Goodreads February 2018 Book Giveaways Roundup

Title Abbreviations Explained Here put together Goodreads February book giveaways that have 50 or more winners for each drawing.

General Goodreads Rules: No purchase necessary. Only one entry is allowed per household per book giveaway. You must be 13 or older and a legal resident of one of the countries this giveaway is listed for. The publisher or author, not Goodreads, is responsible for shipment of books to winners. You are not required to review the book if you win a copy. However, we encourage you do to so, as it’s the reason the publishers are giving us free books in the first place. People who review the books are also more likely to win more advance copies in the future.

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  4. Agree to the official rules.
  5. Check your entry history and see which books you won.

Here are a few book giveaways ending in February that are each giving away 50 or more books.

Ending on February 1st

Download by Samuel T. Raven   50 copies (print)

The Perfect Mother: A Novel by Aimee Molloy 50 copies (print)

Bone Music (Burning Girl #1) by Christopher Rice 100 copies (print)

Millard Salter’s Last Day by Jacob M. Appel 100 copies (print)

The Lido by Libby Page   50 copies (print)

The After War: The Complete Novel by Brandon Zenner 100 copies (e-book)

Chronic Pain Recovery: A Practical Guide to Putting Your Life Back Together After Everything Has Fallen Apart by Jennifer Kane 50 copies (e-book)

Velvet Touch by Lily Bloom 100 copies (e-book)

The Colombian (Corfu Trilogy Book 2) by Irene Korakianiti 100 copies (e-book)

Suburban Vampire: A Tale of the Human Condition-With Vampires by Franklin Posner  50 copies (e-book)

Cobwebs of Youth by Rose Auburn   50 copies (e-book)

Nearly Dead by Conrad Jones  100 copies (e-book)

An Italian Cooking Magazine: The Gourmet Mag by Gourmet Project | Digital edition | The Yellow Issue – Winter 2018 by Claudia Rinaldi  100 copies (e-book)

Surrender My Heart: A Second Chance Romance (Caught Up in Love, #3) by L.G. O’Connor  100 copies (e-book)

Becoming Kimberly: A Transgender’s Journey by Kimberly Davis 50 copies (e-book)

Divisible by Randy Anderson  100 copies (e-book)

The Hostage (Peryton, #1) by Kathryn Berck  100 copies (e-book)

Before It Gets Dark by Ken Levine  100 copies (e-book)

When All That’s Left of Me Is Love: A Daughter’s Story of Letting Go by Linda Campanella  100 copies (e-book)

Minus Epsilon (The Earth Saga #1) by Donald B. McFarlane   100 copies (e-book)

Eagle Woman: A Saga of Early California II by Marian Sepulveda  100 copies (e-book)

GONE (The Body Hunters Book 1) by Kathleen Long  100 copies (e-book)

Stockholm Syndrome by Miranda MacLeod 100 copies (e-book)

The Lion In The Desert (Kosmogonia Book 1) by Matthew John Benecke   100 copies (e-book)

Love Letters by Shaun Locke  100 copies (e-book)

The Walshes: The Coming of Eve by Joe Clark  100 copies (e-book)

Freedom’s Fire (Freedom’s Fire #1) by Bobby Adair  100 copies (e-book)

As Deep as the Ocean by Serenity Woods  100 copies (e-book)

The Marvelous Mind of Caleb by Kristalin Davis  100 copies (e-book)

Cluster Faux by Dan Long  100 copies (e-book)

Puha (Master of the Wild Book 1) by J. Bradley Van Tighem  100 copies (e-book)

A Selfless Man by Shawn Raymond Poalillo  100 copies (e-book)

Dangerous Perceptions: The Road To Nowhere by Stuart Murray  100 copies (e-book)

Toonopolis: Gemini (Toonopolis Files, #1) by Jeremy Rodden  100 copies (e-book)

The Adventures of Peter Tate by James King  100 copies (e-book)

When a Stranger Comes… by Karen S. Bell  100 copies (e-book)

My Brother’s Keeper by Gary E. Boswell  100 copies (e-book)

Worlds Apart (Survivors, #2) by Anamika Mukherjee  100 copies (e-book)

Exhumation: An Epic of Existentia (Acts of the Sojourner #1) by S.A. Chapman  100 copies (e-book)

Worth Every Gasp by Anamika Mukherjee   100 copies (e-book)

Starring You and Me by Susan Coventry  100 copies (e-book)

The Mocklore Omnibus: 2 Books in 1: Splashdance Silver & Liquid Gold (Mocklore Chronicles) by Tansy Rayner Roberts  100 copies (e-book)

Ending February 2nd

Whiskey Devils by Brandon Zenner 100 copies (e-book)

Murder in the Zambezi: The story of the Air Rhodesia Viscounts shot down by Russian-made missiles by Ian Pringle  100 copies (e-book)

Drive Time by Matt Wilkinson 100 copies (e-book)

Your heart in mine by Joline Hayes 100 copies (e-book)

Arcadia’s Daughter by Charles Griswold 100 copies (e-book)

Wicked in a Kilt (Hot Scots #2) by Anna Durand 100 copies (e-book)

The Deal Breaker by Suzanne J. Warfield 100 copies (e-book)

Earth World: Neogenesis by Aigars Mahinovs 100 copies (e-book)

The Fives Run North-South by Dan Goodin   100 copies (e-book)

Finding the Way by Alfred Wellnitz  100 copies (e-book)

The Paloma Crossing (Hardin Steel Book 2) by Randall Reneau   100 copies (e-book)

PushBack by Alfred Wellnitz   100 copies (e-book)

Time to Change (The Mesh Chronicles Book 2) by D.S. Cahr  100 copies (e-book)

Don’t Lift Up Your Hood And Cuss by Bonnie E. Harrington   100 copies (e-book)

Once Was (Asylum Saga #1) Once Was (Asylum Saga #1) by Miya Kressin   100 copies (e-book)

Vancouver: A novella (Wisdom Tree Book 3) by Nick Earls   100 copies (e-book)

The Prodigal Hour by Will Entrekin   100 copies (e-book)

A Doomsday Killing (Mitch and Al, #13) by Glenn Ickler  50 copies (e-book)

Love, Second Time Around: A Summerfield Village Sweet Romance by Penny Appleton  100 copies (e-book)

Map of Shadows (Mapwalker, #1) by J.F. Penn  100 copies (e-book)

Rescuing Prince Charming (Alien Contact for Idiots #4) by Edward Hoornaert  100 copies (e-book)

A Better Ending by A.J. Lyne  100 copies (e-book)

The book of Narain – the Rising by Saju Asokan   100 copies (e-book)

The Darling Dahlias and the Unlucky Clover by Susan Wittig Albert  100 copies (e-book)

Not Gods But Monsters by Joshua Banker  100 copies (e-book)

A Prison of Flesh (Realm of Tah’afajien Book 2) by Joshua Banker  100 copies (e-book)

The Beloveds by Maureen Lindley  100 copies (e-book)

By the Book by Julia Sonneborn   100 copies (print)

The Unforgotten by Laura Powell  100 copies (print)

Ending on February 3rd

Baby Monkey, Private Eye by Brian Selznick, David Serlin  50 copies (print)

Equinox Whispers of Destinyby Gonzalo Guma 100 copies (e-book)

Lassiter (Jake Lassiter, #8) by Paul Levine 100 copies (e-book)

Necrotic Earth by S.W. Matthews 100 copies (e-book)

The Loyal: The Story of Atwood and the Second Civil War by Christopher Wilde   100 copies (e-book)

Revived (Foreverers #1) by Nina del Arce  100 copies (e-book)

The Buried Symbol (The Runes of Issalia, #1) by Jeffrey L. Kohanek  100 copies (e-book)

Princess Jahanara’s Notebook by Ali M. Kiper  100 copies (e-book)

The Last Valentine by Felix Alexander  100 copies (e-book)

Beacon’s Spark (Potomac Shadows, #1) by Jim Johnson  100 copies (e-book)

Taking Chances (Chance on Love Book 2) by Leah Busboom  100 copies (e-book)

Taylor,The Journey Home by Harold J. Fischel  100 copies (e-book)

The Wanderer and the New West by Adam Bender  100 copies (e-book)

Ending February 4th

Phobos Rising (Ephialtes Trilogy #2) by Gavin E. Parker  100 copies (e-book)

The Ephialtes Shorts Collection by Gavin E. Parker 100 copies (e-book)

Dog Rough by John Minx 100 copies (e-book)

A Man Too Old for a Place Too Far (The Forgotten Child Trilogy, #1) by Mark W. Sasse 100 copies (e-book)

One Too (46. Ascending) by Sherrie Cronin  100 copies (e-book)

Edgewood by Karen McQuestion  100 copies (e-book)

Death at the Netherfield Park Ball (A Sherlock Holmes and Elizabeth Bennet Mystery, #1) by Amelia Littlewood   50 copies (e-book)

Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young  100 copies (e-book)

10 Year Reunion – Class of ’63 by John Oventile  100 copies (e-book)

Killing Rain Killing Fire by Joseph Hullett  100 copies (e-book)

The Onyx Bridge (The Sign of the Four, #1) by Sofia Malamas  100 copies (e-book)

Tourist Hunter by Keith D. Jones   100 copies (e-book)

Ending on February 5th

Hot Mess by Emily Belden 50 copies (print)

Infinity’s Illusion (The Babel Trilogy #3) by Richard Farr 100 copies (e-book)

Ace of Spades (Aces & Eights #3) by Sandra Owens 100 copies (e-book)

Running in the Dark by Sam Reaves 100 copies (e-book)

Iron Will (The Shifting Tides Book 4) by James Maxwell 100 copies (e-book)

Novus (The Cresecren Chronicles Book 1) by Crystal Marcos 100 copies (e-book)

Stray Cat Blues: A Mystery Crime Thriller (Max Plank Mystery Series Book 1) by Robert Bucchianeri 100 copies (e-book)

The Boy on the Bridge by M.R. Carey 100 copies (e-book)

The Man Who Loves Watches by Alexander Winzer  100 copies (e-book)

Shell Casings by Verge LeNoir  100 copies (e-book)

Desperados by Verge LeNoir  100 copies (e-book)

Plebeian Revealed (Plebeian Series, #1) by Debbie K. Lum  100 copies (e-book)

Letters for Scarlet: A Novel by Julie C. Gardner  100 copies (e-book)

Hacking IT by Kimberly Dean  100 copies (e-book)

Gods of Howl Mountain by Taylor Brown  100 copies (e-book)

Ending on February 6th

Trailer, Get Your Kicks! (The Time Travel Trailer Book 3) by Karen Musser Nortman   100 copies (e-book)

Fairy Ring: Shards of Janderelle by Jacque Stevens  100 copies (e-book)

Every Note Played by Lisa Genova  100 copies (e-book)

Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren  100 copies (e-book)

The Secret to Southern Charm by Kristy Woodson Harvey  100 copies (e-book)

Ending on February 7th

Sweet Little Lies: A Novel by Caz Frear  50 copies (print)

When I Let You Go (Let Me Book 6) by Lily Foster   100 copies (e-book)

Ending on February 8th

I Really Didn’t Think This Through: Tales from My So-Called Adult Life by Beth Evans  50 copies (print)

The New Farm: Our Ten Years on the Front Lines of the Good Food Revolution by Brent Preston  50 copies (print)

Bizarre Romance by Audrey Niffenegger  50 copies (print)

Mud Puddlers by Shaun Bailey 100 copies (e-book)

Ending on February 9th

Our Kind of Cruelty by Araminta Hall 200 copies (print)

You Think It, I’ll Say It by Curtis Sittenfeld  50 copies (print)

Little Big Love by Katy Regan  50 copies (print)

Stay Hungry by Sebastian Maniscalco, Alan Eisenstock   100 copies (print)

If the Moon Had Willow Trees (The Detroit Eight Book 1) by Kathleen Hall  100 copies (print)

Flight of the Akero: The Book of Milo by Douglas Lieblein  100 copies (e-book)

The Queen’s Opal (Stone Bearers, #1) by Jacque Stevens  100 copies (e-book)

Death by Circumstance: A Trucker’s Mystery by S. Patrick Prate   100 copies (e-book)

Ending February 10th

Night Moves (Alex Delaware, #33) by Jonathan Kellerman  50 copies (print)

An Unfinished Sunset: The Return of Irish Bly by Will Irby 99 copies (print)

THE QUIET COUP: A POLITICAL THRILLER by Rob Lubitz 100 copies (e-book)

Surviving Cyril by Ramsey Hootman 100 copies (e-book)

Pebble in the Dark by Antony Botting  100 copies (e-book)

Sarcophagus: Some things are best left unfound… by Ben Hammott  100 copies (e-book)

The Ancestor by L.J. Suarez  50 copies (e-book)

Flood: The Story of Noah and the Family Who Raised Him (The Fall of Man #2) by Brennan S. McPherson  100 copies (e-book)

Profane Fire at the Altar of the Lord by Dennis Maley  100 copies (e-book)

Ending on February 11th

Good Luck with That by Kristan Higgins 50 copies (print)

Charles’ Story by Steven Wilkens    100 copies (e-book)

Infected (Click Your Poison, #1) by James Schannep  100 copies (e-book)

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman  100 copies (e-book)

The Summer Wives: A Novel by Beatriz Williams   50 copies (print)

Ending on February 12th

Heaven Vs Reincarnation by Dharma 100 copies print)

Kestrel Island (Sophie Watson Adventure Mystery Series) by A.B. Martin 100 copies (e-book)

With Double Blade by Jean Gill  100 copies (e-book)

Just Like Ziggy by Julie Oleszek  100 copies (e-book)

How to Walk Away by Katherine Center  100 copies (print)

Neesa (The Original Reality Book Series, #1) by Dina Haynes  100 copies (e-book)

Travess Blood by Quinn Larson, Elise Quinn Larson  100 copies (e-book)

The Kurdish Bike: A Novel by Alesa Lightbourne  100 copies (e-book)

Ending February 13th

Stranger Things Have Happened by Thomas Gaffney 100 copies (e-book)

Venus, Burning by H. Jewel Lohr 100 copies (e-book)

Brain Safari: 5-Minute Experiments to Explore the Space Between Your Ears by Eric Haseltine  100 copies (e-book)

Ending on February 14th

The Long and Faraway Gone by Lou Berney 100 copies (print)

The Displaced: Refugee Writers on Refugee Lives by Viet Thanh Nguyen 50 copies (print)

The Bridge: How the Roeblings Connected Brooklyn to New York by Peter J. Tomasi 50 copies (print)

by Jennifer Ulrich, Zach Leary (Foreword), Michael Horowitz  50 copies (print)

Godforsaken Grapes: A Slightly Tipsy Journey through the World of Strange, Obscure, and Underappreciated Wines by Jason Wilson 50 copies (print)

Other People’s Houses by Abbi Waxman 50 copies (print)

The Way You Look Tonight (Seattle Sullivans, #2; The Sullivans, #10) by Bella Andre 100 copies (e-book)

Motel California (Farrah Graham Book 3) by Michael Carlon 100 copies (e-book)

Hard Fall (Jon Reznick, #5) by J.B. Turner 100 copies (e-book)

Justice Lost (Darren Street Book 3) by Scott Pratt 100 copies (e-book)

Shadow Hunt (Disrupted Magic, #3) by Melissa F. Olson 100 copies (e-book)

No Time To Blink by Dina Silver 100 copies (e-book)

Dealing Double (Heartbreaker, #2) by Tamra Baumann 100 copies (e-book)

The Rogue Queen (The Hundredth Queen, #3) by Emily R. King

Ultimate Power by Stephen Frey   100 copies (e-book)

Two Captains, One Chair (Alaskan Romance, #2) by Shaye Marlow   100 copies (e-book)

Swift Escape by Tara Jade Brown   100 copies (e-book)

Winning Streak by Michael Carlon  100 copies (e-book)

Unfrozen (Valos of Sonhadra, #9) by Regine Abel  100 copies (e-book)

Flying at Night by Rebecca L. Brown  50 copies (print)

Across the Fourwinds (The Maidstone Chronicles Book 1) by Shane Trusz  100 copies (e-book)

When the Earth Had a Moon (Part 1) by A.M. Cunning  100 copies (e-book)

The Way He Looks at Me by Juliana Mae  100 copies (e-book)

Ending February 15th

Kicks: The Great American Story of Sneakers by Nicholas Smith  50 copies (print)

Would You Rather?: Growing Up, Coming Out, and (Occasionally) Getting It Right by Katie Heaney  50 copies (print)

The Bad Daughter by Joy Fielding by Rebecca L. Brown 50 copies (print)

Superfans: Into the Heart of Obsessive Sports Fandom by George Dohrmann  50 copies (print)

Love Rules: How to Find a Real Relationship in a Digital World by Joanna Coles  50 copies (print)

The Shadow Priest by D.C. Alexander  100 copies (print)

Chasing the Monkey King by D.C. Alexander 100 copies (e-book)

Pure Healing (Pure Ones, #1) by Aja James 100 copies (e-book)

Heavy Influence: The Complete Series by Ann Marie Frohoff 100 copies (e-book)

The Eternity Plague by Ross B. Lampert 100 copies (e-book)

Beneath the Water by Sarah Painter 100 copies (e-book)

The Overstory by Richard Powers 100 copies (e-book)

The Dagger by Timothy George  100 copies (e-book)

Sovereign’s Pairing by E.L. Glenn  100 copies (e-book)

Broken Arrow Revisited by E.L. Glenn  100 copies (e-book)

Potlatch: A Comedy by Bruce Hartman  100 copies (e-book)

Lunora and the Monster King by H.S. Crow  100 copies (e-book)

Dragon Breath (Acts of the Dragons, #3) by Jarrod L. Edge  100 copies (e-book)

The Boy Who Swallows Flies by Michael F. Stewart  100 copies (e-book)

Ending February 16th

Angels & Patriots: Book One by Salina B. Baker 100 copies (e-book)

Soldier On by J.D. Wynne 100 copies (e-book)

Here on Earth: Narìgo’s Tale by Frédérick S. Parker 100 copies (e-book)

An Important Day: A Novel by John J. Siefring 100 copies (e-book)

The Flyer (The Flyer, #1) by Frédérick S. Parker 100 copies (e-book)

Don Quixote (Don Quijote de la Mancha #1-2) by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Gerald J. Davis 100 copies (e-book)

Dreams of Heaven by Elizabeth M. Herrera 100 copies (e-book)

Beowulf: The New Translation 100 copies (e-book)

Gilgamesh: The New Translation by Gerald J. Davis 100 copies (e-book)

ULOpia by Gary Troia 100 copies (e-book)

Beginnings (MUNDIVIDERI Book 1) by Chris Hoffmann  100 copies (e-book)

The Medievalist  by Anne-Marie Lacy  100 copies (e-book)

The Lonely Heart Attack Club by J.C. Williams  100 copies (e-book)

Ending February 17th

Living the Good Death by Scott Baron 100 copies (e-book)

Song Hereafter: 1153: Hispania and the Isles of Albion (The Troubadours Quartet Book 4) by Jean Gill 100 copies (e-book)

Famous by Default by M.K. Harkins 100 copies (e-book)

Ending February 18th

The Brainrush Trilogy Box Set Books 1-3 (Brainrush, #1-3 Box Set) by Richard Bard 100 copies (e-book)

Heaven and Hell: The Psychology of the Emotions by Neel Burton 100 copies (e-book)

The Riven Stars (Mapped Space Book 3) by Stephen Renneberg   100 copies (e-book)

Beyond the Blue Door by Elaine Benwell  100 copies (e-book)

Murder at Dead Crags (Detective Inspector Skelgill Investigates, #10) by Bruce Beckham  100 copies (e-book)

What Secrets May Say by Chris Lofts  100 copies (e-book)

Lost by Ale Feijo  100 copies (e-book)

Sea and Sand: TIDES Book 3 by Alex Lidell  100 copies (e-book)

Odyssey of Chaos and Other Stories by Alan Fleishman  100 copies (e-book)

Between You and Me by Susan Wiggs  50 copies (print)

Ending February 19th

Tess the Princess Dress (The Chronicles of the Clothes Mind Book 1) by Lia Brent 100 copies (e-book)

Dancing with Bulls by Alan Cook   100 copies (e-book)

Black Marks by Pete Aldin 50 copies (e-book)

Mistress Mine (Louise Saint-Quentin Book 1) by Gabrielle Dubois  100 copies (e-book)

Gold For Steel (The Gates of Kastriel, #1) by Charles Dixon   100 copies (e-book)

Ending February 20th

The Chaos by Sergio Gómez  50 copies (e-book)

Shaman Stone Soup: True-Life Stories That Show Miracles Can Happen to Anyone! by Elizabeth M. Herrera   100 copies (e-book)

The Last Motley by D.J. Edwardson  100 copies (e-book)

Charlie (Recovering Commando, #1) by Finn Og  100 copies (e-book)

From the heart by Kuo Kenih 100 copies (e-book)

Pink (The Pink Trilogy Book 1) by Stephanie Powell  100 copies (e-book)

Love Sick by Cory Martin  100 copies (e-book)

The Ankeny Arsonist (The Alphabet District Mysteries Book 1) by G.G. Morris  100 copies (e-book)

A Scandalous Husband by Bev Pettersen  100 copies (e-book)

The Secret Page (The Page Chronicles Book 1) by Al Turner   100 copies (e-book)

Ending February 21st

Never Look Back!: The Path to Real Professionalism by Alper Kul 100 copies (e-book)

Perception of Power (Detective Clay Randall Series) by Bruce Thomason 50 copies (e-book)

The Old Orchard by Tony Salter 100 copies (e-book)

Corruption (Corruption Cycle, #1) by Adam Vine 100 copies (e-book)

When Gargoyles Rise (Shades & Shadows, #1) by Ashley C. Harris  100 copies (e-book)

The Rage That Follows by Nathaniel Badertscher  100 copies (e-book)

Godling and Other Paint Stories by Jeff Bowles  100 copies (e-book)

Ending February 22nd

The Spy Game (Wraith’s Vengeance, #1) by Andrew Langdon  100 copies (e-book)

Harvest Sky by Hunter McEgan  100 copies (e-book)

Sophie Washington: Hurricane by Tonya Duncan Ellis  100 copies (e-book)

Sophie Washington: The Gamer by Tonya Duncan Ellis  100 copies (e-book)

The Snitch (Sophie Washington) by Tonya Duncan Ellis  100 copies (e-book)

Elementals by K.D. Sheridan  100 copies (e-book)

The Marker (The Bridge, #1) by Ann Howes  100 copies (e-book)

Ending February 23rd

Wanted: Wife 4 Navy Seals: A Military romance by Dee Palmer  100 copies (e-book)

Ending February 24th

Growing from Depression by Neel Burton 100 copies (e-book)

How to Sell Stuff on Amazon: The Amazon Seller’s Guide to Making Money by Victor Maere  100 copies (e-book)

Ending February 25th

Stranger Sun Apocalypse Boxed Set (complete series) by Blake Pitcher 100 copies (e-book)

Effra: A Novel by Greg Roughan 100 copies (e-book)

The Lot of a Nobody by Dave Johnston  100 copies (e-book)

For Better For Worse: Should I Get Married? by Neel Burton 100 copies (e-book)

Aunt Lucie’s legacy by Philippe Saimbert  100 copies (e-book)

The Hollander: Forbidden Love in Feudal Japan by Dan Westerlin  100 copies (e-book)

Ending February 27th

Baby Daddy by Kendall Ryan 100 copies (e-book)

Saving Ebba by Karen Gammons 100 copies (e-book)

Errant by Florian Armas 100 copies (e-book)

Dishonor Thy Wife by Belinda Austin  100 copies (e-book)

Ending on February 28th

Family and Other Catastrophes by Alexandra Borowitz 50 copies (print)

Chickadee Chick by Nerina DiBenedettos 100 copies (e-book)

Crimes in Our Wake by Jon R. Minks 100 copies (e-book)

Poesy in Blood: A life in words by Art Immured 50 copies (print)

How to Improve the Quality of Your Life?: A Comprehensive Approach and Guide to Well-Being by Joseph Adrien Emmanuel  100 copies (e-book)

One More Moon by Ralph Webster 100 copies (e-book)

Sweeter Than Chocolate: Developing a Healthy Addiction to God’s Word by Christy Bower    100 copies (e-book)

Closed Doors by Rosemary Michel    50 copies (e-book)

Undying by Corina Bishop  100 copies (e-book)

The Preacher Lady by Phyllis Cherry, P.S. Cherry  100 copies (e-book)

Jairus’s Girl by L.R. Hay  100 copies (e-book)

Penny Maybe by Kathleen Martin  100 copies (e-book)

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