Book Giveaways Ending Everyday in October

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Here are a few book giveaways ending everyday in the month of October that are giving away 50 or more books.

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Goodreads Monthly Book Giveaways

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Here are a few book giveaways ending this month that are giving away 50 or more books.

October 1st

Shadowsong (Wintersong, #2) by S. Jae-Jones 100 copies (print)

The Storm King by Brendan Duffy   75 copies (print)

The Unexpected Adventures: The Evil Prince by Tom Colley  50 copies (print)

Make No Mistakes: A Mr. Otis Novel by M. H. Helpers, Donald Buchanan 100 copies (e-book)

Everything Here is Beautiful by Mira T. Lee  50 copies (print)

The Weight of Him by Ethel Rohan  50 copies (print)

October 2nd

Dead Stop (Sydney Rose Parnell #2) by Barbara Nickless 100 copies (e-book)

Heavenly Blues by Sarah Price 100 copies (e-book)

Uncanny by Sarah Fine 100 copies (e-book)

Royally Ruined (Bad Boy Royals #2) by Nora Flite 100 copies (e-book)

J’s Everyday Fashion and Faith: Personal Style with Purpose by Jeanette Johnson 100 copies (e-book)

Merry and Bright by Debbie Macomber 100 copies (e-book)

October 3rd

Seven Days of Us by Francesca Hornak 75 copies (print)

The Recipe Box by Viola Shipman 100 copies (print)

Replica (Replica, #1) by Lauren Oliver 100 copies (e-book)

A Good Day to Marry a Duke (Sin and Sensibility, #1) by Betina Krahn  50 copies (print)

October 4th

Eternal Life by Dara Horn 75 copies (print)

How America Went Haywire: A 500-Year History by Kurt Andersen 100 copies (print)

The Golden House by Salman Rushdie 100 copies (print)

God: The Human Quest to Make Sense of the Divine by Reza Aslan 50 copies (print)

Reset: My Fight for Inclusion and Lasting Change by Ellen Pao 50 copies (print)

October 5th

Warriors of Love: Rumi’s Odes to Shams of Tabriz by Jalaluddin Rumi 50 copies (print)

Nature and Necessity by Tariq Goddard 50 copies (print)

October 6th

In the Midst of Winter by Isabel Allende 50 copies (print)

October 7th

White Houses by Amy Bloom 100 copies (print)

A Lady’s Guide to Selling Out by Sally Franson 100 copies (print)

October 8th

Killing Season (Killing Season #1-3) by Faye Kellerman 50 copies (print)

A Selfie as Big as the Ritz by Lara Williams 100 copies (print)

The Brave Maiden by Geoffrey Craig  100 copies (print)

Oliver Loving by Stefan Merrill Block  100 copies (print)

Mothers of Sparta: A Memoir in Pieces by Dawn Davies  50 copies (print)

The Plea by Steve Cavanagh  50 copies (print)

The Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater by Alanna Okun  75 copies (print)

October 9th

Campus Murders That America Forgot by Michael Arntfield 100 copies (e-book)

Playing with Danger (Desire Bay, #2) by Joya Ryan 100 copies (e-book)

(ID)entity (Phoenix Horizon, #2) by P.J. Manney 100 copies (e-book)

The Welcome Home Diner: A Novel by Peggy Lampman 100 copies (e-book)

Storm’s Edge (Harper and Lane #2) by Tony Healey 100 copies (e-book)

The Seed Woman by Petra Durst-Benning 100 copies (e-book)

Cold Harbor by Matthew FitzSimmons 100 copies (e-book)

The Christmas Star: A Love Story by Robert Tate Miller 100 copies (e-book)

The Company of Demons by Michael Jordan 50 copies (print)

The Unbelievable FIB 2: Over the Underworld by Adam Shaughnessy 50 copies (print)

October 10th

The Spinster Wife by Christina McKenna 100 copies (e-book)

Museum of Human Beings: A Novel by Colin Sargent  50 copies (print)

Girl Unknown by Karen Perry  50 copies (print)

The Family Next Door by Sally Hepworth  100 copies (print)

Veronica and the Volcano by Geoffrey Cook 50 copies (print)

The Spy’s Daughter by Adam Brooks 100 copies (e-book)

Long Before Luther: Tracing the Heart of the Gospel From Christ to the Reformation by Nathan Busenitz  50 copies (print)

October 11th

Crimson Lake by Candice Fox 100 copies (print)

The Driest Season: A Novel by Meghan Kenny 50 copies (print)

A State of Freedom: A Novel by Neel Mukherjee 50 copies (print)

Closer to You (A Haven, Montana Novel) by Jill Sanders 100 copies (e-book)

A Talent for Temptation (Sinful Suitors, #4.5) by Sabrina Jeffries  100 copies (e-book)

October 12th

The Last Child by John Hart 100 copies (print)

Watch Me by Jody Gehrman 100 copies (print)

Indecent by Corinne Sullivan 100 copies (print)

Wonderblood by Julia Whicker 100 copies (print)

Raising the Dad by Tom Matthews  150 copies (print)

Brain Freeze by Samuel T Raven  50 copies (print)

Red Blood, Yellow Skin: A Young Girl’s Survival in War-Torn Vietnam by Linda L.T. Baer  100 copies (e-book)

October 13th

Bones: Brothers, Horses, Cartels, and the Borderland Dream by Joe Tone  100 copies (print)

A Natural by Ross Raisin 100 copies (print)

The Story of Arthur Truluv by Elizabeth Berg 100 copies (print)

Stories about the 12 Hardest Things I’m Learning to Say by Kelly Corrigan 100 copies (print)

Brass: A Novel by Xhenet Aliu 100 copies (print)

Year One (Chronicles of The One, #1) by Nora Roberts 150 copies (print)

The Trouble with Murder (A Gourmet Cat Mystery) by Kathy Krevat 100 copies (e-book)

The Chameleon (Elite Crimes Unit #3) by Michele Hauf 100 copies (e-book)

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden  100 copies (print)

October 14th

Fever by Deon Meyer 100 copies (e-book)

The Moonlight Meeting: The Nocturnals by Tracey Hecht  50 copies (print)

October 15th

Resurrect Your Dead Marriage by Reginald Morris 50 copies (print)

The Midnight Line (Jack Reacher, #22) by Lee Child  50 copies (print)

Never Call Me a Hero by N.Jack “Dusty” Kleiss, Timothy Orr, Laura Orr 50 copies (print)

Common Sense by Thomas Paine 50 copies (print)

The Perfect Nanny by Leila Slimani  75 copies (print)

Fade to Us by Julia Day  100 copies (print)

The Rogue Is Back in Town (The Wayward Wallflowers, #3) by Anna Bennett  50 copies (print)

Rocco (Ruin & Revenge, #3) by Sarah Castille  50 copies (print)

Cowboy Stole My Heart (River Ranch, #1) by Soraya Lane  50 copies (print)

October 16th

Estrid by Johanne Hildebrandt 100 copies (e-book)

Burn for You (Slow Burn Book 1) by J.T. Geissinger 100 copies (e-book)

Trust Within: Letting Intuition Lead by Molly Carroll 100 copies (e-book)

Joyfully His (Sterling Canyon) by Jamie Beck 100 copies (e-book)

Next of Kin (Detective Buddy Lock Mysteries) by James Tucker 100 copies (e-book)

Losing Leah Holloway (Claire Fletcher, #2) by Lisa Regan 100 copies (e-book)

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power by Al Gore 50 copies (print)

Arachnosaur by Richard Jeffries 100 copies (e-book)

Fatal Evidence by Kari Lemor 100 copies (e-book)

Heart of a Cowboy (Elk Heights Ranch) by Kristin Vayden 100 copies (e-book)

The River of Kings by Taylor Brown  50 copies (print)

The Mind of Stefan Durr: The Shiva Syndrome Trilogy by Alan Joshua  50 copies (print)

The Atomic City Girls: A Novel by Janet Beard  50 copies (print)

Firefly Cove by Davis Bunn  50 copies (print)

Immeasurable: Reflections on the Soul of Ministry in the Age of Church, Inc. by Skye Jethani  100 copies (print)

October 17th

Fatal Game (Claire Morgan Investigations) by Linda Ladd  100 copies (e-book)

River Queen Rose (In Old California, #1) by Shirley Kennedy  100 copies (e-book)

Not That I Could Tell by Jessica Strawser  100 copies (print)

The Demon Crown (Sigma Force #13) by James Rollins   100 copies (print)

October 18th

Children of the Salt Road by Lydia Fazio Theys 100 copies (e-book)

A Matter of Loyalty (A Very English Mystery) by Anselm Audley 100 copies (e-book)

Escape Claws (Cat Lady Mysteries #1) by Linda Reilly 100 copies (e-book)

As Bright as Heaven by Susan Meissner  50 copies (print)

Warning Light by David Ricciardi  75 copies (print)

The Broken Girls by Simone St. James   75 copies (print)

October 19th

Threading My Prayer Rug: One Woman’s Journey from Pakistani Muslim to American Muslim by Sabeeha Rehman  100 copies (e-book)

October 20th

Fly Away (Firefly Lane, #2) by Kristin Hannah  50 copies (print)

The Italian Party by Christina Lynch  100 copies (print)

The Trauma Cleaner: One Woman’s Extraordinary Life in the Business of Death, Decay, and Disaster by Sarah Krasnostein 100 copies (print)

Where There’s Hope: Healing, Moving Forward, and Never Giving Up by Elizabeth Smart   300 copies (print)

A Treacherous Curse (Veronica Speedwell, #3) by Deanna Raybourn  50 copies (print)

The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn   50 copies (print)

The English Wife by Lauren Willig    50 copies (print)

October 21st

The Fallen Star (The Nocturnals #3) by Tracey Hecht  50 copies (print)

The Look of Love (The Matchmaker of Edinburgh Series, #1) by Julia Kelly   100 copies (e-book)

October 23rd

The Delphi Resistance (The Delphi Trilogy #2) by Rysa Walker 100 copies (e-book)

Hunger Moon (The Huntress/FBI Thrillers) by Alexandra Sokoloff 100 copies (e-book)

The Sin Collector (Masha Karavai Detective) by Daria Desombre 100 copies (e-book)

Her Last Day (Jessie Cole,) by T.R. Ragan 100 copies (e-book)

Foretold (A Ghost Gifts Novel Book 2) by Laura Spinella 100 copies (e-book)

Nightblade’s Vengeance (Blades of the Fallen) by Ryan Kirk 100 copies (e-book)

Tangled in Time by Barbara Longley 100 copies (e-book)

Flight Season by Marie Marquardt  100 copies (print)

Gods of Howl Mountain  100 copies (print)

Dunbar by Edward St. Aubyn 50 copies (print)

A False Report: A True Story of Rape in America by T Christian Miller  50 copies (print)

Anatomy of a Miracle by Jonathan Miles  50 copies (print)

Exhibit Alexandra by Natasha Bell  50 copies (print)

Jade City by Fonda Lee  100 copies (e-book)

October 25th

The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter  100 copies (print)

Be Fierce: Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back by Gretchen Carlson  100 copies (e-book)

October 26th

The Spy’s Daughter by Adam Brookes  200 copies (print)

Imagine That by Mark Fins  50 copies (print)

October 27th

The Bridesmaid’s Daughter: Searching for My Mother–Her Fairy-Tale Past, My Hidden Childhood, and Love Reclaimed by Nyna Giles, Eve Claxton   75 copies (print)

Hotel on Shadow Lake by Daniela Tully  75 copies (print)

Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life Sally Bedell Smith   50 copies (print)

Save a Truck, Ride a Redneck (Southern Eclectic, #0.5) by Molly Harper  100 copies (e-book)

The Boy on the Bridge by M.R. Carey  100 copies (e-book)

The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss by Max Wirestone  100 copies (e-book)

The Astonishing Mistakes of Dahlia Moss (A Dahlia Moss Mystery) By Max Wirestone  100 copies (e-book)

October 28th

Need to Know by Karen Cleveland 50 copies (print)

October 29th

The Third Woe (Third Peril Trilogy #2) by L.P. Hoffman 100 copies (print)

The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye (Millennium, #5) by David Lagererantz  100 copies (e-book)

Home Front by Kristen Hannah  50 copies (print)

October 30th

Vagabonding with Kids: Brazil by A.K. Turner 100 copies (print)

Here We Lie by Paula Treiek DeBoard 50 copies (print)

Sixty Magnificent Years by Mark Lages 100 copies (e-book)

Twisted Truth (Rogue Justice #1) by Melinda Leigh  100 copies (e-book)

Cold Spectrum (Harmony Black, #4) by Craig Schaefer    100 copies (e-book)

Now With You, Now Without: My Journey Through Life and Loss by Kathryn Leigh Scott 100 copies (e-book)

Hardheaded (Deep in the Heart, #1) by Kim Law  100 copies (e-book)

Fired (Worked Up Book 1) by Cora Brent  100 copies (e-book)

Chasing Phil: The Adventures of Two Undercover Agents with the World’s Most Charming Con Man by David Howard  50 copies (print)

Where the Wild Cherries Grow by Laura Madeleine  50 copies (print)

Grist Mill Road: A Novel by Christopher J. Yates  100 copies (e-book)

The Wife: A Novel of Psychological Suspense by Alafair   50 copies (print)

October 31st

Rosie Colored Glasses by Brianna Wolfson  50 copies (print)

ARMOR OF GLASS: A NOVEL by T.M.A. Spears  100 copies (e-book)

Not Now, Not Ever by Lily Anderson  50 copies (print)

The House by the River by Lena Manta  100 copies (e-book)

A Tangled Mercy by Joy Jordan-Lake  100 copies (e-book)

The Honest Spy by Andreas Kollender   100 copies (e-book)

The Unremembered Girl: A Novel by Eliza Maxwell   100 copies (e-book)

Mark of Fire (The Endarian Prophecy Book 1) by Richard Phillips   100 copies (e-book)

The Extraditionist (A Benn Bluestone Thriller 1) by Todd Merer  100 copies (e-book)

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie  100 copies (print)

The French Girl by Lexie Elliott  50 copies (print)

The Slave by Anand Dilvar  50 copies (print)

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah  100 copies (print)

Last Hope Island: Britain, Occupied Europe, and the Brotherhood That Helped Turn the Tide of War by Lynne Olson  100 copies (print)

The Two Most Important Days: A Guide to Unlock Your Purpose and Experience Lasting Happiness by Sanjiv Chopra, Gina Vild  50 copies (print)

The Perfect Nanny by Leila Slimani  50 copies (print)

Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney  100 copies (print)

Girls Burn Brighter by Shobba Rao  100 copies (print)

Force of Nature (Aaron Falk, #2) by Jane Harper  100 copies (print)

The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert  50 copies (print)

Dark Winds Rising (Queen Branwen #2) by Mark Noce  50 copies (print)

Of Spice and Men: A Pancake House Mystery by Sarah Fox  50 copies (e-book)

Rocket Men: The Daring Odyssey of Apollo 8 and the Astronauts Who Made Man’s First Journey to the Moon by Robert Kurson  100 copies (print)

The Company of Demons by Michael Jordan  50 copies (print)

If I Die Tonight by Alison Gaylin  50 copies (print)

The Affliction by Beth Gutcheon  50 copies (print)

The CEO’s Guide to Marketing: The Book Every Marketer Should Read Before Their Boss Does by Lonny Kocina  100 copies (e-book)

The Kings of Big Spring: God, Oil, and One Family’s Search for the American Dream by Bryan Mealer  100 copies (print)

Year One (Chronicles of The One, #1) by Nora Roberts  150 copies (print)

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