously.


“Hi Wendy. I started playing sweepstakes “seriously” two weeks ago after starting to get your e-mail newsletter. Since then, I have won $100 cash from Hershey’s Bliss, two movie passes from MyCoke Twist Txt , and last night I won the first prize of Linksys Media Center from the Cisco Network Magic sweep.

Up until I learned from you, I had never won ANYTHING, so I am just blown away both by my luck and your accurate calls on the winnability of these sweepstakes. Thank you, thank you. I just cannot thank you enough….


I have been reading your site for months and months-maybe even since last year…can’t remember. Anyway, I love it, and I have won lots and lots of gift cards, etc…but have hit a dry spell since your site was featured in so many news stories.

Today, that all changed! I got a Fedex from the McCafe daily sweeps & it was an affidavit to sign and send back for a $1000 Visa gift card & $50 McArch card! I am so excited – I already filled out the form, initialed, signed, and it will go back in Fedex to them tomorrow. So, once again, thanks for your site, I love it!


Congratulations! You have been selected to receive a prize by the Take a Spin through MONOPOLY Town, administered by ePrize.

It is our pleasure to send you this $50 Amazon.com Gift Code


Hey Sweetie… It’s me Mindee !!!

I just wanted to let you know that I won my first BIG prize today!!! I am so happy I cannot stop smiling. I got a letter in the mail today that I was the weekly winner of a $1,000 visa card & a $50.00 McDonalds card from the sweepstakes McCafe Your Day. I cannot believe I actually won. I don’t think I have stopped jumping up & down for hours! :o)

Thanks for all your help!!

Mindee (from chatroom)

Hi Wendy!

I just wanted to thank you again for your Wonderful site. Here it is week three since I found you and I am still at it and still winning. This week I finally won two of the ones that had me so incredibly frustrated: I won 2 jars of Pace salsa and last night I won the $20 Coke edo cash card from the MyCoke Twist Text game. I dreaded playing those games (along with a few others) because so many people say how easy they are to win and they have won many times, but all I would see were the words Sorry try again….! But that little “sweety bird” was in my ear saying don’t give up and now I can add those to my win column! Whoo Hoo!

I also won 100 Box Tops from the Safeway Back to School Sweepstakes and Instant Win game! My first try!

I also wanted to mention that I won a BBQ grill set from a website this week just for leaving a comment about their product! I did not even realize I had entered a contest (LOL) I had gone back a few days later to get a recipe that I had seen and I noticed that it said I had won and to email them!! WOW!! It was from Country Bobs they are the ones you can request a coupon for a free bottle of their sauce. (I know I saw that link somewhere on your site too.)

Thanks again for all of your help and positive thoughts on such a WONDERFUL site!

Christine B

Hi Wendy,

This week I had a little luck with IWG. I won another Rascal Flatts download from Hershey and a Pace coupon. I had much better luck with blog giveaways. I won a $10 Starbucks gift card, $400 worth of coupons and a summer beach bag set of 10 books from a Hachette book giveaway! Very excited about the books.

Mom Saves Money

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  1. Anonymous says

    I always love reading about all of the winners!

  2. Anonymous says

    I finally won a $20 ($25) card from my coke. Its the first thing I've won in over a month and a half. I try entering every day, but usally its not. Its sad always seeing sorry, try again next time. But this time. It was congrats! I was pretty happy. Just cant wait to see it. I also got tricked. I was checking my e-mail, and I seen something that said congrats, but it was saying congrats for entering the sweep, what a bummer. Had me all excited for nothing.

  3. Anonymous says

    WTG Winners!!!

  4. The winners list is what keeps me going! thanks and congrats to all the winners. anyone know what contest the ikea gift card was from?

  5. meerkat1 says

    I had stumbled on this site by my hand slipping on the keyboard.What awesome luck that was ! I have been a member of mcr almost since the beginning things I have won there include a a mcdonalds gift card .A $100 dollar visa card (sprite ) .More recently 2 papa johns pizzas,six flags tickets,and a 15 dollar best buy gc!As someone who raised two sisters and has two kids diapers were my starting point .I started with huggies and Ive won 2x .one movie cash and one $25 gc .that rocks !I love this site !I wish everyone payed so much attention to detail Wendy you make it fun ! Thanks and goodluck to everone! Remember good karma goes along way!

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