What’s Luck Got to Do with It

Whats Luck Got to Do with ItNot much in my opinion. Against the popular belief shared on some other sweepstakes sites, winning prizes has nothing to do with burning green candles, visualizing the prize, name it and claim it, or howling at the moon. If that were true then everything you ever wanted would just fall in my lap and you would win every prize you entered for.

Do you think all of those people who believe that win everything they visualize? Do you think a prize magically appears because they howled at the moon? Not on your life!

Of course, you see some of the same people winning over and over so there must be a reason for it. I just received a nice message from one of my Facebook readers I wanted to share with you.

Hi Wendy, 

I started playing sweepstakes “seriously” two weeks ago after starting to get your e-mail newsletter. Since then, I have won $100 cash from Hershey’s Bliss, two movie passes from MyCoke Twist Txt , and last night I won the first prize of Linksys Media Center from the Cisco Network Magic sweep. Up until I learned from you, I had never won … ANYTHING!

I am just blown away both by my luck and your accurate calls on the winnability of these sweepstakes. Thank you, thank you. I just cannot thank you enough….


I have been saying this all along and now Hideki confirms it – luck really has nothing to do with winning. Although she uses the word luck, her wins were based on her hard work, not luck. It’s such a common phrase, “you’re so lucky” or “I guess I was just lucky” that we overthink it. There is nothing wrong with using that word but many times you think that someone else is going to win because after all, they are lucky and I’m not. Those people you see winning over and over again are entering hundreds and thousands of sweepstakes. They are spending hours entering sweepstakes, going to local radio remotes, entering through the mail, by text, on Twitter and anything else they can find.

Why does everyone else get to win but you?

Who says so! Are they, or me for that fact, more special than you are? More blessed? Unique in some way? Not at all. It’s all about your mindset. If you don’t think you will win you won’t because what you have done is talk yourself out of winning. When you talk yourself out of winning you stop entering and then you don’t win. You basically give up and defeat your chances.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right

I sure heard that enough from my mother when I was growing up. Now I know it’s true. Are you trying to lose weight? Quit smoking? Raise a child? Go to college or high school to get an education? How much work do you think goes into something like that? Is there luck involved to accomplish something like that? Not one bit! Hard work, hard work and more hard work.

The power of positive thinking

I think this is an overused concept. Of course I believe you need to think positively because when you think negatively you stop entering which is the only way you will win. But when people promote chanting positive phrases over and over in hopes that they have some magic to make you a winner I must disagree. You need to think positively to keep yourself motivated to believe there is a chance you will win so surround yourself with positive people. Read stories of people who have won for motivation but don’t spend your time reciting positive phrases and statements because the time it takes to do this could be the time you spend winning prizes.

Take emotion out of the picture

As human beings we have a lot of emotions and many times I think we let those emotions drive how we live and think. If you stop and look at a situation, in this case enter sweepstakes, logically you can look at facts to determine whether a sweepstakes is winnable, if the odds are better on some sweepstakes more than others, or if a sweepstakes is legitimate. That is what I am teaching you to do on this site. As an informed person you will get a lot more done in your life than if you just let your emotions control what you do.

Right place at the right time

Yet another thing I have heard over and over is, “I was at the right place at the right time.” While you can’t know when that right time will be you can put yourself in a place to be available when that time happens. In the case of winning a prize the right time might just be when you are entering but if you talk yourself out of it you won’t even be near that right time because you will have given up long before you had a chance to win.

Okay, I will get down off of my soapbox now that I have gotten that cleared up 🙂 My philosophy is that that when you believe you will win you enter and keep entering until you do win. So, don’t stop entering because you don’t believe – push past that feeling to keep going until you DO win and for heaven sakes – throw away the good luck charms!

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  1. Amen!

    Glad I read this today, was feeling kind of burnt out not winning anything of substance and ready to give it up.


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