Discovery Channel Fast N’ Wow Giveaway (Weekly Codes) 1/6/14 1PPD18+

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Watch for the weekly Discovery Channel Fast N’ Loud #FastNLoud code and enter to win a 1977 Pontiac Trans Am car Gas Monkey Special Edition featuring an Oldsmobile worth $100,000. During each week’s episode of Fast N’ Loud (which airs on Mondays at 9 PM ET on Discovery Channel), a code word or hashtag will be displayed.

Sweeps Rating: Okay

Eligibility: US, DC, void AK, HI, 18 and older.

Entry Dates: December 2, 2013 and ends at 11:59 PM ET on January 6, 2014

Weekly Fast N’ Loud Codes and Hashtags:

  • Week One Code Word (12/2): #BanditCar
  • Week Two Code Word (12/9): #FastNWow
  • Week Three Code Word (12/16): #BanditAssistant
  • Week Four Code Word (12/23): #ClassicCarGiveaway
  • Week Five Code Word (12/30): #LoadedUpTruckin

Website Entry | Official Rules

Five (5) Entry Periods:

  1. 9:00 PM ET on 12/2/13 9:59 PM ET on 12/9/13
  2. 9:00 PM ET on 12/9/13 9:59 PM ET on 12/16/13
  3. 9:00 PM ET on 12/16/13 9:59 PM ET on 12/23/13
  4. 9:00 PM ET on 12/23/13 9:59 PM ET on 12/30/13
  5. 9:00 PM ET on 12/30/13 11:59 PM ET on 1/6/14

Entry Limit: one entry per person/email address per day.

One Grand Prize: a 1977 Pontiac Trans Am Gas Monkey Special Edition featuring an Oldsmobile 403 cubic inch small block V-8 engine coupled with a 700 R4 4 speed automatic overdrive transmission. Other features include 17-inch Gold Snowflake replica wheels, Nitto 555 Drag Radial tires, and Wilwood 13-inch disc brakes. The vehicle is valued at approximately $100,000. The winner will also receive a $40,000 cash award (payable to winner in the form of a check).

Random Drawing: on or about January 7, 2014

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  1. Tracie Nath says:

    I think I would probably look pretty silly driving this car around. I’ll keep the 40K and let my dad enjoy the car! haha

  2. It would be the best experience in my lifetime to have a car, that gas monkey crew built. especially the bandit.


  4. Sam Almanzar says:

    I hope u guys do give the car away cause other shows like car chasers, n counting cars have car giveaways n we never find out if they gave them away or not. Please announce it, thank u. U HAVE A GREAT SHOW.!!!

  5. dale owens says:

    what an awsome car transam baby yea

  6. If I win the car you (gas monkeys) can have my 89 IROC Z28 camaro convertible

  7. Brian fn Maynard says:

    You are all dumb for not wanting that car. My dad crashed a brand new one into a forest preserve even after we had a goat that tapped danced on the hood. Screw the cash. I want the car

  8. People are commenting on the entry page that BANDIT ONE is the code. Is there more than one code that works?

  9. Pierce Hooper says:

    Bravo Richard and Pit Crew! You guys have a tremendous show. Richard: You live the life that I always dreamed about……. working and playing with cars, having massive amounts of fun, and throwing caution to the wind. I look forward someday to spending a lot of money at your new Gas Monkey bar and grill, and also meeting the Beer Assistant!

  10. 100 thousand bucks yea right whatever,it’s just another quick job they roll out and act like it’s worth a fortune,that car wasn’t even stripped to the metal you can see them slopping filler right over the existing finish.All they are is a used car bodyshop.With that said i’ll still take it cause it will be taxed at the going rate for nice 77 Trans Ams which is about 12-18,000

    • Raymond Strayer says:

      Are you serious? If they claim it is worth $100,000 the government will tax it at $100,000. That is why they are giving the $40k, that is how much tax on the car and money are coming to. Don’t care if the car values at $12-18k. If the seller transfers the title and lists the value at $100k, that is what your government is going to collect tax on.

  11. I’ve always wanted a Transam!! My son told me when he was younger that he was going to be rich when he grew up and buy me my dream car. He passed away Feb. of last year in a truck fire at the age of 28. This would make me so very happy as HE would be happy. I would love this car!! Great job you guys do and great show.

  12. I`ve had a bunch of Firebirds & T/A`s, but none that look this Good. If I win Can I go Double or Nothing & Try to win 2?

  13. Ashley Doucet says:

    I had one same year…a friend that passed left it to me…the car was smashed in to a cube by my ex….I would love to win…I watched part one several times ..thinking of my dear friend. And tell your shop guy im his age and a girl and I know who smokey is!

  14. i would love to drive this to dallas to get the whole garage to sign it, and of course lots of pics of kristie with the car. then to gas monkey bar for one hell of a party

  15. Tracy mcguire says:

    This is my dream car I grew Up dreaming of being the bandit. A true dream come true!

  16. Beautiful 77 TA/ Equivalent to the other term T & A

  17. Jamie Ashford says:

    I love fast and loud… love the show and the T.A is a beautiful car!

  18. Fast and loud is my favorite show. I couldn’t wait for the new season to start. It would be a dream come true to win the bandit car.

  19. Richard I love ur show I love the money u put in them u have enspired me to build cars and sell them he’ll I have a 56 ford f-100

  20. Donald Kaylor says:

    Love the show love the CARS

  21. sherry riley says:

    I,would drive tbis car eveyday, I currently drive a plum crazy color 07 dodge charger srt 8 n beleive me I love cars, would love this car and love Gas Monkey Garage, thank you for the give away, I cant believe Richard shaved off his goatee for the drive epidode, but you do look,like the bandit.., luvin the show from Amarillo,Texas…..

  22. Earthquake says:

    Im so hooked on this freakin awesome show. Nice Rides.

  23. I don’t know what the he’ll there talking about to win gas monkey trans AM would-be a dream come true.

  24. Mike DaCosta says:

    Got to love these boys. This show is the best. I would love to own that beautiful Trans Am.

  25. Scott Shipley says:

    I get that car…..that 40k will go to “wounded worrier project” cause if it weren’t for them guys there d be no Pontiac, GM ,gas monkey,or smoky and the bandit…..thanks

  26. Jason Druin says:

    would love to win car and meet Burt Reynolds. would keep car and be proud to have it. praying i will win.

  27. I would love to win the car , i would drive it and be happy and proud to have it . i love the show . and love Burt Reynolds and would love to meet him. like you all did.
    please pick me . thank you and Merry Christmas.

  28. James Markus says:

    I really like this kind of show you guys make especially on demand it I watched every onEwhen they came out

  29. it would be great to have a 1977 TA car build by the guys at fast N loud !

  30. eugene rider says:

    Love the show guys and the transam is awsome

  31. I love the car, I loved the movie, I dig the show, but I need the money. If I won it I would take it to Mecum or Barrett and Jackson and auction it off in a special charity auction m invite Richard, his rich friend Jay, and Burt Reynolds and give half the proceeds to Wounded Warriors. I have a nice 99 SS Camaro that could use a fresh motor and a paint job – should be able to squeeze enough out of what I get for that and hopefully allot of vets get helped too!

  32. Id love this car for the rest of my life. Iv always loved the trans am. They do not show them using body filler on the show. This is also not the one on the show. Ie look at the specs
    He spent money to get one they did not have to do body work on. Do u watch the show or are you just slittle jealous? Though you are right it will be taxed at the high range of the 77 trans unless they really put 100k on the title which u would still only pay sales tax 7% of 100k is 7000 so u atleast got 33k left over

    • You forgot about the 100K sent to you as a 1099 also sent to the IRS that has to be claimed as income for the year, that’s why they value it so high they get a bigger right off

    • Raymond Strayer says:

      You are not buying the car. They will not charge you sales tax. It is prize/gift tax you have to pay which is way, way higher. By the time you pay all taxes on the car that they have assigned a $100k value to, and pay gift tax on the money(the 40k) there will be no money left, and if there is, it will be damn little.

  33. When I saw the movie there were TA’s burning out in the parking lot. It made every red blooded American male want one really bad!

  34. I love your show it is so awesome! My son and I watch it together every Monday. He just turned 17 and is ready to drive. I’m a single parent and a car like that and cash we will both be rolling on hot wheels. I Hope i get a chance to win to ride out with my son. Hope all you guys sign up and god bless and good luck!

  35. My brother who passed away this time last year had one of these cars and it was awesome !! I love this show and even though I’m a girl, I have always had a passion for cars….fast and loud !! This would be a dream come true for me. My husband was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma Cancer a little over 2 years ago and we lost everything, so having this car and the extra cash for medical expenses would be an answered prayer !! Praying that whoever wins enjoys and uses the money wisely !!

  36. If I win that car I’ll buy a cowboy hat and grow me a pornstache!!! And I don’t even like cowboy hats. Hell yeah!!!!

  37. I truly like the fast n loud show; it sure would be nice to win that sweet ride, but chances of winning are 1 in a million.

  38. I had a bandit 78 I got pulled by a state boy when he came up to me he said what are we filming tonight Burt he said he clocked me doing 110 I ended up getting rid of the car do to cancer I wish I never got rid of it be nice to live those days again good luck everyone.

  39. I always loved the smokey and the Bandit movies.It was good to see Mr. Renolds in good health. I always dreamed of someday getting behind the wheel of a badass Trans Am.Good work men.any how , I sure could use a little bit of luck.My car just broke down , heater core’s plugged and leaking, thermostat is frozen shut and its 17 degrees out. It’s also knocking. O’well hope for better days.

  40. This is a beautiful car, and has been my dream car since I was 8 years old. Grannit I’m only 24 but smokey and the bandit has been my favorite movie since the first time I watched it. Burt Reynolds And smokey and the bandit is what started me in being a gear head and having the love of american muscle cars. If I won this car I would cherish it and pass it on to my daughter when she got older. I was in the army for 5 years and wanted to deploy so I could get enough money to buy one of these how ever my military career ended with a medical discharge. But no regrets I’ll own one of these and a 70.5 split bumper camaro one day. Thank you guys for bringing this car back.

  41. love the show… even the reruns are great… can nvr get enough of a good thing,,,, great smokey and the bandit show! you guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ric

  42. I had a black bandit car in 1978 and still do today. I had some of the best times of my life in my TA and hope to have more. I plan on leaving it to my grandson ( now 10 ) and hope he will have half as much fun in it as I have. The passion for fast classic cars will forever live as long as shows like fast and loud, street outlaws and memories Long live gear heads.

  43. I remember me and my Dad whaching Smokey and the Bandit when I was a kid when it first came out, that was the best movie ever in its time and is still a great movie to whach, but the hard part about this episode is seeing Burt Reynolds useing a cane (kinda painful) I know we can’t stay young forever, but Burt is one that should, I myself would give up my 1993 Bronco build with a 429 moderate to high performance build that’s not quite done yet to own this car and meet Burt Reynolds himself, you guys rock!!! keep it going :)

  44. WTF Why can’t we win in Alaska?????? After all “Richard” Alaska is the biggest state.

  45. that 77 TA is one of my favorite cars along with a 79 Z28, my 4 year old and I watch your show every Monday. I have a 75 and a 78 Chevy C10 4×4 i want to restore i was hoping you guys would do one so i could see how it is done and give me some idea’s, i like the stock look,

  46. Jason Eastman says:

    I want to start by saying that I love the show and watch it all the time. I would love to win this car. I have always loved smokey and the bandit. I have an 81 trans an that my father and I were building together but he passed away last year and I will never have the time and money to finish it. It would be unreal to me to win this car. My father would have been so excited if that were to happen.

  47. My first car at age 16 was a 1980 Trans Am that was charcoal gray with a silver Phoenix……..I still love that car today and hate that I sold in when I got married in 1988. I have a tattoo of a 77 Phoenix logo on my arm and am always looking for another TA with T-Tops to cruise around in and crank up Journey just like the good ole days…….

  48. I wish my 77 TA barn find looked that good. Yea, I finally got it running and driving but it needs paint and interior work. But, hay I get to drive a real BANDIT car once in a while. Not sure what the people going down the street think when they see the car as it is a 30 footer from a paint perspective. it would be nice to win and park a before and after in the garage. Also, the show has me working to get mine up to their standards.

  49. Jason Eastman says:

    I want to start by saying that I love the show and watch it all the time. I would love to win this car. I have always loved smokey and the bandit. I have an 81 trans am that my father and I were building together but he passed away last year of cancer and I will never have the time and money to finish it. It would be unreal to me to win this car. My father would have been so excited if that were to happen.

  50. Sweeps ends on my birthday sounds like an omen to me!!!

  51. Your show rocks. My husband and I look forward to watching it every week. we met at a race track and it has been a wild ride ever since. I would love for him to win this car. His time is limited, because of cancer. This would be the right ride.

  52. Rick Holloway says:

    I first watched the program because my 30 yr old daughter was in LOVE with Aaron Kaufman…then later my partner and I were over there to install a windshield and back glass in an old truck…Our air time on the program was butchered because I got smart with Richard (before I knew who he was). The airtime was about 10 seconds over Richards left shoulder. But I will tell you that for the most part everyone there are real…AND Christy is every part for real if you get my drift…. Now I just enjoy watching the program and Richards not near the ass he may appear to be, besides he kinda ,sorta has the right to be,RIGHT…It’s his program and he does wheel and deal. He moves the cars,makes the money….( with the help of his crew…Give the credit where due ). In whole I do enjoy watching the cutting up of …lets say said by the Asia lady Ass Monkey’s…I give the program a solid “9″..
    number 9, number 9, number 9. keep it up guys. I really enjoy watching the talented techs and as for
    Aaron, well I suggest that if a short,blonde girl with a morey of tat’s show’s up…RUN like the wind.
    It’s my daughter and she’s moving in for the kill.(she’s harmless but she’s shameless.
    I Love Ya Nora,PLAY NICE. Thanks again Guys for the entertainment, oh yea even …
    Mr. ” by the way, I’m Richard… Sincerely Rick Holloway

    • my husband and i and grandkids watch the show ever time its on. love the show this car is my husband dream he always wented one he worked on cars all his life he puts windows in old cars and he cuts windows to for old cars hes been doing glass for 28 years and we own are glass company for 18 years the things he dose for some of these old cars when you cant get the glass he cuts the glass and installeds it he tought me how to do glass how come we dont see a glass guy there installing the windows on the show loved to come to texas to your shop to meet all of yous and put some glass in for you and the guys ps go banit

  53. My awesome stash would go great whipping in the wind with the T-Tops down. The only thing I am missing is that famous red shirt and Sally Fields, lol. I had an 80 Firebird that I had for about a month in HS that someone rear-ended and totaled the thing. God I miss that car but in it’s place I was able to restore a 72 that my wife, daughter, and I drive on occasion. Would be great to have her drive the Camaro while I was in the Bandit car.

  54. Ann Whitman says:

    Your Smokey and the Bandit program was absolutely entertaining. I think someone should make it into a movie. The cast of characters were perfect! I’m not sure if I entered the correct code for this past Mondays giveaway for my husbands entry. I believe it flashed on the screen quickly. Hope I win! My husband is soooooo awesome and deserves a great surprise like this!

  55. larry timbrook says:

    yeah it would be like a bad dream turning out to be a good dream ,but it,s worth a shot wheres my beer assistant .


  56. I grew up around cars my first being a 68 Camaro RS then a Falcon, Novas, Monte Carlo, 442, Mustangs, Corvettes, Ferrari, Lotus, Alfa, Lamborghini and on and on…. the trouble I would get in that TA…. you and your teams creativity and personality have made the show so I hope that never changes. Guess I would send the car out to auction and donate the proceeds to the charity I run hat helps needy elementary school children but I would hang on to it for a bit first! Peace

  57. Walter Dunbar says:

    I had a Bandit car back in the day after I was just married, and I miss it so much. I’ll never be able to afford another one, unless a rich uncle dies – fat chance of that! I’d LOVE to own that car. It would NEVER see inclement weather, would have a polish on it like no other, would never be smoked in( I am a non-smoker) , would never have FOOD in side, and would be the pride of the family – a family heirloom! Passed down to my children when I die. It would be my wife and myself,s “retirement” car. PLEASE pick me!!!! And Magnum, it would be sacreligious to smoke ANYTHING in that car! :)

  58. Hi Richard and crew. I am an author and should be writing when your show comes on. I noticed that Richard and Aron have great respect for us veterans and we appreciate that. Richard get in touch with me again and I’ll send you a copy of my book Call Me Sergeant Rock (How a Boy Becomes a Man in Vietnam) Also let me know if I am eligible to win the Bandit.
    Dan Rodgers

    • Hey Dan,
      This site is just a sweepstakes forum. It has no actual connection with that discovery show. Go write that again on their facebook page or email them directly.

  59. Sweetie – I didn’t see a new word tonight 12/16. They repeated Part 2 of the Bandit build, so I assume we use the same code from last week???

  60. What is the code word for tonight, December 16, 2013

  61. Hope it comes with the black hat – I have the red shirt and sun glasses. I will get the hat !!

  62. Whats the code for 12/16, Any clue guys?

  63. eileen flynn says:

    also looking for the new code pls….

  64. William Downs says:

    I always watch Fast N’ Loud ( every show ) and I have not EVER seen the code except for last week which I saw as #GhostofChristmasFast so I tried putting that on the entry form and it would not fill out properly. Turns out that was a code for something ELSE! So I have to rely on this website to get the right code because other places people will give out the wrong code to sabotage your entry. I will just keep checking here till the code is posted. Thank you for doing this I know it will bring you good Karma by doing this service for the people who deserve to enter and have as good a chance at winning as everybody else. That is the fairest thing to do. THANK YOU

  65. An online source indicated that it “Might” be the same code from last week because of the repetitive segment. I am not sure, though. I will be on the lookout, too. I have got some sources checking via facebook.

  66. 12/16 code IS Fastnwow just like last weeks…. Happy holidays!

  67. I was watching Moonshiners and they showed the code in the upper left for 12/17 as BanditAssistant. I hope you don’t have to enter the hashtag because I didn’t! Oops!

  68. waylon ary says:

    I’m going to need the 40 g’s to build a Pontiac powerplant!

  69. 12/23 code is #ClassicCarGiveaway

  70. Hi what you guys do at gasmonkey is awsome.You guys live the life.I know how to do the stuff you guys do it would be awsome to be on the show and meet you guys.Richard and Erin you huys are the coolest thanks for your time TerranceThielman

  71. If I won that car I would store it in my basement for the next 8 years because that’s when my 8 yr old grandson would be able to get it. (with supervision of course) That is his favorite movie & he can recite all the lines! What a joy that would be!!

  72. To give everyone a little insight about the handling of the Bandit car, I will give you some historical facts about the trans am and also the formula because they were basically the same car just different options and Power packages. It started with the 1971 through 1976 version of the trans am which had a bigger block and more horsepower but the car itself was almost 1200 pounds heavier, The extra weight of the motor and the all steal fisher unibody frame. The unibody frame gave the fisher suspension package exceptional stability and handling at high speeds. With the proper Goodyear 60;s on there you could take 30 off-ramps at 70 and not spin out the rear end. You could actually accelerate into a almost 90 degree turn. In the hands of the right driver it handled like a Porsche in cornering. Then in 77 they updated the body style and drive train to th famous bandit car, Instead of the 454 chevy motor or the 455 which was actually a buick block modified from the buick luxury line of cars they went to the 6.6 liter and optional 5,7 block which was actually a 400 or 350 block respectively. The formula had the ram air hood and actually had about 50 more horsepower than the trans am at high running speeds cause of the ram air hood scoop which acted as a ram air blower almost. Fisher took about 800 lbs, if the frame by changing out to a lot of plastics and composites like the front end and lightening up the body panels and that combinations and the lighter drive train to meet the fuel requirements of the epa left it a nimble but fast and very good handling car, It still didn’t have the out right muscle off the line of it’s predecessor but fisher improver handling with a few updated manufacturing techniques and welding that left the unibody frame tighter. The 1978 79 80 and 81 all had technical updated that toyed around with the powertrain and fairing packages but to meet the mpg requirements of the federal government standards the true muscle of the car diminished significantly as they reduced horsepower and tried to compensate with the transmission and rear end gears. When the 1980 ta game stock with a 305 that signaled the death nell of the ta and it lost its luster with the muscle cars of the 70′s. They watered it down till no one wanted to drink it anymore. The fastest TA I ever drove in was a 1976 with a bored out 454 big block with a 4 speed hurst shifter and lowered gears in the rear end and we got it up to 170 on Rt. 95 south and went from Boston to providence R.I. in 19 minutes at 3:00 on a clear dry night. We used to run from mass state troopers and had toggle switches going to the rear tail and brake light so we could shut the back of the car off and leave the headlight on . This allowed us to get a couple miles ahead of them and then shut it down and get off an offramp without him seeing us break and then watch him drive by at 100-110 in his slow crown vic and smoke a joint and laugh and then get back on the highway. One night we got chased 4 times and got away every time. Having the taillights go out was a good trick cause it killed the license plate light and they never got our plate. Now a days you’d be surrounded by 20 cruisers and a couple of helicopters and shot to death but we we way ahead of our time. We created the high speed escape.
    The stature of limitations is way past so I can talk about it now. Peace!

    • jerry coker says:

      yea thats what we call the good ole days we use to do the same thing in my 79 black on black t- top trans am listen to journey an having a blast.

  73. Hey Richard and crew that 60 Bell/ air was just as hot as Josh’s ride


  75. Chad Sinell says:

    I am addicted to the show, mainly because they are living my dream!! Gives me motivation to work on my projects! I have always wanted a bandit ta., and winning that car would be kick ass!

  76. Week five code word (12/30) #LoadedUpTruckin

  77. gotta have this car! oh yes please!

  78. how do you know, its not even on ???

  79. This is is it ! One week and there be a winner!! Good luck to All!

  80. Website owners: Someone sent me photo proof of a missing code for above. contact me, I will send it to you.

  81. If you won the Bandit 1977 Trans Am – Provided it has a CD – MP3 port …. what first 10 songs would you play while they taped you receiving the cash prizes, the car, and driving the car ???

    Songs must be pre 1978 ish… what would have been on the radio at that point in time

    1977 Bandit Trans Am – Winner’s soundtrack poll: IS HERE –

  82. Leslie C. says:

    What a great sweepstakes! Thanks for the chance to win this fantastic car and lots of cash! Good luck to all!

  83. I’m not sure how many codes have been displayed, but I have caught 9 different ones. Has anyone else caught this many, or more?

  84. RICHARD love your show man, wish i had knew you were coming to elberton ga i was only a few miles away. would have loved to met dennis, ha ha. i am on dialysis and cannot travel far if you come back this way let me know.

  85. Is 9 the number that you’ve seen, also?

    • There are five above (which alot of people miss) and I have seen a 6th, other than that, thats it.

      • I noticed a new one after BanditCar was displayed, on an episode of Moonshiners, by accident. it was then that I realized that they were being sneaky about the codes. So, I started watching Discovery on that time slot, on other nights of the week, and saw a few others. So far, I have seen 4 others, aside from the 5 listed at the top of the page. I will gladly post them, after the drawing, of course. lol

        • As I said above, here are the codes that I saw. it was only 8, not 9, like I stated above.

  86. You can always tell when kids are entering contests regarding wining cars from the seventies, or sixties. They just do not understand nor appreciate Made in America and speed, these cars were made out of good old American Steel, from the United States. Made in most cases, right here in the state of Michigan, millions of young teenagers across the country, found races in Malls parking lots, or on empty roads. Racing for titles, or for the pure enjoyment of it, we did not have iPad, or a tablets, or home computers, or even cable television. If you were lucky you had a color television that could get three or maybe four stations, so come on people. These were special times, and so were the automobiles, they were made better then, and were not plastic, with gasoline engines that got six or twelve miles per gallon. Great cars. God Bless and good luck everyone.

  87. Brian connors says:

    First let me say I love the show! I grew up watching smokey and the bandit my entire life an still. It’s one if my dream cars!!! I watched it 3 million times on tbs got into fights with my brother over changing the channel when it was on. If I don’t win who ever does can I please drive it once .

  88. Everyone is so worried about the codes. If you read the rules, If the enter website takes your submission and gives you a thank you for entering then you are entered. It’s just like all these other online contests. They just want all your demographic information for there marketing and advertising.
    If you screw up the code from week to week it still rakes your submission because it wants your data for the database and they cannot discriminate because the codes wrong. Frankly they don’t really care about that that’s secondary, The computer is going to draw a random winner based on your email and every time you entered even if the code was wrong and it accepted it you could be the lucky winner. The computer doesn’t care about the code it didn’t throw your entries away they are still in the database looking for ways to make money off you so every one just relax and good luck.

  89. Welz "Slingshot" Oliver says:

    If I win the TA I’ll give them my RatRod iv spent 3 years building. it will be featured in rat Rod Magazine the summer!But I’ll build another one. I’m used to ride Harleys but got in the bad motorcycle wreck I now am a paraplegic paralyzed from waist down but drive like crazy bat out of hell with hanging with the wind in my face ! I love my Ratrod it got me back in the wind but the TA would really put me in the wind ! I was real sick last week so I’m going to guess #Bandit …if I don’t enjoy !

  90. Rosalinda Martinez says:

    It will be a dream come true to winning anything to do with Gas Monkey show I love to watch ya!!

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